20 Amazing Wallpapers For Nokia E72

Nokia E72 was recently launched in India and if you were looking for some amazing, abstract and beautiful wallpapers for Nokia E72, then your search comes to an end. We have posted 20 amazing and unique wallpapers for your Nokia E72.

The resolution of each wallpaper is 320 x 240 pixels. Check out the download link at the end of the post.

Nokia e72 wallpapers

Nokia e72 wallpapers

Nokia e72 wallpapers

Nokia e72 wallpapers

[ Download Nokia E72 Wallpapers ] | [   Size: 0.6MB ]

A Fast Way to Create Beautiful Gradient Wallpapers

While I’m at work, I generally have a gradient wallpaper on my Windows desktop. I feel that it’s professional looking but also very pleasing to the eyes. I occasionally create my own gradient wallpapers and psychedelic wallpapers using MS Paint. It’s quick and easy once you figure it out. However, it’s not nearly as fast and simple as the wallpaper generator I’ve just found.

The Random Gradient Wallpaper Generator is a small, portable program that’s also free and open source software (FOSS). It should work nicely in all versions of Windows.

You can download it, extract it to a folder and then launch the application by executing the “WallpaperGenerator.exe” file. You’ll see a very simple interface as shown here.

random gradient wallpaper generator

The “Randomize” button will cycle through different combinations of colors to create wallpaper previews.

If you’d like manual control of the colors, you can click each one of the four corners to set whatever color combinations you wish.

Once you spot a preview that you really like, you can click the “Set as wallpaper” button to instantly make it your desktop wallpaper.

The final button, “Save colors as text file” isn’t a particularly useful feature at this time. It will save your favorite color settings in a text file, but there is no easy way to load the saved color combinations into the generator.

On a final note, you can always grab the bitmap file “GradientWallpaper.bmp” which is created when you “Set as wallpaper”. You may have to do some searching to find it, but it’s generally in a location such as C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper or C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft, depending upon which version of Windows you are using.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:
The Random Gradient Wallpaper Generator is in it’s infancy, so I don’t expect polish or perfection. If the developer adds a way to easily restore saved color settings, this little app will get a higher rating from me. As it stands now, I can still tell you that it deserves to be highly recommended.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 4/5

Download the Random Gradient Wallpaper Generator

Be sure to add a comment below or email me. I’d love to hear from you.

Download Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack

Quite sometime back, we put up several stunning Windows 7 wallpapers up for downloads. If that hasn’t satisfied your appetite to jazz up your desktop, here are few more beautiful wallpapers you can download.


The Ultimate Windows 7 Wallpaper pack consists of high quality wallpapers, available in 1366×768, 1280×800, 1680×1050,1920×1200 resolutions. The wallpapers can also be used on widescreen monitors.

Download Ultimate Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack

Convert Your Photos to 3D Screensavers and Wallpaper Collages

Techie Buzz Recommended Software Stamp Have you ever fancied, creating your own 3D screensaver with the pictures you took from the last trip to Bahamas? Or, wanted to have a collage of several photos as your desktop wallpaper?

If yes, keep your designing and flash programming instincts aside. PhotoJoy is a really cool software that will allow you to create your own 3D Screensaver and Wallpaper collages for free.


Once you install PhotoJoy, it will take you through a process, where you can import photos into the software. Once the photo import is completed, you will be given an option to create Photo Collages, using PhotoToys or create screensavers.


You can either choose to use one of the options provided, or skip the screen entirely. All the provided options are also available as tabs in the main software window.


You can also import photos and online gallery photos from PhotoJoy to your library. If your images are not stored in My Pictures, you can also import images from a different directory.


Creating a screensaver of your images is effortless, just go to the screensaver tab in the main software window and choose the style you want to use as a screensaver. By default, on the the first style is pre-installed. You can download the rest of the screensaver styles by clicking the download option.

Once you are satisfied with a screensaver, click on the Set as Screensaverbutton (Which will appear, when you hover on a particular style), to set it as your default screensaver. You can also control the screensaver options by clicking on the Screensaver options button in the toolbar.

In addition to creating 3D desktop wallpapers, PhotoJoy also provides users with an option to create some really cool collages using pre-defined styles. PhotoJoy also includes some other tools called as PhotoToys, which allow you have fun with your photos.

Overall, this is an awesome software that is a must-download and is a recommended software by Techie Buzz. And best of all this software is a . We hardly see free softwares that are packed with so many feature, and this definitely deserves a Techie Buzz recommended software stamp.

