Watch Megavideo, VideoBB, VideoZer Videos Without Time Restrictions Using Sheepser

In the past, we have told you about several services to overcome the 72 minutes time restriction on Megavideo. If you are still unable to bypass Megavideo time limits, a new service is here to help you out.

Watch Megavideo Videos Without Time Restrictions

Sheepser streaming service provides users with an unrestricted video players which allows you to watch videos instantly without limitations. The service currently supports videos from Megavideo, VideoBB, VideoZer and more among others. In order to view a video from these services without time limits and restrictions, you will have to copy the video URL and paste it into in

Once you do that, Sheepser will start playing the video on their site in their own player. You can watch unrestricted videos on the site, which means that all the time limits on watching videos will be removed.

Sheepser also provides backup servers in case one of them is not working while allowing users to embed the videos on websites. Services such as Sheepser can come in pretty handy when you want to watch longer videos on sites like Megavideo.

Sheepser also provides users with a handy bookmarklet which can be used to directly open videos in Sheepser without having to copy the link. Go ahead and give it a try, it works pretty well. Shutting Down on October 22nd

It looks like it is the month of deadpool for several services which were once popular. After Windows Live Spaces and XMarks, popular video sharing network is now shutting down on October 22nd.

12seconds which was dubbed as the of videos, was a popular service which allowed users to record and upload 12 second videos with their friends. The service took off in the earlier stage along with Twitter, however, sadly they are now wrapping up and shutting shop.

In an email sent by Sol Lipman, the founder of 12seconds, the company stated revenue generation as the main reason on why 12seconds was shutting down;

Today we are announcing the end of 12seconds.

Why?  As you probably know, everything has a life cycle.  12seconds is in its twilight.  After all the new product launches and attempts at a revenue model, fundraising with VCs and late night coding sessions with Jacob hunched over his monitors – it’s time to call it.  It is time to end 12seconds.

Users will be able to download all their videos in the coming weeks. Make sure to download them before October 22nd, which is when 12seconds will cease to exist.

So long then, adios to 12seconds.

Free and Portable – MPlayer WW for Video Files


MPlayer WW is an open source player that supports dozens of multimedia formats. It not only handles almost any video format, it also has a nice selection of skins to make it fit your tastes. Below is what the default skin looks like.


To get started using MPlayer WW, you will have to download a zip file from the home page, then extract the files onto your computer. You can start MPlayer by double clicking the mplayer.exe file.


Since this is portable, you could create a shortcut to the program and place it on your desktop. That would make it easy to access when needed.

However, a better alternative is to create file type associations to your favorite media file types. This will allow you to double click a media file and open it automatically with MPlayer. To associate file types in MPlayer, right click on the program’s title bar and select the preferences as shown next.


Click the Associatetab and you’ll be able to set associations by adding check marks next to the ones you want.


Once you have a movie running in MPlayer, you can control playback using the visible controls at the bottom. There are also plenty of keyboard shortcuts which you’ll find under the Input tab in the Preferences.

MPlayer has a few other features that only true video geeks will appreciate. The most important fact about MPlayer is that it does it’s job very well with no problems.


Download MPlayer WW

Note: Check out these other free media players.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

MPlayer WW allows you to easily play many different types of video files. A few of its best features are that it’s open source, light weight and portable. Although it’s not as fully featured as some of the bigger, more popular media players, it deserves a thumbs up.


Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Convert FLV Videos To Other Formats With iSkySoft FLV Converter

FLV videos have one drawback you can’t burn them in a disc and watch the videos on a DVD player plugged to your television. If you want to convert FLV videos to other video formats, check out iSkysoft Video Convertor.

iSkysoft FLV Converter for Windows is designed to convert videos to   FLV or convert FLV videos to other video formats. This FLV video converter is capable of converting most standard videos files and gives a full support to high definition videos.


The free version of the software is available for download till September 1 2010, just head over to this page and enter your email address in the space provided. After that, the website will send a code and the download link at your email address.

Once installed, enter your email address along with the licensed code in the program setup and you are ready to use the full features of the program.


Using the utility is very easy, all you have to do is add the video which you want to convert using the Add videolink from the menu bar. The profile section at the bottom lets you choose the output video format and the location where the file will be saved, once the conversion is over.


If you want to view the FLV videos on an iPod or iPhone, select the MP4 video format. The utility lets you choose between a wide range of video formats such as MP4, AVI, ASF, WMV, MPG, 3GP, 3GPP, MOV, MKV etc.

The interesting thing about iSkysoft FLV converter is that you can use it to extract audio from a video file. This will be useful when you want to convert videos to MP3 format and want to copy them in an MP3 player, just for listening the songs.

There are lots of other features which include resizing the video aspect ratio, trimming selected segments of the video or adding special effects like adjusting brightness, color, saturation or contrast.

