Webby Wednesday: Learn To Cook Anything, Privacy Policy Generator, Post Music To Facebook, Fill PDF Forms Online, New Collaborative Blogging

Welcome to Webby Wednesday, a day where we will talk about web apps which you can use. We will try to cover several useful apps which we could not during the week, so that you don’t miss out on any web goodness. Want to reach out your own web application or software to the masses? Add it to the Techie Buzz Forum and we will do our best to showcase it.

How To Cook Anything: Cook Thing

Learn To Cook Anything

Want to learn how to cook Pasta or a Pizza or may be bake a cake? Cook Thing is a new web service which will allow you to search for things to cook, then choose the ingredients you want to use and display recipes on how you can cook something. Pretty decent for newbie’s, however, it has a bit of limited options, but that is definitely going to grow in future. Check out CookThing.com.

Privacy Policy Generator


Remember how we told you to generate free privacy policy for your blog or website? If not, here is another service which will allow you to generate a free privacy policy that you can use on your blog or website. Check out Privacy Policy Generator.

Post Music to Facebook: Feeder.fm

Feed Music to Facebook

Want to share your favorite music to your profile? Feeder.fm provides and easy way to do that, just connect your Facebook profile to Feeder.fm, search for song or artist and feed the song to your profile. Oh and you can also listen to the music while you Feed it. More at Feeder.fm.

New Collaborative Blogging Platform Reachby.com

ReachBy.com makes blogging simple and collaborative. With content channels that anyone can contribute to, ReachBy’s unique ReStream function separates it from being just another blog. It also plays quite nicely with all social media and even recently launched Google Buzz.

With a ReachBy Stream, teams and groups of friends can collaborate and develop a content channel on almost any topic. The Head Writer of a Stream can edit content and select what gets published. Anyone can start a Stream and become a Head Writer.

Learn more at ReachBy.com

Free PDF Editor: Fill Any PDF

Fill PDF Forms Online

Fill Any PDF provides users with an easy to use online PDF editor which can be used for free. Users can upload their PDF files and create PDF forms without having to specify fields inside the PDF files itself. Once your PDF form is created you can easily share the link with people who you want to collect information from.

No software installation is required, and it also helps is saving printer ink and paper, give it a try at FillAnyPDF.com.

Don’t forget to add your web apps and software to the Techie Buzz forum so that we can feature it in future editions of Webby Wednesday.

Get Detailed Website Information With WooRank

Do you need to frequently know the detailed inside information of websites? Check out WooRank a simple web tool which summarizes the inside details of a website. You get to know about the Whois information, visitor stats, on site and off site seo and so much more.

Using the tool is straight forward, just enter the address of the website whose information you want to know and click the Generate reportbutton. WooRank will generate a PDF copy of the report which you can  send to your email  or just view in the browser.

What WooRank Tells about a Website

There are a lot of tools which provide similar services but WooRank outperforms them all. This is because WooRank provides so many details that you need not use different tools or services  anymore. Following are some of the main features that WooRank provides:

1. Visitor Information: WooRank shows an average estimate of hits which a website receives during one month. You also learn about the Alexa and Compete ranks of the website and the daily traffic trends.

2. Content details and popular pages: WooRank tells you how many pages have been indexed by Google and a list of the popular pages of a website. I found that the site links are shown as popular pages but nevertheless, you can have a brief idea on what are the important sections of a website.

3. On site and off site SEO: WooRank lists the meta information of the index page so you learn about the important keywords and meta data information of a domain. Each meta data is accompanied by the length of characters  with subsequent judgements. You also  get a glimpse on the  following:

  • number of backlinks pointing to the root of the domain.
  • number of .gov and .edu backlinks.
  • the last crawl date by Google.
  • whether listed in DMOZ or Yahoo directory.

4. Social media presence: WooRank outlines a general report on the social media presence of the website. It shows how many posts are digged, how many pages bookmarked in Delicious and how many Twitter backlinks you have got. All the RSS feeds provided by the website are shown hierarchically.

Techie Buzz Verdict

WooRank shows some good reports and brings all the stuff to one place. You can send the PDF report to anyone by email. There is nothing exceptional about Woorank, but no flaws found with the service.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (very good).

Ideone: Web Based IDE and Debugging Tool

Ideone is a web application which enables you to execute and share code in about 40 programming languages. It’s like a pastebin for programmers to quickly run, debug and share code online, without having to install a desktop based IDE.

Using Ideone is easy, just select the programming language you need, paste your source code and the input data for the program (if any), choose whether your code needs to be executed and whether it ought to be private and hit the ‘submit’ button. Then, you can see the compilation information and the output results of your code. You can share it with your friends, or run it again with a new input, if need be.

The code snippets, if run on the Ideone server, can be accessed via convenient hash links. Source code pages provide details about code and its execution including   the memory usage, execution time, language and compiler version, input uploaded by user, output generated by the program and error messages from compilers and interpreters.