P.S. The installation process is a bit slow. It may take up-to 5 minutes to get PhotoJoy up and running. However, once you install it, everything is literally a piece of cake.

Download PhotoJoy

Download High Quality Halloween Wallpapers For Your Desktop or Mac

Halloween is just around the corner. Here are some high quality desktop wallpapers that will get you into the mood a bit early. If you are looking for more Halloween goodies, don’t forget to check the entire Halloween section.

Click on the images to download the high quality version of the Halloween wallpapers. If you want to use all of these as your wallpapers, don’t forget to check the wallpaper rotator and manager which rotates the wallpapers after certain time intervals.

Happy_Halloween_by_QueenOfDorks Halloween_Kitten_by_vladstudio Halloween_wallpaper_by_Danime_chan

halloween_by_overdeliver I_Luv_Halloween_Wallpaper_by_DarkJak Halloween_Ghosts_by_vladstudio

Guild_Wars_Halloween_part_2_by_zazB Halloween_2005_by_RPGuere Sinister_Visions_Halloween___05_by_SavageSinister

A_Halloween_wallpaper_by_vladstudio Halloween_wp_by_TwistEd_Ky0 Halloween_by_JipJive

The_Gathering_Storm_Halloween_by_vladstudio Think_Halloween_by_Zefhar Halloween_Decorations_by_JenZee

Mushrooms___Halloween_Night_by_vladstudio Creepy_Halloween_by_altergromit Halloween_2005_by_bartholomew

Do you have any Halloween wallpapers to share? Don’t forget to leave links to it in the comments form.

Wallpaper Downloader Automatically Downloads Bing Background Images

Bing has certainly been making a splash since its release. The search results are impressive and the presentation is awesome. And even if you are not convinced about Bing’s search prowess, it’s hard not to like the awesome background pictures utilized by Bing.

Wallpaper Downloader is a freeware application which automatically downloads all the past and present Bing background images (which are updated every day) and uses them as your desktop background. Some of its salient features are:

  • Automatically downloads new wallpaper images of all Bing worldwide sites.
  • Downloads all the past Bing wallpaper images.
  • Supports Wallpaper Slideshow mode which changes your desktop wallpaper periodically.
  • Thumbnail previews of wallpaper images in slideshow loop.
  • Can include all images or only the latest few images in slideshow loop.
  • Customizable slideshow time interval.
  • Support 3 desktop wallpaper styles: Stretch, Tile, and Center.

Bing Wallpaper Downloader

If you do not wish to install the software you can manually download past and present Bing Wallpapers from wallpaperdownloader.com.

[Download Wallpaper Downloader]

Customize Your Desktop With Walyk Wallpaper Changer

Usually we do not get time to change our desktop wallpaper on a daily basis. So I tried and tested many utilities that can fill the gap but the one that caught my attention was Walyk Wallpaper Changer. Walyk Wallpaper Changer is an excellent utility that can change your desktop wallpaper easily at a specified time.

Walyk Wallpaper Changer provides different options like automatic wallpaper change at specific time, re-sample pictures, full screen preview of pictures, etc. You can also insert a fully customized calender in your wallpaper.

Walyk Wallpaper Changer


  • The wallpapers are changed automatically.
  • Change your wallpapers cyclic or random.
  • You can see a small or full screen preview for your pictures.
  • Supports the most common file formats (JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP).
  • You can control the application from the system tray.
  • A fully customized calendar can be included in wallpapers.
  • New smart function for automatic positioning wallpapers, enhanced treatment for landscape and portrait pictures and auto tile small pictures.
  • Now you can remove various files from the main list of wallpapers, holding Ctrl+Mouse click.

[ Download Walyk Wallpaper Changer ]

All is Green Here – New Gmail and Chrome Grass Themes

I’ve gone green. I don’t know how it happened. I don’t recycle much and I don’t ride a bicycle to work. I don’t even care much for the green grass in my yard, especially when it’s time for mowing. But I sure like looking at it on my laptop PC.

When I heard Gmail had added 4 new themes, I checked them out and found the Grass Theme. Once I picked that out, I remembered that my Google Chrome browser already has a grass theme. Here’s what it looks like now when I check my email.


Now with all that grass growing in my web browser, you’d think I’d be happy to stop there. No, I didn’t. I went right out and grabbed a few grass wallpapers and now my desktop needs to be mowed.


I hope this hasn’t made you green with envy. Worse yet, you could have gotten a little green around the gillsif you have allergies. If so, I’m sorry about that. In any case, have a good day and play it safe out there.