Weather Window App for Google Chrome Browser

Google ChromeWhen Google announced the opening of the Chrome Web Store, I had doubts about it. I was already pleased with the wide range of Chrome browser extensions and didn’t see much difference between an app and an extension. (What are Chrome Web Apps?) However, the Web Store has been gathering momentum and now there are tons of cool apps available.

One Chrome extension that I loved and used often was the Aniweather extension. It gives a very nice looking display of the current weather and a forecast.


I used it up until I found something even better. The Weather Window app from WeatherBug, far exceeded my expectations.


Once installed, the Weather Window app can be accessed by opening a new blank tab in Chrome and choosing the icon in the Apps section.


The main screen shows an open window with a simulated view of the current weather conditions. The first thing you’ll have to do is to choose your location. The new location tab is found at the top of the page. You can enter a location by zip code or city name.


Multiple locations can be added and will appear across the top of the page for easy access later. The tabs can be dragged and re-arranged as you wish.

On the right side of the weather window, you’ll see 4 icons. These represent Detailed Observations, Forecast, Weather Mapsand Cameras.


The Observations icon displays current conditions.


The Forecast icon displays a great deal of information. There are three tabs showing a summary, more forecasts and hourly forecasts.


The maps function displays some really cool looking weather maps. You can zoom in and out with your mouse scroll button. The map can also be animated to show the direction of the weather coming at you.


The camera function shows you current web cam images from weather stations close to you. In the settings, you can choose for one of these to be shown in the main weather window by default.


That’s all I have to show you right now.

arrow-down-double-3Install the Weather Window app from WeatherBug (Chrome browser only)

Also, check out the top 15 apps at the Web Store.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

This little web app gets a thumbs up. There isn’t much about the weather that it leaves out. Since it’s free, there’s no reason not to give it a try.


Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Govt. To Launch Websites For Investor Education

In order   to enable more and more common people or rather common investors to participate in the capital markets, the Government has decided to launch investor education Web sites in all regional languages.   The govt. feels that with literacy levels being low in Indian society, making investor education Web sites available in regional languages will encourage more people to participate in the investment process and thus increase awareness among common people.

Dr Manmohan Singh – the prime minister of India will launch these investor education Web sites today (i.e., December 14) as a part of the India Corporate Week 2010′ which starts today. The Corporate Affairs Ministry of India has already been holding a lot of investor awareness programmes across the country with this year the number of programmes being a whopping 3,000 as compared to the last year count of only 300.

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mSpot: Dropbox For Music Syncing & Streaming

mSpot is a cloud based music streaming service that lets users play their favorite songs across multiple devices like PC, Android phones and Mac.

1. Download the mSpot client for your device and install it.

2. Once the installation is finished, you will be asked to sign up. Go through the steps to sign up for a free account.

Sign Up

3. After registration is complete, you will have to choose the sync settings. You can choose to sync Windows Media Player or iTunes library or just select some specific folders. Since I am using the free plan that allows only 2GB cloud storage, I will be selecting a single folder.

Sync Foledr

4. Whenever you choose to upload a song to mSpot cloud, just copy it to the synced folder. You will notice an animated icon as the uploading starts.

Mspot Sync

If you wish to play the songs, just open your browser and point it to and sign in to your account. You will now see the list of songs in your account. Double click to play them.

mSpot Player

The browser based media player is equipped with basic controls. You can create playlists, unload items from the playlist. You can also download the mSpot app for Android from the Android marketplace.


Techie Buzz Verdict:

mSpot is a perfect tool to stay tuned to your favorite tracks anywhere. With 2GB free storage you can carry almost 1500 songs, which is a good score for me. If you are still not satisfied, go for the 40GB plan for just $3.99/month. I wish the service brings support other popular mobile platforms. The tool is a must for every music lover.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Tihar Jail Launches Website To Showcase Jail Inmates’ Productive Work

Who said criminals do not reform? The Tihar Jail administration recently launched a website – in order to showcase the various consumer goods produced by the jail inmates and to promote the ‘TJ’ brand online. The products manufactured by the Tihar Jail inmates are spread over a vast range consisting of bakery, handloom & textile, apparel, furniture, mustard oil, paintings, paper products and other miscellaneous products.

The Jail authority has also included information about where these products can be purchased and the administration is also looking at plans of selling the products online. These products are marketed under a brand called ‘TJ’.

Natter: Cross-Linking Facebook And Twitter

Natter IconNatter is a free web based application that links your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Setup your account in 3 easy steps and control both the account from Twitter itself.

1. Go to the Natter home page and get started by joining the service.

2. Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts with the service.

Connect Accounts

3. Once done, you are good to go. You can change the settings by scrolling down to the bottom of your account settings page.

Natter Settings

What Happens When You Use Natter?