The giveaway ends on September 1, 2010 download your free copy of iSkysoft video converter today.

Professional DVD Creator for Mac OS X [Free Giveaways]

[Mac Only] Need to create a DVD containing some homemade videos with some awesome effects? Need to make a small slideshow consisting of video and audio? Well, Daniusoft DVD Creator for Mac comes to the rescue then!

Danuisoft DVD Creator

The key features of the Daniusoft DVD creator are:

  • Burn movies stored in your hard disk to a DVD disc.
  • Supports a wide range of DVD discs like DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD-RAM, DVD5 and DVD9.
  • Create highly customizable DVD menu.
  • Supports a wide variety of video formats like AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, DAT, MOV, FLV, and MKV.

DVD Creator MAC Screenshot

While testing the software, I was blown away by the clean, simple and awesome interface of the application. For first time users, the application even has a very nice tutorial with in-depth details on how to create a nice custom DVD. Users can drag-and-drop images from iPhoto as well. When a user adds a photo, or a video he is presented an edit option where he can add some nice custom effects to the picture or video.

The main program window has two main options – Media and Menu. The Menu tab consists of some mind-blowing awesome DVD menu templates. Without a doubt, these are the best templates I have ever seen in any DVD making software irrespective of the platform. The default templates are even categorized under 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio. If by any chance, the default templates do not satisfy you, you can click on the “More Templates” option that will take you to the Daniusoft website where you can find some more awesome templates. If a user selects a static template, he has the option to select any kind of “frame” in a default template, along with the “play” button. The Advanced Setting option allows users to set a custom thumbnail to a video or a picture, and even a custom image as the background of the DVD menu.

Daniusoft DVD Creator Photos

Users can edit a video/picture and add special effects to it, or watermark it, or even trim and rotate it. The application has a small bar at the bottom, which shows how much space has been consumed on the DVD. The software has 3 burning mode – Best Performance, High Quality and Standard. When I was burning a 1.72GB AVI video file under the Best Performance mode, the video file size reached a whooping 9037MB. Even though there was a noticeable difference in the video quality at the time of playback, I would have preferred the size to be a bit  less. One useful feature about this software is that it allows users to burn – rather save – their project in ISO format or in a DVD folder. The “Extras” option in the menu bar features an option to burn an ISO file and/or an AVI file to a DVD. When I tried the “Burn AVI To DVD” option, I was redirected to a tutorial on Daniusoft website on how to burn AVI files. Sadly, when I tried the “Burn ISO To DVD” option I was redirected to a “Page Not Found” page on the Daniusoft website.

Screen shot 2010-05-27 at 6.05.12 PM

One nifty feature of the application is that if your project exceeds the space present on the DVD by a few megabytes, users are given an option to compress the project to fit it onto a single DVD. The amount of time taken to encode and burn a project on a DVD will vary according to the configuration of your Mac.

Screen shot 2010-05-28 at 1.09.29 AM

Screen shot 2010-05-28 at 1.22.07 AM

Screen shot 2010-05-28 at 1.06.15 AM

Techie Buzz Verdict

I found Daniusoft DVD creator to be a must have software. Except for the “Burn ISO To DVD” option not working, the software worked like a charm. The smooth animations, and the simple UI of the application make it much more user friendly. The price of the software is a bit steep at $49.99 though. Luckily, for our readers we have 15 licenses of Daniusoft DVD Creator for giveaway.

Download Link:

Giveaway Details

We have 15 licenses of Daniusoft DVD creator as a giveaway for our readers. If you want to win a copy of this DVD creator which is worth $49.99, just leave a comment and tell us why you would want to win the Daniusoft DVD creator license.

We will randomly choose 15 winners from the entries we get and send them a license each of the software.

Miro Video Converter 2.0: Convert to MP4, VP8, Ogg Theora and More

Earlier this week,  the Participatory Culture Foundation launched the second version of the Miro Video Converter. This new version has support for a number of video formats including the latest VP8 video codec (WebM Format), acquired by Google a few days ago.

WebM Project is a  Google-sponsored project dedicated to create an  open and  royalty free video format that provides high quality  video compression for use with  HTML5 video.

It is an  open source project released under a  BSD-style license. It consists of the  VP8 video codec developed by  On2 and the  Vorbis audio codec, in a container format based on a subset of  Matroska.

Miro Video Converter is an open source video conversion utility. It can convert from all popular open-video formats. Apart from that, some other video formats for platforms like the iPhone and Android are also supported.

However, Miro Video Converter is also the first converter to support the VP8 video codec fully and will be extremely successful because of this.

This software has just reached the version 2.0 and is available for Windows and Mac OS X only. You can download it at the product homepage.

