Dell Thunder Caught On Video

The guys at Engadget have gotten their hands on a leaked video of the Dell Thunder. Specifications and details of the Dell Thunder had leaked months back and was highly anticipated by Android enthusiasts across the globe.

The Dell Thunder has a 4.1 inch OLED capacitive touchscreen display with a WVGA resolution. It will come with the Dell Stage UI shell on top on Android 2.1; and will be upgradeable to Android 2.2. It also has Flash 10.1 support as well as Twitter and Facebook integration.

It will also have Swype and will probably be powered by a Snapdragon 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM. It will also have a 8 MP camera.

The Dell Thunder is expected to launch by the end of 2010 on AT&T’s network.

Head over to Engadget to check out the Dell Thunder video.

Dell Thunder

NuCaptcha: A Motion Based Captcha That Is More Human

I can’t even remember how many times a website has refused to accept me as human because I could not read the screwed up words in their fancy Captcha. This is probably one of the main things that aggravates users and forces websites to lose tons of traffic. Even if you think you made out the words right, the website doesn’t accept them and there is nothing you can do about it.

Well, if you are a web publisher, NuCaptcha is a nice alternative. It is a Captcha as well but no twisting, tilting, overlapping, dashing, flying of words to by pass bots. Rather, NuCaptcha has a small video in the background and a couple of words flying in the front. As a test to prove that you are human, you are required to enter only the letters that appear in red which seems to be an easy task since the text is straight and clear.

NuCaptcha can be used with PHP, .NET, Java and comes in many themes such as sports, environment and abstract. The API for your website can be downloaded here. If you need to use NuCaptcha with your WordPress blog, there is already a plugin for that.  Even though its not a game-changing technology, NuCaptcha can help tremendously in improving user experience and traffic while still making sure that your website is safe from bots.

Lala May Offer Streaming Videos Instead Of Music

When Apple bought Lala late last year, the  consensus  was that Apple will launch a web version of iTunes that will allow users to stream music from the cloud and access it from any internet-enabled device. However, it seems like everybody thought of that but Apple. According to many music labels, Apple still hasn’t secured rights to do that and Apple has been debriefing that if a cloud-based version of iTunes is indeed launched it would be very “modest in scope”.

On the other hand,  rumors  are floating around that Apple has a team working on video streaming services for quite a while now and plans to offer streaming of TV shows and movies from Lala. While nothing is certain yet, the fact that Apple is building a $1 Billion data center in North Carolina supports the fact that Apple is gearing up its infrastructure to offer some serious streaming services.

However, it is also important to note that Apple cannot let go of such a huge market in which Google is almost ready to enter. It is strongly believed that Google will launch its music streaming service pretty soon and without the stringent requirement of a native app like iTunes, Google’s music service can do very well specially with the given growth of Android users.

So, even though there is a lot of speculation around iTunes or Apple’s video streaming service, like every other Apple product, there is nothing conclusive yet and probably won’t be till the actual day of launch.

Upload and Remix Videos Online With Stroome

Stroome may be simply (and correctly) dubbed as the world’s most inclusive online video editing community. It’s a place where anybody who owns a camera and has a viewpoint can buff up, distribute and endorse their content to a budding audience of millions. Every and anybody including students, journalists, bloggers, travelers, activists and sports enthusiasts who want to produce new content for the web or for themselves can use this tool.

Those who join the site can upload video recordings and merge these clips with pictures, audio tracks and other video footage offered online in a video editor which bears a similarity to  iMovie, albeit with fewer features (for example, there is no method available by which subtitles and other forms of texts can be incorporated). The ensuing video may then be saved as an assignment and shared with either a cluster of associates or the complete Stroome community. It can also be shared using diverse social networks like Facebook, so you can get frank feedback on the work you have done. However, there is no facility to republish content on YouTube or some other video sharing website yet.

Furthermore, an online editor is made available for you to upload a file and work on it from your browser.  This means that you can be working on a photo, and when you want to get a sincere opinion from others about what they think, you can just email them the relevant link. They will be able to view the photo you are working on, just like you are viewing it, and propose adjustments as if they were there with you.

Over all, Stroome is a very useful social tool to edit videos and instantly share them with the world.

Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Steve Jobs Video

Earlier today, Apple held a iPhone 4 press conference to discuss issues with the . In that conference Steve Jobs announced free bumper cases for 4 and also an option to return the iPhone 4 and get a full refund.

Steve Jobs at the iPhone 4 Press Conference

In addition to that, Steve Jobs also demoed the Antenna "Death Grip" issues with several smartphones available in the market. If you missed the conference you can read the Apple iPhone 4 Conference Roundup we did earlier. In addition to that, Apple has now uploaded the July 16 iPhone 4 Press conference which was held at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California.

You can watch the entire video of the iPhone 4 Press conference at the official Apple events site here. You may also be able to download the videos and view them offline on your PC or Mac OS X.

