Ask Fake Kirk – Star Trek Chatbot Speaks to Anyone

This blew me away when I first saw it. Apparently some people at Pandorabot have figured out how to create a decent chat bot in 24 hours or less by simply feeding it old transcripts and dialogs.

If you are a Trekkie, or simply curious, you must have a chat with Fake Kirk. This Captain Kirk look-alike bot will try to carry on a conversation with you. You will be amazed or disappointed, but you won’t come away without an opinion.


Here’s what happened when I went on a 5 minute mission to explore a new website. I am the Lieutenant in the chat below.

Captain’s Log:

Lieutenant: What is the Star Date?
Fake Kirk: Stardate Tuesday, October 27, 2009.

Lieutenant: Where is Spock?
Fake Kirk: He is on the planet.Lieutenant: Do you love Tribbles?
Fake Kirk: Only a few of them.Lieutenant: What is the meaning of life?
Fake Kirk: Our five year mission: to seek out new worlds and new civilizations. To go boldly where no man has gone before.

Follow these links to find out more about Pandorabots, or you can see a list of the most popular bots. By the way, one of the bots is named God. Don’t ask him about false idols, he gets really angry.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Fun, just plain old fun. This web app should work in any modern browser with Adobe Flash installed.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5

Do you have any questions about A.I. or chatbots? Do you have any ideas you’d like to share? Be sure to add a comment below or email me. I’d love to hear from you.

Get Personalized Movie Recommendations Using Criticker

If you like you are probably going to love Criticker. Criticker is a Movie Recommendation Engine which recommends movies based upon your taste. Like Criticker bases its recommendation on movies you have liked in the past. However, unlike the process isn’t automated. After you sign up you would be asked to rate movies on a scale of 0-100. Once you have rated at least 10 movies Criticker will generate movie recommendations for you.

Criticker Movie Recommendation Engine

Criticker utilizes something called Taste Compatibility Index (TCI) to identify your taste. It works by pairing you with other people who have compatible TCI. Criticker is not just a movie recommendation engine. It also has a messaging system and a forum for movie related discussions. Criticker makes getting in touch with movie-buffs who share you taste really simple.

Criticker is an impressive service. Its database is extremely vast. We were pleasantly surprised to find results for obscure movies like Schatten der Zeit. The recommendations provided by Criticker fairly accurate and useful. If you are a movie-buff then go ahead and give Criticker a spin.

10 Web OS You Can Load On the Browser

In the world of today, the internet has imbued every area of our work with complete interconnectedness without any boundaries. From emails to online office suites, more users are becoming increasingly dependant on the internet for their day to day work. Thus, it was only natural that a web-based operating system was imminent in Web 2.0’s age, and thus were formed these ten admirable services that give users the power of computing on the go. No more hard-drive backups and formatting just turn on your browser and get going with these Web OS services!

Screenshot of the EyeOS Cloud OS
Screenshot of the EyeOS Cloud OS


Formerly known as Xindesk, Cloudo is an open internet-based operating system that is written in PHP and runs the LAMP software bundle. It makes full use of the area of the browser and seamlessly integrates with the iPhone’s mobile browser. Written using open technologies, this browser based OS is high on features and usability. Currently in Public Beta, it opens to consumers next year.


One of the first implementations of the web-based OS that you can run on your own server, EyeOS offers a credible amount of customisation options as long as your web server runs PHP5 and Apache. EyeOS also offers GUI customisation options which means that you can set up an OS the way you and your users want it – highly recommended for those who need to set up their own Web OS.

Short for Global Hosted Operating SysTem, Ghost Inc.’s web-based operating system is built for all those consumers who need to set up an online cloud-computing base without any hassles. The working environment is very similar to most operating systems that users use, and users can add more applications in the near future.

Glide OS

TransMedia’s Glide OS is yet another entrant into the competitive world of cloud computing. However, with Intel’s plans of putting Glide into their ultra-mobile PCs, this is one online OS that is not to be trifled with. Packing a host of applications in its basic version, Glide does an admirable job of providing easy cloud computing for its users on both the PC and mobile platforms.

