Time-lapse Video Of Making Of A Video Game

Playing games is one of the most addicting things I have ever done, however, when we play games we do not really bother to know how those wonderful graphics were created or how the gameplay was done.

If you are curious to know what a programmer does to create a game, here is your chance. A game programmer called Markus Persson has uploaded a time-lapse video of him making a game named Metagun, which can be played here.

Though the game is definitely not a graphical delight, it is definitely worth to watch how much work and effort went into creating the game. Check it out in the embedded video below.

(h/t to our resident gaming expert @SathyaBhat)

When In Venezuela, Don’t Play Violent Video Games!

Back in November 2009, Venezuelan government decided that violent video games were one of the reasons for increased violence in the country and banned the import and use of such games. Reportedly, the government has now begun enforcing the law where anybody who is caught playing such games can be fined and imprisoned for up to 2.5 years.

Violent games for this purpose are defined as any game that includes the use of weapon. In addition to the players, anybody who is involved in importing or distributing these games can be punished. This law which went into effect couple of days ago has received applaud from parents but harsh criticism from a lot of people who believe it to be a mere public stunt for President Hugo Chavez.

Whether violent video games actually do incite violent behavior is still debatable for a lot of people. However, Venezuela is probably the first country to take a broad step in an effort to curb violence incited by media. Do you think it would work for Venezuelan public or would it be a useless effort considering the availability of other media like movies and online games. Also, is ti rationally sound to send somebody to prison for 2.5 years for playing violent video games? In my personal opinion, the objective Venezuelan government is trying to achieve may be justified but the approach is certainly quite unorthodox.