BlackBerry 6 Revealed – More Sneak Peek BlackBerry Videos

A few months ago some BlackBerry 6 images were leaked which displayed a new interface for one of the most famous phones. Back in April RIM also revealed the BlackBerry 6 through some Sneak Peek videos. Now almost 3 months down the line they have released another set of Sneak Peek reviews of BlackBerry 6.

Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the popular BlackBerry devices have unveiled a new video revealing BlackBerry 6 to the world. The video which was officially posted on the BlackBerry blog, shows a sneak peek into BlackBerry 6, and it is nothing like the earlier versions of BlackBerry users have been used to.

BlackBerry 6 will be released this Summer has features such as Universal Search, Enhanced Media Interface, Social networking feeds from sites like and , a new visual and fluid interface, BlackBerry Messenger with ability to share pictures and videos, Simultaneous postings to multiple social networking sites, Richer web browser and more.

The new features are definitely pretty exciting and the fact that BlackBerry 6 will be released in next few weeks will make users even more excited about it. Excited? Watch The Sneak Peek video of BlackBerry 6 embedded below to see what you can expect in few weeks.

Watch 4K 4096 Resolution YouTube Video

recently announced support for 4096p videos (4096 x 3072) which would allow users to upload huge videos to the site. However, it looks like someone had already tried upload a 4K video before YouTube officially announced it.

YouTube 4096p Video

The video which apparently has a 4K resolution was uploaded on June 20, 2010 and based on the comments on the thread it was pretty taxing on some users systems. However, when I played the video today, it played pretty well and I could watch the video in its original resolution of 4K pixels with little or no buffering.

Also I did not see much difference between 1080p and 4096p resolution even though my laptop supports a resolution of up to 1680 x 1050. The video might play a bit slow if you choose the Original option because it is a 4096p video. Check out the 4096p video on YouTube below.

More videos in 4096p can be found on the same playlist here.

(h/t @Reetesh and @manan)

Watch Hulu Videos Outside US Without Proxy Server

There have been several ways to watch and access Hulu videos outside US in the past, however, Hulu has been blocking those tools and most of them no longer work. However, now a Reddit user has come up with a way to watch Hulu videos outside US without having to use a proxy server or VPN.


However, accessing Hulu Videos outside US is not pretty straightforward and will require you to perform several tasks. You will also have to use the Firefox browser and install a .

Access Hulu Videos Outside US for Free

Step 1: Download Firefox (if you don’t have it already) and install the Modify Headers add-on (download here)

Step 2: In Firefox, go to Tools -> Modify Headers and from the drop down box select add and enter “X-Forwarded-For” in the first input box and enter the IP address of any US website and click enter.

Step 3: You will need to block TCP and UDP port 1935 since Hulu Flash client tries to connect to that port. Once you have blocked that port it will fall back to Http. To block TCP and UDP ports on Windows, visit this page.

To UDP and TCP port on a Mac, type this in a terminal window:

sudo ipfw add 0 deny tcp from any to any 1935
sudo ipfw add 0 deny udp from any to any 1935

Linux users will have to do this through the iptables by running the following commands:

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 1935 -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 1935 -j DROP

That’s it, this trick should allow you to watch Hulu videos outside the US at-least for a while till Hulu comes up with a fix for it. Using this trick might block Flash on other websites, so use it only when you want to watch Hulu videos.

(Reddit via Life Hacker)

YouTube Adds Support for 4096p Videos

YouTube is really pushing it. It started providing 1080p videos a few months ago in December 2009 and today, a post on the YouTube blog talked about support for 4096p videos. To help you have an idea, that is the size of a 25 feet screen.

The video resolution of 4K or 4096p is 4096 x 3072 and it is giant in size. According to the blog post on YouTube, the IMAX movies projects their movies using two 2K projectors. The current highest resolution (1080p) video on YouTube is 1K.

However, the idea of such a video support is questionable. To start with, who on earth other than lucky granny has that kind of an internet connection. Those videos will buffer endlessly at many countries and clearly, YouTube and Google does not care. This is a clear move to make people want for the 1 Gb/s connection Google has in store, and sure as hell, I am already falling for it. Too bad, I am not in the US.

The YouTube blog writes on this saying,

We always want videos on YouTube to be available in the highest quality possible, as creators intend. In December of last year, we announced support for 1080p, or full HD. At 1096 x 3072 pixels, 4K is nearly four times the size of 1080p. To view any video in a source resolution greater than 1080p, select “Original” in the video quality pulldown menu.

Portal 2 is going to be Awesome

Yes, Portal 2 is going to be awesome way more awesome than the original Portal. Hopefully.
Here is 10 minutes and 53 seconds of exactly why Portal 2 is going to be awesome.

That is a compiled video of all demo videos released during E3

Of course, as long as Wheatley’s voice is not retained. (We are used to forced cuteness without emotion, aren’t we?) There is of course, much that will be added in due course. ALSO we are missing our dear companion cube! What is that wretched box of glass that has taken your place, my dear friend-that-has-a-heart-on-all-six-sides? What other opinions do you have about Portal 2?