Webby Wednesdays: Create Collaborative Diagrams, Build Websites for Free, Find IP Location and Sleeping Time of Your Twitter Friends

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

Creately: Create and Collaborate on Online Diagrams

Do you find yourself helpless when you have to make a proposal to some distant client? May be the customer is unable to understand your idea and approach, and a mere IM chat produces less results. That’s when you need Creately – a new web service which let’s you create diagrams, flow charts and strategy diagrams online.


There are lot of similar tools out there but what sets Creately apart is the easy to use interface and a wide range of already available templates. You can quickly create project diagrams, business strategies and let other members collaborate on the diagram from any part of the world.

The site supports a lot of objects and logical blocks which can be added in your diagram with little effort. You can revert back to an earlier state of the diagram anytime, because Creately saves revision history of all your charts.

Here is a wonderful screencast which briefly describes the useful features of Creately:

Lifeyo: Build Websites The Easy way

Want to create a small website for your company or business? Don’t have enough knowledge or expertise on coding and customization? Check out Lifeyo – a website which makes it super easy to create blogs and websites. Neither you need to   find a web hosting service and manage the web server on your own, nor you need to install any kind of software to run your website.


All you get is an easy to use interface to build pages and content for your blog or website. The entire management of your site remains in Lifeyo’s hands and you need not worry about database failures, scheduled backups and losing your site due to technical glitches.

Lifeyo provides a free domain name such as abc.lifeyo.com, but if you want to have a custom domain name, you have to pay them $50 a year. This is quite cheap, as compared to other hosting providers who will provide you with more space but at the cost of more pricing.

InfoSpinner: Find The Geographical Location of an IP Address

IP address stands for internet protocol address and it can be used to find the geographical location of a person who is using the internet from some part of the world. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you could track the location of a specific IP address directly on Google Maps?

Enter InfoSpinner – a simple yet useful web service which can be used to find the geographical location of IP addresses on Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Windows Live.


Apart from the name of the city, this site can also be used to find out the zip code, latitude, longitude, country of origin etc. So if you are receiving spam comments in your blog from a particular IP, you can check in which city the spammer lives.

SleepingTime: Find When your Twitter Friends Sleep

You may wonder whether some of the tweeples, who post hundreds of tweets every day ever go to bed? Sleepingtime can tell when your Twitter friends sleep. Just enter the Twitter username of the friend and the site returns a predicted sleeping pattern of the friend.


The tool analyzes the tweeting pattern of your friend and combines it with the time zone information from the profile to predict the sleeping time of a user. However, the site does not work for private accounts.

On each wednesday, we will come up with a brief roundup of new web tools which provide value and add something extra to your daily technology. Stay tuned!

Webby Wednesdays: Online Task Manager, Thumbnail Bookmarks, Disposable Email Address, Merge PDF’s and More

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

Todo.ly – A Simple online Task Manager to manage To do lists

Todo.ly is a simple online to-do list manager with a very easy to use interface. You can organize tasks in groups and set custom filters to prioritize tasks. Other features includes marking a due date to a task and adding it in one of your projects or task list.


You can see the entire hierarchy of tasks and projects in the online dashboard and drag and drop tasks from the sidebar into the projects column. The task manager is web based and you need not download or install anything to get started.

MyFavi.com – Add Thumbnails to Manage Bookmarks the Better Way

You have stored a lot of bookmarks in your browser and chances are that you have forgotten which bookmark leads to which site. When you visit a bookmark after a long time, you have no idea what the page is all about. MyFavi.com let’s you get out of this mess by adding thumbnails next to your browser bookmarks.


You can import a whole collection of bookmarks from an HTML file and the site supports all the popular browsers – Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. The site looks good and can be used to open most used bookmarks when you are surfing on a public computer.

WhySpamme – Quickly Create Disposable Email Addresses

Some websites and download hubs often require you to sign up and create an account before you can download torrents, movies or start a new thread on a forum. Using your primary email address to sign up in these one time websites is obviously a bad idea. You will use the site only once and god knows how many emails or newsletters you will receive eventually.


The best way out – create one time disposable email addresses and use them to sign up on those forums, download sites etc. Whyspam.me creates a disposable email address for you in seconds. You can forward emails from the disposable email address to your real email address. If you get a lot of spam emails, just delete the disposable email address and create a new one and the primary email address is kept safe.

ILovePDF.com – Split and Merge PDF Files online

IlovePDF is a simple tool which can be used to merge and split PDF files online. The site let’s you upload up to 10 PDF documents from your computer and then merge them into a single file. You have to upload the files in the same order in which you want them to be merged. Individual files can have a maximum size of 8MB and once the processing is complete, you will be given a download link of the merged document.


Splitting the files is also quite easy. Once you have uploaded the document, select the page ranges where you want the document to split. Next, click “Split PDF” and individual files will download in your computer one by one.

On each wednesday, we will come up with a brief roundup of new web tools which provide value and add something extra to your daily technology. Stay tuned!

Webby Wednesday: Google Buzz Counter, Free Online Image Editor, Online Radio and Self Destructing Messages

Welcome to another episode of , where we talk about new web applications and services, which are useful for our readers.

This week, we have several new and interesting services which will make your day-to-day computing life much more easier.

Google Buzz Tools

Google Buzz Counter

Last time around we told you about some interesting tools and services for Google Buzz. However, since then couple of new services have been created. The first one is Buzz Aware, which is an apps directory for and the other is Buzrr, a Google Buzz counter.

Buzzr is similar to Tweetmeme for , and counts the number of buzzes and ranks them according to the highest Buzz count. It also allows users to re-buzz a buzzed item. In addition to that, it also allows users to add a Buzrr button to their website or WordPress blog.

