Hard Drive Prices Soar as Supply is Affected Due to Thailand Floods

Thailand, the beautiful South Asian country known for its tourist attractions, has been devastated by a series of floods that have lasted more than three months. More than four hundred lives have been lost, and 2.3 million people have been affected. The financial impact is estimated to be in excess of 5.1 billion USD. Last month, some of Thailand’s biggest industrial estates including Nava Nakorn, Bang-Pa-in, Hi-Tech, Factory Land, Rojana, and Saha Rattana Nakorn were flooded. Among the companies impacted were Western Digital, Toshiba, and Seagate. So far, Seagate’s factories haven’t been directly affected; however, the Dublin based storage giant is suffering from component shortages.


Thailand is the world’s largest manufacturer of hard drives, and accounts for a quarter of the total worldwide production. After years of plummeting prices, the shortage of supply is already sending hard drive prices skywards. The prices of several of the hard drive models have already increased by more than 200%, and the situation will only get worse as we approach the holiday season.


The road to recovery is likely to be a slow and painful one. Digitimes expects hard drive shortages to reach 19 million units in Q4. Western Digital has temporarily suspended operations in Thailand, and will not be supplying hard drives to Taiwan channels in November. Samsung, another major vendor to be impacted, will also do the same, and instead ship shipments for manufacturing its own devices. The prices might start dropping within one or two quarters, but industry experts estimate that it will take nearly a year for normalcy to return.

Western Digital Launches The WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player With Netflix Integration

Western Digital the leader in providing storage solutions today announced the WD TV Live Plus HD media player. The WD TV Live Plus has Netflix support integrated into it. Netflix users can watch thousands of movies and TV episodes on their TV, thanks to the WD TV Live Plus.


“Netflix has become a ‘must have’ for consumer electronics devices,” said Netflix vice president of business development Bill Holmes. “We’re proud to align with WD to include Netflix on WD’s groundbreaking WD TV Live Plus HD media player.”

The WD TV Live Plus media player features full-HD 1080p video playback. The device also packs in an Ethernet port, and two USB ports. The device can also be connected to your wireless network, with the USB wireless adapter sold separately. Thanks to the USB ports, the WD TV can playback videos from external storage devices plugged into them. It can also store videos in an external hard disk or USB drive.

The device also has an HDMI 1.3 port, and a SPDIF digital output port. The WD TV Live Plus HD media player is available effective immediately at selected retailers having a MSRP of $149.99.

WD Launches 2.5 inch 750GB Scorpio Blue Hard Disk

Western Digital today unveiled their 750Gb hard disks for the 2.5inch form factor. The Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750GB hard drive consists of 2 platters, and is 9.5mm thick. Due to its slim design, the hard disk can be used in most of the notebooks out there in the market. The hard drive has 8MB of cache and also features WD’s WhisperDrive and ShockGuard technology.

Western Digital Logo

“WD continues to lead the market with capacity points that enable consumers and business professionals to store large quantities of data and rich media content. Our leading power efficiency, achieved without compromise to performance, is another example of the added features and value that our customers have come to expect from WD.” – said Jim Morris, WD’s senior vice president and general manager of Storage Products.

The hard disk uses the Advanced Format Technology which maximizes the storage space of the disk. The new format provides 7-12% more storage space compared to other formats. The new format might be beneficial for people using the latest operating system but Windows XP users will see a performance hit. The performance dip while reading content from the hard disk is very low. However, the write speeds of the hard disk under Windows XP is expected to be around 10% lower than usual. It looks like its high time people who still use Windows XP, shift to Windows 7.

The MSRP of WD Scorpio Blue is 149 USD$. The hard drives have a 3 year limited warranty.

1TB Western Digital Caviar Green Internal SATA Drive for $75 [Gadget Deals]

Are you looking to add more disk space to your PC? Amazon has a great deal on a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Green Internal SATA drive with 32MB cache for just $74.99 with free shipping.


A pretty good deal considering the amount of extra storage you will get with this drive. So go ahead and add some extra storage space to your PC for a steal.

Buy 1TB WD Caviar Green Internal Hard Drive

Western Digital Launches 2.5inch 1TB HDD

SSD’s have been stealing the limelight from traditional HDD’s for quite sometime now, but today Western Digital has launched a 1TB HDD having a form factor of 2.5inch which will surely bring back the traditional HDD’s back in the spotlight. These new 2.5inch 1TB HDD from Western Digital will be called Western Digital Scorpion Blueand they will be crammed with 333GB of of storage space per platter. The Western Digital Scorpion Series of HDD are the first ever 2.5inch HDD in the market to feature storage space of up to 1TB. Western Digital also plans to use the Scorpion Blueseries of HDD in its external HDD line up, like the Western Digital My Passport Essential.


The Western Digital Scorpion Blue series of HDD feature SATA II interface which is capable of providing data transfer of up to 3Gbps. The drives also features WhisperDrive’ making these HDD’s one of the most silent 2.5inch HDD’s in the market. The Scorpio Blue 750GB HDD is already available at most online retailers and costs 190$. The 1TB model is still unavailable though.

Win A Western Digital 120GB Passport Harddrive Sponsored By Newegg.com [Birthday Bash]

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Western Digital Unveils It's Own Lineup Of SSD's

Western Digital today annoucned their own lineup of SSD’s – The SiliconDrive III. Western Digital had acquired Silicon System earlier this year and these newly launched Solid State Drives from WD uses the technology provided by the same firm. The SiliconDrive III from WD will come in 2.5inch and 1.8inch form factor and will make use of both the SATA and PATA interface and will offer Read/Write speeds of upto 100Mb/sec and 80Mb/sec respectively. The WD SiliconDrive will offer a max storage space of 120GB.


Western Digital SSD business unit vice president Michael Hajeck at the announcement of The SiliconDrive III SSD’s said – “SiliconDrive III is the first example of how WD plans to productize solid state technology developed by SiliconSystems. The launch of SiliconDrive III will also enable WD to leverage its global sales and distribution channels to accelerate the adoption of SSD technology beyond SiliconSystems’ traditional embedded systems OEM customer base into data streaming applications such as multimedia content delivery systems and data center media appliances.” There has been no announcement about the pricing of the SSD’s from Western Digital though.

Recently OCZ also launched their Agility series of SSD’s.