Windows 8 Consumer Preview Wallpapers Leak, Download Them Here

With less than an hour left to go until the official release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, it appears that the wallpapers included in the build have already leaked out. Whether you’re someone who is eager for an appetizer to the impending CP build, or if you just happen to like the wallpapers and have no intention of installing pre-release software, you’re in luck.

Included in the pack are various nature wallpapers (of green leaves, orange leaves, flowers, an island, a beach, a harbor) along with a  betta fish wallpaper with some Metro flair.

This is probably the closest thing to an actual leak that we have seen in quite some time; somehow, Microsoft has been doing a great job at leak control. Since the Developer Preview build was published, there have been no new build leaks, and a relatively minimal stream of information leaks.

You may download them over at R27.