Windows Live Wave 4 To Sync Office & IE Settings

Google and Opera have been offering bookmark sync for a very long time, Internet Explorer, well, didn’t. Windows Live did have a favorite sync option if you used the IE Toolbar but it never worked and in simplest terms, sucked as a feature.

With Windows Live Wave 4 Microsoft is getting its act together. According to a screenshot on LiveSide, Live Sync in Windows Live Wave 4 will have sync for Internet Explorer and Office. Screenshot:


For Internet Explorer, browser bookmarks will be synced. For Office, your email signatures and templates will be available on any PC you have Sync installed. Further more, Sync will add ability to remotely control your PC. Screenshot:

via LiveSide

Windows Live Wave 4 Gets A Name And Nears Public Availability

We had previously written about Windows Live Wave 4 roadmap and it seems to be pretty accurate. Microsoft Australia has invited handpicked technology enthusiasts for a media briefing to talk about Windows Live Wave 4 on the 18th of this month.

The roadmap posted had 18th May as the day when Windows Live Wave reaches Milestone 3. If the roadmap is to be believed, users will get access to beta builds starting June 7th.

Microsoft has already revealed the new features in the next Windows Live Messenger. Some of the highlights are:

  • New Social Dashboard
  • Tabbed Conversations
  • HD Video chat

LiveSide has an extensive list of the new features in Hotmail.

In a blog post a Microsoft Active Professional has revealed that Windows Live Wave 4 will officially be known as Windows Live Essentials 2011. The logo of the suite is expected to look like:


Windows Live Wave Release Dates Leaked


Following the recent leak of the Windows Live Essentials Suite, a roadmap to the release of Windows Live Wave 4 is doing rounds. According to a comment posted on Facebook the following are the release dates of the various Live Wave 4 builds:

  • 28 April VIP Testers (probably MVPs)
  • 18 May M3
  • 3 June Complete Public disclosure.
  • 7 June Public Beta Day.
  • 7 June iPhone main languages Messenger.
  • 25 August iPhone additional languages Messenger + PUBLIC RTW

via MyMicrosoftLife

Windows Live Essentials Suite is Microsoft’s software bundle of essential software for users and contains:

  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Live Writer
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Family Safety
  • Live Sync
  • Bing Bar
  • Companion

Windows Live Wave 4 Leaked, Reviews

Windows Live Wave 4 has been in the making for quite sometime now and should be released shortly, however, few MVPs and Microsoft Connect users got early access to the closed beta preview of Windows Live Wave 4.


However, like every software, a version of Windows Live wave 4 was leaked on the internet, and according to DSQ is also available for download through torrents.

Windows Live Wave 4 contains the same family of products from Wave 3 including Windows Live Mail, Live Writer, Live Messenger, Live Photo Gallery, Live Movie Maker and Live Sync among others. The Windows Live Messenger does not work right now for regular users, but there is a patch floating around the internet which will allow users to sign in using regular hotmail/live IDs.

Other changes in WL Wave 4 include a new ribbon interface for Windows Live Writer, and a Outlook like UI for Windows Live Mail.

Manan has been able to put up a detailed review of Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Mail which are part of the Wave 4 family, you might want to check it to see the new features and improvements in this version.

Wave 4 might be released as a public beta in the next weeks, however, leaked copies of the version are doing the rounds of the internet, you might want to check torrent search sites to download a version.

Windows Live Writer 2010 Looks Awesome, Wave 4 Leaked Screenshots

Quite sometime back we had posted leaked screenshots of Wave 4 which included screens for Windows Live Writer 2010 and Windows Live Messenger 2010. A new batch of screenshots has now emerged, courtesy of geekSmack, which shows off Windows Live Writer 2010, Windows Live Photo Gallery 2010 and Windows Live Mail 2010, which will be included in Wave 4.





It is definitely good to see that Microsoft has continued to develop Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Mail, which are actually pretty good and available as free downloads for everyone.

Out here, many of us prefer to use Windows Live Writer because of its ease of use and absolutely awesome features. We certainly look forward to Microsoft releasing Wave 4 to the general public. However, we will try out best to get our hands on it before that if we can.

What do you think about the new features in WLW 2010 and Wave 4 in general?

Windows Live Messenger 2010 and Windows Live Writer 2010 [Screenshots]

Neowin has posted some screenshots of Windows Live Messenger 2010 and Windows Live Writer 2010, both of the products are freely available for download from Microsoft, however, these screenshot are from Wave 4, a bundle of applications from Microsoft which will be available for downloads sometime soon.

Windows Live Messenger 2010

As you can see from the screenshot above, Windows Live Messenger 2010, focuses more on Social networking and delivers updates from your friends in the sidebar. This is no surprise as even Yahoo Messenger 10 has more focus on social updates.

Windows Live Writer 2010

What is even more interesting is the new Windows Live Writer 2010 to be included in Wave 4 (click for larger screenshot).

The new version completely does away with the old menu and introduces ribbon menu which is popular in Office products including . I am very excited about WLW 2010 as it looks like a perfect tool for created rich text posts and also has ease of use written all over it.

What do you think of the new Wave 4 products? Do they look interesting to you?