Linked Accounts

1. Whenever you update anything on Twitter it will be automatically posted to your Facebook account. On the other hand, if someone comments on the Facebook update, the app auto-posts a @ reply to Twitter with your name and the message.
NOTE: You can also control the tweets to be posted by using a custom hashtag (#) in your Tweet. You can add the custom tag in Natter settings.

2. It automatically converts your Twitter name to the real world counterpart.

3. Natter scans your tweets for links and if found, updates your Facebook account with a new post.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Unlike other apps of its kind, Natter offers two-way linking of your accounts. So if you are a social media addict, it definitely eases the task of updating and replying. Although the cross updating is not real-time, it helps to monitor Facebook & Twitter updates from Twitter only. Go ahead and give it a try. If you are left unimpressed get rid of it.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 3.5/5 (Very Good)

Commonwealth Games’ Official Website Gets 7M Daily Pageviews

I am sure you must have already visited the official website of the Commonwealth Games 2010 that is being held at Delhi. And in case you have not visited it till now, trying opening it in your browser and you will add to the huge pageview count the website is clocking as of now. Yes, the official website of the 19th Commonwealth Games, now gets 7 – 8 million page views every day. Additionally, the results page also gets half a million pageviews daily.

According to the Organising committee of the CWG 2010, the website had only clocked 50,000-odd visitors till the 1st october 2010 but after that the traffic has been tripling every day.  The Games started on 3rd October with huge pomp and show and will go on till the 14th October during which the traffic is expected to clock even higher numbers! For the ones who do not know this, the official website of CWG 2010 is powered by Drupal – a famous open-source content management system.

Voice Translation Now Available in Chrome 7

Pack the bags … I’m heading up to Quebec for summer vacation. Now that there’s a web browser that can translate my English to French, I’m ready to ask for directions, locate the nearest restroom or order food at a restaurant. All it takes is my netbook, the developer’s version of Google Chrome web browser and a trip to this website.


Click on the little microphone icon. When it turns red, you can start talking to it. Click the microphone once again and it interprets your speech, then it speaks the same sentence in French. Amazing!

I found out about this today at the ChromeSource blog. Last week, I remember asking people what was new in Chrome 7, because I didn’t see much difference. Now I know that in addition to the support for Chrome Web Apps, Google coders have added the ability to talk to the web browser. Although that’s not really new, since   Opera’s had voice abilities for quite some time now, it’s new to me, and I’m excited about the possible new uses for something like this. Maybe in a few months, I’ll be able to talk to Gmail and have it type the email for me?

If you have your own tips on using Chrome, or it’s problems, be sure to comment below or email me.

Old Spice Man Voicemail Generator

If you have been on social networking sites like , and Reddit in the past few days, you might be aware of the Old Spice Man who has generated a rage on the internet with his videos.

The videos were a clever marketing strategy to leverage social media for a brand, and boy were they successful. If that was not enough, a new Old Spice Man voicemail generator has been released which can be customized to create a ringtone based on several options.

Old Spice Man Ringtone Generator

To generate Old Spice Man voicemail, head over to and choose your personality, after that enter you number and select the options you want as your voicemail and click on the "Make me the Old Spice Man!" button to download your ringtone, pretty simple and easy right.

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Kentico: ASP.NET CMS Platform

Gone are those days, when you would manually create pages for your website, upload them in your web server and place hyperlinks here and there and then show your website to the rest of the world. If you are serious about your website, you must use a content management system to manage the pages, work flow and other aspects of your site.

A Content management system (CMS) lets you manage your website in a collaborative environment. There can be multiple users associated with your CMS and each one of them can create or update pages for your site. Furthermore, you can assign specific roles to specific users of your site so that they can carry out different operations on their own.

Kentico CMS is a brilliant content management system for anyone who need a website on the platform. Kentico comes with an easy to use interface – you can build blogs, online stores, forums, websites for small business and much more. They also have an API which allows you to integrate your site with 3rd party software and other applications.

Without much ado, let’s see what Kentico has to offer:

Main Features of Kentico CMS

Easy to use editing with WYSIWYG editor

When you login to the backend of your website, you are shown a complete website tree in the left hand while a WYSIWYG editor on the right, as shown below:

Kentico WYSIWYG Editor

From the left panel, select the page which you want to edit and it opens in the right panel for editing. You can then add textual content, images, links, videos etc in your page and save the document. Once saved, the changes can be previewed before publishing.

The content editors of your site do not need special training or knowledge of HTML for managing the pages of your site. The editors can work as if they are using a word editor. The WYSWYIG editor is capable of basic and advanced formatting, inserting images or flash movies and linking to internal as well as external pages on the web.

Custom document types and fields, content/design separation

With Kentico CMS, you can create structured documents so that they can be reused on other parts of your website. Should you invoke a newer design, these structured documents can be reused or incorporated on other websites or designs quite seamlessly.

For example: You can create a new document type as "phones" and then include the different parameters such as model number, price, memory, company name etc.