Lucid Desktop

Lucid Desktop (formerly known as the Psych Desktop) is built on a base of PHP5 and is a prosumer-oriented web desktop service. This desktop can be installed on to a web server like EyeOS, and is remarkably simple to use and write code for. With its proximity to Linux’s code, Lucid Desktop will be a sure hit with the Linux-loving masses.

Online OS

A welcome departure from the masses, Online OS is written in Javascript and uses AJAX for its fast and user-friendly work. The demo desktop looks like the Windows XP desktop (the registered version can be made to look like KDE or Mac OSX) and loads very fast (although there are a few glitches here and there when components fail to load quickly). It has file-management and other abilities, but most of its applications are not part of the OS itself rather, they launch outside of it, making Online OS a sort of a portal to these apps.


This is one of those few online operating systems that make use of the EXT-JS library for its functioning. Coupled with cutting-edge GUI, qWikiOffice is indistinguishable from an ordinary OS when it works. However, it is still under development and there are no releases as yet.


Windows4All - The Silverlight based Web OS
Windows4All - The Silverlight based Web OS

Using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, Windows4all is an online virtual operating system. With a Vista-like GUI and desk bar, this is for all those Windows fanatics who need to use their favourite OS on computers that do not have Windows installed.


Labelled a Webtop, this cloud OS is one of the premier services offered online, developed by Sapotek. The goal of the developers is to convert the internet into a full fledged platform for working instead of relying on hard-drive based applications. It is a playground for developers as they have released their code under AGPL license.

Google Chrome OS

Google’s highly anticipated (slated for release in 2010) cloud computing OS is still largely open to speculation as Google has not released much information since its blog post on the Chrome OS and we have reason to believe that it will be as groundbreaking as its Browser!

Find Out The Name Of Any Font You Saw With WhatTheFont!

You may have seen many beautiful and amazing fonts in many of the sites and wondered which font it is. Now, there is no need to wonder. Check out the match for the font you looked with WhatTheFont!

WhatTheFont is a free web utility that helps you to know the font name of any of the font you come across on the web. It has a simple easy-to-use interface

In order to use this, you have to either upload the image or paste the URL of which you want to know the font. For example, if you want to know the font of the Google logo, copy and paste the URL of the image and proceed.

It analyzes the type of font and asks for character selection. Here you have to type the characters that have been highlighted.

After this, it gives you a list of fonts and in the side the images, as shown in the picture below.

Link: WhatTheFont

Now after this you can look for the most similar combination and decide the name. It’s easy.   You can have look at this. The most popular fonts named: buildinternet.

Find Alternatives For Popular Software for Windows, Mac and Linux

Each and every software you use may have an alternative, but how do you find the best alternative for the software you are using?  By Googling for the alternatives or by asking friends to give you some suggestions.

If you have used any of the above mentioned methods to find alternatives for popular softwares, you should definitely give a try to a new service called AlternativeTo, which suggests alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux based systems.

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Check Username Availability For Social Networking Sites

Social networking is the way to go, however there is no guarantee that you may be able to signup for a service with a given username, and manually checking username availability on multiple sites could drive you crazy.

Namechk is a new service which will allow you to check if your desired username or vanity URL is still available at dozens of popular social networking sites, regular readers may be aware of a similar service we had written about earlier called User Name Check, which allowed users to find out if a username has been taken on a social networking site.

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Is It Going To Rain?

Many people usually check the weather before they head out of the house, though many people usually go out dressed for different weathers, the one thing one can’t beat with clothes is rain, and people require to carry a umbrella or raincoat in order to avoid getting wet.

Going To Rain is a interesting service that will tell you whether it is going to rain in your city, without the need to enter your zipcode or city name.

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EtherPad: Real Time Collaboration For Text Documents

Online document collaboration has definitely changed the way how people share and edit documents, which more than one person being able to access and make changes to the same document, this feature is pretty popular in Google Docs.


However the collaboration feature in Docs is not real time and it takes almost 10-15 seconds for a change made by one person to reflect on the other active collaborators documents. EtherPad is a service that provides users with real-time collaboration for editing plain text documents.

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Is Your Username Taken On A Social Networking Site?

There are tons of social networking sites, but with that there are several users who use the same username you want to signup with the service. The problem is pretty much a everyday issue for many users.

So just as you are about to signup for a social networking service, you see a error message telling you that the username you are trying to signup for has already been taken.

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