Vodafone Customer Support on Twitter, Twitter Desktop Application From Vodafone

More and more service providers in India are getting serious regarding their carrier business and are attempting to expand through the Internet. The increase of data transfer compared to voice transfer over networks seconds the fact that data transfer is equally important as voice for mobile users.

Bharti Airtel has made a broadband market for itself and now Vodafone plans to harness the power of Twitter to increase its user base further.

Vodafone has seen a huge marketing potential in Twitter apps and wants to promote itself in India and Egypt through Twitter. Taking its first step in this, Vodafone has set up a Twitter account to provide customer support to Vodafone subscribers in India and Egypt over Twitter.

On the other hand, Denmark Vodafone subscribers can now use a Twitter Client named Vodafone Update. This client has a Vodafone look and feel and has a simple UI.

Vodafone has geared up to make a position for itself in the Internet market. Integration with Twitter, Facebook and similar services will help it grow a better relation with customers. The Twitter customer service concept has been there for a long time now. Dell already uses it and it is good to see more companies adopting this method.

For pictures of the Twitter client and more reading on this, visit this post at Shoutmeloud.

Vodafone Will Also Sell iPhone 3GS in India

Vodafone-iPhone After Airtel, Vodafone has also announced that it will be offering the iPhone 3GS in India. However, don’t get too excited as Vodafone’s pricing is as ridiculous as Airtel’s.

The 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models of iPhone 3GS will retail for Rs.33,500, Rs.40,500 and Rs.47,500 respectively in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. In the rest of India, they will be available for Rs.29,500, Rs.35,500 and Rs.41,500 respectively.

Vodafone will be offering iPhone 3GS users three plans. Users opting for Plan 1 would be charged Rs. 799 per month and receive 249 minutes of voice credits and 250MB data credit. Plan 2 costs Rs. 999 per month and includes 299 minutes of voice credits with 600MB of data credit. Users can also opt for a basic plan, which costs Rs 100 per month and does not include any voice or data credits.

The iPhone is a fantastic phone; however, does it merit the outrageous sum that Airtel and Vodafone are demanding? We believe it does not. Unfortunately, the truth is that there is a certain section of Apple fans that will always go ahead and get their latest product, irrespective of the price tag. And, this is the section that Airtel and Vodafone are trying to take exploit with their absurd launch prices.

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Sony Ericsson X10 Goes On Pre-Orders On Vodafone UK, Ships on April 6th

X10 is one of the most anticipated phones from Sony’s stable. The X10 phone which is powered by was reported to be making its debut in India this week.

Pre-order Sony Ericsson X10 Vodafone UK

Vodafone UK has started accepting pre-orders on the Phone. Vodafone will be selling the X10 for free with a a 2 year contract for which users will have to pay a minimum of £35 per month. The minimum plan includes 900 minutes talktime, unlimited texts and 500MB of mobile internet and webmail.

Users who pre-order the phone will start receiving the handsets from April 6th onwards. X10 is definitely a great phone and might help in changing the future of the company who have been on a downward spiral.

Pre-Order Sony Ericsson X10 from Vodafone UK

Vodafone Admits That 3000 HTC Magic Handsets Were Distributed With Virus

Vodafone has finally decided to come clean. In a stark departure from their original claim, Vodafone has now admitted that as many as 3000 brand new HTC Magic handsets (sold in Spain) might be infected with Mariposa bot client.

Mobile-Virus The incident first came to light when Panda Security spotted Mariposa bot clients in the memory card of a HTC Magic set sold by Vodafone. Initially, the telecom giant tried to dismiss the event as an isolated incident. However, that theory was blown to shreds when Panda Security identified malware infections in another brand new HTC Magic handset purchased from Vodafone’s online website.

Vodafone has promised to get in touch with affected customers and will be providing them a new memory card. It will be providing instructions for how customers can access the free Panda online scan. Additionally, if will offer security suites to anyone whose system has been infected due to the memory device.

Mistakes can happen, but as far as mistakes go, distributing malware to thousands of users is amongst the more serious kind. It is nice to see Vodafone taking responsibility for their mistake and trying to redeem the situation. However, they still have some explaining left to do. What we really want to know is – How did this happen?

Image credit: Novarider.com

Hey Vodafone! You Better Buy a Virus Scanner

Vodafone, you screwed up. And, it was not an isolated incidence, as you would have us believe. Now admit it, and get your act together.

Mobile-VirusEarlier in the month, Panda Research had uncovered a Mariposa bot client in a brand new handset delivered by Vodafone. This unsettling revelation received widespread media coverage and prompted an employee of the Spanish IT security company S21Sec to scan his own phone. You have probably guessed the result by now. Yeah, much to his surprise, he found malwares on his own phone.

The HTC Magic handset in question is brand new and was ordered from the official Vodafone website. Analysis by the Panda Research team revealed that the handset was infected on March 1st, 2010, approximately a week before the handset was delivered by Vodafone.

A second occurrence is particularly unsettling because it indicates that the problem might be more widespread than initially reported. Vodafone has already pulled the HTC Magic, but they still have plenty of explaining to do.

Image credit: Novarider.com

Vodafone Launches "Chhota Comics" For Vodafone Live Users

Vodafone has launched a new service called "Chhota Comics" which will allow their customers to access popular Indian and International comic strips from Suppandi, Chacha Chaudhary, Mickey and Donald, Akbar Birbal, Winnie the Pooh and Hanuman.

