Google Celebrates Valentine’s Day with an Elaborate Doodle

Google is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a cutesy ode to love. The animated doodle created by Michael Lipman, featuring a guy desperately trying to win over a girl, is set to the tune of “Cold Cold Heart” crooned by Tony Bennett. Head over to or play the video embedded below to check it out.

The animation was created in three weeks by Lipman, who had to work round the clock to make the deadline. “The coolest thing, after having worked in online games for the last 10 years, is it was a wonderful return to storytelling”, Lipman told TechCrunch. “It felt like a Valentine for me”.

Google is often criticized for not understanding human emotions and relationships. They have often been labeled as mechanical. However, the Valentine’s Day doodle hits all the right notes. The girl in the video continues to ignore the guy as long as he tries to impress her with gifts he discovered through Google. She begins caring about him only when he takes a rope and begins skipping alongside her. Google might succeed in capturing the entire world’s knowledge, but even then, there will be some things in life that it will never be able to solve.

Yahoo Valentine Doodle – Cute Overload

heart-balloonsEarlier today, Keith wrote about the latest Google Doodle, and he spared them no mercy when he said Google’s Valentine Day Doodle Is An Eyesore. I agree with Keith to a certain extent. I didn’t hate the new Doodle, but it’s definitely not as good as I’ve come to expect from them.

Here you can see Google’s latest exercise in poor taste.

On the other hand, Yahoo has a much better graphic on their home page. In celebration of Valentine’s day, Yahoo posted nice flash animation with two birds falling in love.

Here you can see an animated gif, I created from a screen capture.


You can also see this as a Youtube video that I uploaded.

What do you think? Isn’t that a cute overload? I’m confident enough in my manliness, to admit that I like it far better than Google’s lame graphic.

Here’s wishing you all a great Valentine’s day, or a belated one if this post reaches you too late.

FACT: Portal 2’s Pre-Order Advert is Hilariously Cute

Portal 2 is going to be the best First Person Shooter (FPS) to come out this year. Or so I hope, for I really really suck at judging a game genre in which a hundred games are released every year. However, I am pretty sure Portal 2 will be the funniest FPS to come out this year, mostly because it takes itself too seriously (on purpose) and is ridiculously silly at times.


Take, for example, this advertisement for Portal 2‘s preorder that is going to hit the developer’s (Valve) digital distribution store Steam very soon. Released on Valentine’s Day, the ad mocks the concept of gifting ideas for the female species.

Okay, that’s about as far as I’m allowed to say without spoiling the entire advert for you. The thing is that it’s done very well (and probably within Valve’s Source engine, judging by the way things moved when… erm… other things exploded). Watch the video here!

However, contrary to what the video says, Portal 2 is not available for preorder. At least not from my country (and not from my random Tor IP either). Is this another one of those Valve Time debacles? Is this a sick joke from Valve’s side, as we poor mortals refresh the Portal 2 page, hoping for a preorder? Is this the end of the world??

No, it’s probably just a mistake by the Portal 2 PR team. It’s alright everybody; we don’t need to do a flash protest here. Move along.

Google’s Valentine Day Doodle Is An Eyesore

Ok, I have been a big fan of and have come to love each of it, take for example the recent one celebrating Thomas Edison’s birthday and Jules Verne’s birthday doodle, however, their Valentin Day Doodle is a serious eyesore and utterly rubbish.

Google Valentine Doodle

As you can see from the image above (sorry for the eyesore), the Doodle is anything but good. It makes use of gaudy colors and completely messes up the red, which is significant to valentine. According to Google, this Doodle was created based on famous artist Robert Indiana art, but I seriously see the lack of art in it.

Come on Google, we love your Doodle’s. Can you get the regular guys to make your next ? What do you think about it?

Update: The art this Doodle was based on can be found at Thanks maryann.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Geek Girls

Geek Girls oh how we slobber over that thought! But, before you ask, yes they do exist, and if you over there are lucky enough to have a geeky girl as your valentine, then this post is for you!

Tripletz: Technically not all that geeky. But the cool geeky person you are dating is still a girl. Girls are suckers for cards. Tripletz are three cards that spell out a message designed radically differently to appear to be hipster-chic. A proper designer’s nightmare, but absolutely wondrous to look at. Go get some!

Ps Magnets: If your geeky girl is into design, she is going to love this! These Adobe Photoshop themed fridge magnets instantly bring to mind the most used parts of the very widely used image editing software. Decorate her fridge before she gets to know it with these great fridge magnets!


Le Whif: For the diet-conscious girl (96.9894% of all girls*) who is also a chocoholic, this is one of the best things to ever buy. Le Whif is a breathable chocolate tube that pours millions of tiny chocolate particles on your mouth (and not your lungs). You get the taste of chocolate without  all those obscene calories.