Picmeleo: Integrate Photo Editing On Your Site

Free Online Image Editor

Looking to create a image driven site? Picmeleo will allow you to go beyond just image uploading by offering integration of their Online image editor into your website for free.

Picmeleo offers users to crop image, remove red eyes, rotate the images, change brightness and contrast and filters such as Grayscale, Sharpen and more. Website integration is pretty easy too, all you need to do is copy a few lines of code and you have a full-fledged image editor on your site.

Want the free online image editor for your site? Head over to Picmeleo to get yours.

Community Driven Online Radio

Online Radio Spreaker

Spreaker is a new web service which allows users to create their own radio shows and host it online. Spreaker allows users to easily mix live audio input from your microphone, play songs and more. So if you are looking for a career in DJing or planning to become a radio jockey, get your hands wet with Spreaker.

Create Self-Destructing Messages

Self Destructing Messages

Quite sometime back we had told you about Privnote, a private note creator, which allowed users to create self-destruction messages. This Message Will Self Destruct, is a similar service which allows users to create password-protected self-destructing messages, which will be deleted after someone views it once. So are you the next James Bond? Try your luck here.

Hope you have fun with the web applications this week. Want to share your own? Add your web application or software to the Techie Buzz forum so that we can feature it here next.

Webby Wednesday: Build Menus Online, Watch Movie Trailers, Upside Down Text IM RSS Reader and More

Welcome to the second episode of Webby Wednesday where we introduce users to several interesting web applications and services which will help them out.

This week we have several interesting and diverse web apps which will be fun to use and come in handy to you. So let’s dive into it.

Free Online CSS Menu Builder

Online CSS Menu Creator

Want to build a CSS menu but don’t have the HTML or CSS skills? The Menu Builder site will come in handy to you, it allows you to create horizontal and vertical menus with the click of a button.

Looking for something advanced? Then take a look at some jQuery navigation menus or another online service which will help you create dropdown CSS menus or download a free desktop tool to create dropdown CSS menus.

Watch Movie Trailers Online

Watch Movie Trailers Online

Want to watch movie trailers of upcoming movies online? Trailers Movies is a aggregator site which lists out movies of the most popular and upcoming movies in a single place. It also provides users with an option to search for movie trailers.

Want to watch full movies online? Then check out 7 ways to watch full movies online legally or visit to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free.

Upside Down Text

Upside Down Text

Want to have a little bit of fun with your friends? Head over to Upside Down Text to flip text upside-down and send it across to your friends.

While you are at it, you might also want to check out how to reverse text or shuffle it. Also, don’t forget to try out some of the funny pranks we have told you about in the past on your friends.

Read Feeds Through Instant Messengers

Rss.im is a handy service which will alert you about new feed items through Instant messengers. Just enter the feed you want to track and the XMPP/Jabber or Google Talk ID and hit the subscribe button. Rss.im will send you a instant message the next time an RSS feed has an update. This will also work with Chat which now supports XMPP/Jabber.

Create Your Personalized Homepage

Flavors.me is a new service which will allow you to create your personalized homepage using your personal content from sites like , , Facebook, Last.fm and more. Flavors provides users with a easy to use interface to design and pull data from external websites to your personal page.

Add your web application or software to the Techie Buzz forum so that we can feature it here next.

Webby Wednesday: Learn To Cook Anything, Privacy Policy Generator, Post Music To Facebook, Fill PDF Forms Online, New Collaborative Blogging

Welcome to Webby Wednesday, a day where we will talk about web apps which you can use. We will try to cover several useful apps which we could not during the week, so that you don’t miss out on any web goodness. Want to reach out your own web application or software to the masses? Add it to the Techie Buzz Forum and we will do our best to showcase it.

How To Cook Anything: Cook Thing

Learn To Cook Anything

Want to learn how to cook Pasta or a Pizza or may be bake a cake? Cook Thing is a new web service which will allow you to search for things to cook, then choose the ingredients you want to use and display recipes on how you can cook something. Pretty decent for newbie’s, however, it has a bit of limited options, but that is definitely going to grow in future. Check out CookThing.com.

Privacy Policy Generator


Remember how we told you to generate free privacy policy for your blog or website? If not, here is another service which will allow you to generate a free privacy policy that you can use on your blog or website. Check out Privacy Policy Generator.

Post Music to Facebook: Feeder.fm

Feed Music to Facebook

Want to share your favorite music to your profile? Feeder.fm provides and easy way to do that, just connect your Facebook profile to Feeder.fm, search for song or artist and feed the song to your profile. Oh and you can also listen to the music while you Feed it. More at Feeder.fm.

New Collaborative Blogging Platform Reachby.com

ReachBy.com makes blogging simple and collaborative. With content channels that anyone can contribute to, ReachBy’s unique ReStream function separates it from being just another blog. It also plays quite nicely with all social media and even recently launched Google Buzz.

With a ReachBy Stream, teams and groups of friends can collaborate and develop a content channel on almost any topic. The Head Writer of a Stream can edit content and select what gets published. Anyone can start a Stream and become a Head Writer.

Learn more at ReachBy.com

Free PDF Editor: Fill Any PDF

Fill PDF Forms Online

Fill Any PDF provides users with an easy to use online PDF editor which can be used for free. Users can upload their PDF files and create PDF forms without having to specify fields inside the PDF files itself. Once your PDF form is created you can easily share the link with people who you want to collect information from.

No software installation is required, and it also helps is saving printer ink and paper, give it a try at FillAnyPDF.com.

Don’t forget to add your web apps and software to the Techie Buzz forum so that we can feature it in future editions of Webby Wednesday.