Chacha Chaudary Suppandi

Vodafone Essar Chief Marketing Officer Kumar Ramanathan said:

With the launch of "Chhota Comics" service, we aim to further enhance our customers experience by providing them with advanced features and more comic categories.

Vodafone will sell the Chotta Comics strips for Rs 2 per comic strip. Users can also purchase an entire full length comic for Rs 15. There are more than 35 popular titles under various categories which are a mix of both popular Indian comic characters and foreign comic characters.

The Chotta Comics service will be accessible to both post paid and prepaid customers through Vodafone Live. These comics will definitely make people relive their childhood days. I personally remember reading a lot of Tinkle, Chandamama and Chacha Chaudhary comics, what about you?

HTC Shipping Nexus One To Verizon Wireless and Vodafone

According to some unsubstantiated reports from a Chinese Daily newspaper, Economic Daily News, it is being reported that HTC has begun delivery of the CDMA version of to Verizon Wireless.

The report also says that HTC has will also begin delivery of the Nexus One to another Google partner Vodafone.

However, the phones may not sell in the Verizon Wireless or Vodafone brick and mortar stores and will have to be purchased online at http://google.com/phone.

Nexus One on Verizon Wireless and Vodafone

Right now the Google Phone sales page shows that the Nexus One will be available on Verizon Wireless and Vodafone in Spring 2010. There are rumors that the actual sale date will be March 23rd, this was also floated around to us by a VZ friend who said that Verizon will start selling the Nexus One in late March, however, the date is not yet confirmed.

The CDMA version of Nexus One reportedly does not have GSM support, so it will not work outside the country you are buying it in.

iPhone 3GS Coming To India?

Apple has not done well with their family of devices outside the United States, specially in India, where cheap devices from Nokia rule the roost. This is one of the reasons why Apple has not released iPhone 3GS in India yet.

iPhone 3GS India

However, according to some rumors from Fone Arena, the iPhone 3GS is most likely to make a debut in India on Monday, March 15th, 2010. The device may be available for pre-orders through Apple on 4 networks, including Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel and Reliance.

However, this is definitely a game ploy on part of Apple to offload devices to other areas where they have not been doing well, considering that the iPhone 4G will hit markets soon in the United States. iPhone 3GS has been in circulation for quite sometime now, and a late entry into India suggests my above thoughts.

To top it iPhone has had less than a lukewarm response in India, considering the high cost and lack of 3G, without which the iPhone is just another device.

Please note, this is not confirmed news and is rumored, so don’t set high expectations about this just yet, we will keep you posted when confirmed news becomes available to us.

Vodafone Launches App Store In India

Vodafone India has launched a new mobile applications store in India and has already seen thousands of downloads thanks to the low price of the applications and a large array of free applications.

Vodafone India App Store

Currently, there are more than 800 applications in the Vodafone app store categorized as Entertainment, Utility, Finance, Social Networking, Games and more. The applications are developed by a mix of Indian and International developers. 15% of the app store applications are free of cost, while a majority of the applications are priced in the range of Rs. 5 to Rs.30.

The application store is available to customers through data enabled handsets. Customers can send a message APP to 111 (toll free) and also access the store through the portal Vodafone live! by clicking a link on the home page.

In the press release, Kumar Ramanathan, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Essar said:

We are delighted to launch the Vodafone Mobile application store which combines an array of facilities for our customers including easy access to information, utilities and entertainment. The mobile applications are affordable and a significant step forward in the growth of mobile data and the future of Mobile internet in India.

However, this is not the first time that a mobile carrier in India has released an app store. Earlier, this year, Reliance launched their app store along with an Aircel app store and Airtel app store.

This shows that carriers in India are getting more serious about providing mobile applications to users, based on the success of the Apple app store and Ovi Store from Nokia. In the end, it is the consumer who will benefit more as they will get tons of apps and choices to choose from.

DLF IPL 3 Tickets Selling On Vodafone M Shop

In a recent press release, Vodafone India announced that tickets for IPL season 3 will be available for purchase through Vodafone mobile phones at the Vodafone M Shop.

IPL3 Vodafone

Vodafone customers can purchase DLF IPL season III tickets through Vodafone M-Shop. Vodafone Customers can access M-Shop by dialing 53333 (toll free) or SMS MSHOP to 53333. Customers can also buy tickets by logging into Vodafone Live or www.vodafone.in.

Vodafone will also allow users to select seats in a particular stadium by guiding them through a detailed step by step process.

The DLF IPL 3 tickets will be exclusively sold by Vodafone. Once a ticket has been booked, customer will receive an SMS acknowledgment confirming the payment, users can then collect their tickets from select Vodafone stores or get it delivered to their door steps through a courier service.

Payment can be made through Credit cards, however, the service will come at a premium and users will have to pay a convenience charge of Rs. 30.

In the press release, Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Essar, Kumar Ramanathan said:

DLF IPL is one of the most awaited events in India and we are happy to launch a service that provides our customers the convenience of buying IPL tickets through their mobile phones. Our aim has always been to provide innovative and superior services that benefit out customers and this initiative is another step in that direction

So will you be purchasing your tickets through the Vodafone M Shop, or will you prefer to do it the plain old way?