Kentico Custom Document Types

Now the editors or authors of your site can fill in the form and the page can be displayed anywhere in your site. There is nothing easier than this – you don’t have to know what codes are required to bring a particular module.

SEO Friendly Website with Widgets, Blogs, Message Boards and Forums

Kentico CMS is very SEO friendly and you can use tags and categories to organize your content and the different pages of your website. The URL structure of your site adheres to the latest SEO standards and you can create widgets to show dynamic content.

This can mean newsletters, forms, an array of latest news or may be a subscription box.

SEO Friendly Websites

You can create new pages simply by using the custom layout and the widget sections and don’t have to wait for the developer to create a new page template. You can place the widgets in active widget zones defined by the developer. These widgets can be completely customized – you decide which widgets are available for particular user roles and so on.

Rapid development of your website

Basically, there are two development models:

1. Flexible portal engine: You can use the browser based interface to develop your website. This is ideal for webmasters who don’t have any knowledge of programming or coding.

2. Using ASPX page templates: If you are an ASP.NET developer and know the codes required to build a website, you can use the Kentico CMS server controls in Microsoft Visual Studio and build standard web forms. More information is available in this page.

For a full list of features, please refer to the documentation and the complete feature list here

How to Evaluate Kentico CMS

There are three ways to evaluate the Kentico content management system:

Download the trial version, working for 30 days: The trial version lets you test all the details of Kentico CMS on your computer. You also get 10 Free support tickets by email. You can download the Kentico CMS trial here

Download the Free edition of Kentico CMS: The free edition gives you a lifetime use of the CMS, with some minor limitations. You can have only one administrator, one editor and a maximum of 1000 pages in your website. In addition to that, you have to keep the Kentico branding in the footer of your website. You can download the free edition of Kentico here
The advantage of using the free edition is that it never expires and can be used even for commercial purposes.

Try the Virtual lab of Kentico CMS online: The virtual Lab of Kentico lets you try this amazing CMS online, you don’t have to install anything on your computer or in your web server. You will have 4 test websites setup for free and can evaluate all the features of Kentico online.
You can sign up for a free Virtual lab account here

Here is a brief comparison of the various packages that are available with Kentico:

Kentico Package Comparison

What’s new in Kentico CMS ver 5.5

The latest release of Kentico CMS is ver 5.5 and it has several new features worth exploring.

  • The latest version, which can be download from this page supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with .NET 4.0.
  • You can seamlessly integrate Facebook connect and use Open ID in your web application
  • Using web parts, creating RSS feeds is as easy as child’s play
  • New revamped admin interface with improved functionalities e.g pagination support, global admins may be denied access to the site manager and more.
  • Easy integration and support with Third party map services e.g Bing and Yahoo maps
  • Integration with MetaWeblogAPI which lets you create pages and blog posts from blogging editors like Windows Live writer, Microsoft Word etc

Complete list of features can be found in this page. The changelog and bugfixes can be found here.

This review has been guest posted.

Find Free Wifi Hotspots with WeFi

[Windows, Mobile and Mac]wifi-ico Since I have a netbook and occasionally take it on the road, I decided to try out WeFi. The WeFi application and web service promises to help you locate wifi hotspots and connect you to thousands of other WeFi users. Here’s what they say about the service:

WeFi is dedicated to helping you find, connect, and enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere around the world. We provide the tools that allow our community to map the global Wi-Fi network. Our dedicated community has already discovered over 60,000,000 access points around the world. Join us today and help us map the next million!

I downloaded the 8mb installation file and started the install process. I found that there are a few places that you might want take a closer look at during the install.

The first installation options default to installing a toolbar and new default search in your web browser. When I see options like these, I nearly always opt out. I hate toolbars and I’m happy with my search providers.


Just when I thought I was done with the junk programs they wanted me to install, one more option popped in. I can’t tell you how much I dislike added shopping applications like the Price Gong offer they served up.


After getting through the options above, the software starts installing and you’ll see a cute animation with the little WeFi creature running past store fronts. It’s a little too cute. At that point, I was wondering if this was a serious company delivering a real product.


One final setting popped up after the little running logo. I decided that I definitely did not want to allow WeFi to automatically connect me to networks. I like to look them over before I allow my netbook to connect to strange new hotspots.


The final step was to actually create an account with WeFi. They step you through the sign-up and only require an email address in addition to letting you choose your username and password. Once that’s out of the way, the main WeFi interface finally launches.


After playing with it for awhile, I decided that I liked the WeFi interface because it was very similar to most instant messenger clients. Below is a video showing you a little bit about how it works.

Link to video at Youtube

Download WeFi

Techie Buzz Verdict:

I didn’t like the offers for the toolbar, the change to default search and the shopping assistant. However, I did like the fact that WeFi does offer an easy way to discover new hotspots and get in touch with other WeFi users. I have mixed feelings about it at this time, but I won’t tell anyone to stay away from WeFi.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)