Ideone provides you with an option to edit the source code, even after execution. Optionally turn on/off syntax highlighting for your code. When syntax highlighting is on, features like word wrap mode, go to line, font size, syntax etc., are made available. You can download the source file(s) and share it on most of the popular web services.

Easily Create Personal Web Pages with No Signup at Webnotes

Webnotes was created for the simple purpose of taking fast and simple notes. Over a short period of time, more features were added. Now it’s handy for far more than taking simple notes. It can easily take the lead in being a meeting place for groups.

Here’s an example page I created long ago. (same as image below)

Keep reading and I’ll give you some tips on how to use Webnotes.


See What Other Websites Are Hosted On Your Server

Using a shared hosting plan has many advantages and disadvantages. However, a good understanding of these can only be achieved if you know what other websites are being hosted on the same server (IP address).

MY IP Neighbors is great little tool that tells you which other websites are hosted on the same server/IP. Simply enter the URL of a website and a list of all the websites hosted on that IP would be displayed along with the resolved date. Clicking on the Whois link next to any of the listed websites would display detailed whois information from Domain Tools.

You can also set up an email notification so you will get notified every time a new website is added to your server. Another great use of the tool is to check if your dedicated server has been compromised.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

MY IP Neighbours is a very useful tool to see what other websites are hosted on the same server. The interface is simple and the tool is super easy to use.

Rating: 4/5

Squareleaf: Free Web Based Sticky Notes Service

Squareleaf is a free web based virtual sticky note service. It can be used to store all the important and day-to-day information like schedules, phone numbers, addresses, to-do lists and other notes.

Squareleaf provides the convenience of arranging your notes on a white board in the way you like. The content in the sticky notes can be saved, modified and deleted as needed. Since this service is web based, you can access it from anywhere at anytime.

Once you sign up, you can start making sticky notes by selecting the color of your note and then clicking on add note’. You can also resize, change the color and location of the notes all over the white board.

The information in the notes can be saved and reloaded using the save’ and reload’ options. Squareleaf makes it very easy for you to manage your to-do lists, notes and other information.

Key Features

  • Web based virtual sticky note service.
  • Provides options to drag-drop, resize and change the color of note boxes.
  • Can be used to store to-dos, schedules, phone numbers etc.
  • Free to use, requires registration.

Check If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

With the ever-increasing number of mobile internet users, webmasters have to make sure that there website is viewable on mobile phones. There a lot of checks and tests before a web page can be called ‘mobile friendly’, including page size, scripting, network, markup language used e.t.c.

To make things easier, World Wide Web Consortium (W3) has launched a Mobile Checker that runs a website through these standard tests to determine if a website is mobile friendly. All you need to do is simply enter the URL of the web page you want to check.

Mobile Checker run around 50 sub-tests and provides a final score out of 100. It also provides you a list of tests that the web page failed and details about each test. For most of the failed tests,   related best practice information is also provided for reference.

After you have implemented the recommended changes, you can run a test again to see if your score improved.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

W3C Mobile Checker is a great little tool to check your website for mobile friendliness. It is completely free and provides information about the best available industry standards.

Rating: 4/5

RoomAtlas: Book Hotels from an Interactive Map

RoomAtlas is an intriguing web application which enables you to book hotels from an interactive map. Just enter the name of a Country or City, select the appropriate currency (US Dollars or British Pounds) and click the search button. You will be presented with a list of hotels available in that area as an interactive map.

Hotels listed are marked in different colors based on their price per night. You can filter the search results by price, check-in, check-out date(s), amenities available in the hotels like swimming pool, restaurant, kids’ activities etc.,

Clicking on a hotel in the map will open a pop-up giving you information about that hotel, like hotel name, address, description, star rating, and further links to read reviews and check availability. Roomatlas also provides you with an option to include Wikipedia landmarks on the map. This feature helps you in getting to know about important places (tourist spots, airports, monuments etc) near a hotel. It’s free to use and does not require any registration.

Guestlist: Online Event Registration Made Easier

Guestlist is a web application which makes online event registration easier. It enables you to sell tickets for your events and manage attendees with an easy to use interface. The attendee and order lists can be printed and exported. You can accept payment for your event’s tickets with your PayPal account.

With Guestlist you can create fabulous looking event registration pages in no time. The event’s dashboard provides you with information about orders and helps you keep track of the money being received. It even provides detailed reports on how well your event is selling.

Key Features:

  • Quickly setup event registration pages
  • Accept payments via PayPal and major credit cards
  • Get detailed reports to keep track of event registrations
  • Export and print attendee and order lists

Note: This application is currently in Beta.

MooShell: Test your MooTools Code Online

MooShell is a web based utility which enables you to easily test your MooTools code. You can also write, test and run HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Optionally, you can save your code for further usage and to share with others via a unique URL. It provides you with an update option to create a new version of your existing code. To choose the MooTools version, you can use the settings panel in the sidebar.

MooShell can come handy for programmers and developers to quickly test and debug code snippets before actually implementing them. This web application is light weight, free for use and does not require installation of any extra software.