How to Flip and Rotate Videos Which are Shot at a Wrong Angle

There are times when you need to flip videos horizontally or vertically. May be your amateur friend has shot a video, holding the camera incorrectly. The entire video appears upside down and you have to bend your neck to the right or left and grasp the video sequence.

Situation: During the tech fest at my college, one of my friends took my mobile and recorded a short clip. The next day I found that the entire video has to be rotated 180 degrees. This is because my friend held the camera vertically instead of holding it horizontal.


Thanks to Tehseen, I found Free video Flip and Rotate – a free utility to flip and rotate videos. The application can rotate videos just like you flip an image in MS – Paint or other image editing programs. Once you have installed the application, import the video and select the conversion type and angle. Hit “Convert” and it’s done.


The application can rotate videos by 90 degrees, 180 degrees, flip horizontal, vertical and combine more than one option. For example: You may want to rotate the video 90 degrees to the right and then flip it horizontally. If the original video is too large, the conversion may take a fair amount of time. This won’t be an issue, because the software can turn off your computer once the conversion is over.

Note that the app won’t work if you have changed the angle multiple times in a video. Suppose you took the first 30 seconds horizontally and the next 1 minute vertically. In that case, you have to split the videos into separate files and rotate or flip them individually. Be sure to check out the other articles we’ve written about video and video applications.

Techie Buzz Verdict

I have used several video convertors in the past but was unable to rotate or flip videos using any of them. The application does not have too many options and geekery but does the job very well. Free Video Flip and Rotate works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

Download Hulu Videos Using Stream Transport

We had previously told you on how to download Hulu videos, however, Hulu is known to block applications which provide video downloads for their services.

Download Hulu Videos | Hulu Video Downloader

If the previous tools does not work for you, you can now try out a new tool to download Hulu videos called Stream Transport.

Stream Transport will allow you to download Hulu TV Shows or record the Hulu movies you are watching and save them to your computer. The downloaded files will be stored in FLV format, which you can play using any compatible player or a standalone desktop FLV player. If you use Windows Media Player, you can also use a codec to play FLV files in Windows Media Player.

The software comes with a in-built browser using which you can browse video sites, and also other regular websites. If a video is available for download you will see options to download it in the bottom pane.

Download Hulu Videos

To start the download click on the download link and hit the Download button, this will open up a new download window. You can download multiple Hulu videos at one and even pause and resume the downloads.

Stream Transport works pretty well on and supports both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows.

Techie Buzz Verdict

In addition to downloading videos from, Stream Transport also allows you to download videos from , Google Video, MySpace, Yahoo! Video, CBS, MTV, Megavideo, Photobucket, Dailymotion, Veoh and Demand Five.

This makes it a comprehensive tool and makes it a worthwhile download. However, like I said earlier, don’t expect it to work with Hulu all the time and specially don’t expect this to work outside of US every time you use it.

If you are looking for other tools, you can use our site search to find software to download videos to your computer from different sites.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Download Stream Transport [via gHacks]

VLC Player 1.1 To Get Extensions Support

VLC the most popular Windows Media Player alternative is all set to get a new feature in VLC 1.1. Starting with VLC 1.1, users will be able to add extensions or add-ons to the media and audio player.

Starting with version 1.1, users will be able to write their own plugins for VLC, codenamed Extensions. The difference with other VLC modules consists in the language used to write these Extensions: Lua, a simple a lightweight scripting language, embbeded inside VLC media player.

Extensions in VLC can be written in the Lua, a lightweight, fast and embeddable scripting language. The new announcement was spotted on a VLC developers blog by our Linux Geek Sathya.

VLC IMDb Extensions

According to Jean-Philippe André, VLC Extensions idea came through because of the success of add-ons in Firefox and will allow users to have quick access to several features in a single click. For example, with the help of extensions users can quickly access subtitles for a movie, lyrics for a song or information about the current artist.

VLC Extension

Jean also post some examples and screenshots of possible extensions that could be useful for users to use with VLC, they include:

  • Wikipedia: get information about the artist, the album or the movie from Wikipedia.
  • IMDb: read the plot summary, learn about the cast of a movie and get a direct link to the Internet Movie Database.
  • Read useful information fetched from the artist’s page on
  • Lyrics: Automatically get the lyrics of the current song.
  • Subtitles: Find and insert subtitles on top of the video in two clicks.
  • Concerts: Learn about the next concerts of this artist.

Users who want to try our extensions or create their own can download the latest nightly build of VLC from For more information about extensions in VLC, visit this blog post.

Movie to GIF Converter and Animated GIF Frame Extractor


Sometime back we had told you, how to extract frames from GIF images. An update to the tool is available for the software. In addition to that, you can also download a new tool which allows you to convert movies to GIF Animations.

The Movie to Animated GIF Converter allows users to convert a portion or the entire movie to a GIF animation. Supported formats include AVI, MPEG and WMV.

Both downloads are available at Evan’s Freeware.