When you place Le Whif between your lips, and breathe in gently, the particles are picked up by the airstream, enter your mouth, and fall onto your tongue. You puff, as if to breathe, and suddenly you have an experience of flavor.


8-Bit Flower Bouquet: Does your pretty princess like retro games? Is she still in her castle? Then send her this really cute 8-bit flower bouquet display! She’ll keep it by her side and remember you forever! </cheesyness>


Crystal Cube Firejewel Necklace: If you want your woman to glowin that party tonight, gift her this sparkling Firejewel necklace. This 10mm Swarowski crystal contains a tiny LED light into which electricity enters through the clasp’s insulated wire. The coated crystal irradiates different colors, and the light emitted is near UV (which does strange things to the onlookers’ eyes!) Go get one now!b020_crystal_cube_fuze_necklace_angle

So what do you plan to gift your geeky girl? Do let us know through your comments.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Geek Guys

The men here at Techie Buzz are hard core geeks, and nothing makes our hearts flutter on Valentine’s Day better than gadgets. We all love em, and the best part about gadgets is that they are both utilitarian items and trophies.

But gadgets aren’t the only fun things that geeks love we also like everyday items to be molded into the persona of gadgets, software and games! So, if you are looking for giving something to your geeky boyfriend this Valentine, look no further than this list!

iHome Desk Organizer Lamp: This is not just any ordinary organizer lamp. It is basically an iPod dock with its own speakers, complete with support for the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle! It also includes two organizer trays and two pen trays (like any other good organizer). This is for that almost-nerdy boy you have a crush on. Oh, and it also comes in red!


Love Energy Potion: Does your boy spend hours upon hours gaming and not paying attention to this lovething that you feel has developed between the two of you? Fear not! Feed him this magical Love Energy Potion (shaped like one of the potions he’d get in an RPG) and watch him come to life with energy (technically caffeine) flowing through his bloodstream!


8-bit Necktie: We are thorough suckers for retro things. Absolute suckers. Give us one of these and we’d wear it with pride everywhere.


Love Poem T-Shirt: Geeks love poetry. Especially when it references hex color codes. You also know it’s true love when your girl gives you a t-shirt with AYB, right?


Molecular Cufflinks: If your date is one of those biochemistry majors (there seems to be quite a lot of those these days) who is also classy, give him these cufflinks. What is this, you ask? Let’s ask the dudes at TG to answer that one:

What is this stuff? It’s a photomicrograph of a particular molecule taken by Michael W. Davidson of the Optical Microscopy Division of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University (say that three times fast) then attached to a stainless steel finding using jeweler’s grade sealant by our aforementioned biological psychology professor.


So what are you planning to gift your geeky valentine this year? Do chip in with your suggestions in the comments.

20 Awesome Valentine’s Day Wallpapers For Nokia 5800, N97 And N97 Mini

Celebrate the season of love with the most amazing Valentine’s Day wallpapers for your Nokia N97, N97 mini and 5800 XpressMusic. I have specially selected these 20 wallpapers out of hundreds of wallpapers. I hope you guys will love it. The download link is given at the end of the post. If you really liked them, let us know in the comments. Check out the preview below.

valentine day wallpaper

valentine day wallpaper

valentine day wallpaper

[ Download Valentine’s Day Wallpapers ]

Direct2Drive Launches Valentine’s Day Games Sale

You have to accept that Be My Bloody Valentineis a kick-ass name for a gamers’ Valentine’s day sale. Yes, IGN’s digital distribution house Direct2Drive has launched an amazing value sale of great games with up to 75% off. This sale includes seven acclaimed games that have found true love in the hands of their fans. The gaming deals on display are varied and will have something for everyone include that special Valentine for whom you can buy these games!


Fallout 3 GotY Edition: The acclaimed wasteland RPG from Bethesda is the best game released in its year. The Game of the Year edition contains the original game and the DLC packs of Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and the latest Mothership Zeta. All this for the 75% off price of $24.95!


Assassin’s Creed Director’s Cut: The beautiful and sinister world that Altair roams can now be yours for $24.95 as well! Experience the political tension sweeping through the third crusades in 1191 AD and take out your enemies in style.


Prey: For a price of $3.95 this FPS caters to a whole new dynamic of wall-walking and gravity-defying stunts as you try to combat a living alien spaceship that devours humans for lunch. Experience the battle to regain your health as you walk through death and command the spirits of your ancestors to guide you through the spaceship.


Europa Universalis III Complete: The complete strategy collection of Napoleanic wars waged through diplomacy, trade, warfare and exploration can be yours for $7.50 only this week!


The Void: This beautiful indie game combines elements of Myst (vaguely) with Color your one resource in the entirety of the game. You have to draw your way through this game with different colors that act as your health/mana/armor everything! Get this huge game for the price of just $5.


Devil May Cry 4: Love hack ‘n’ slash games? Think Dante is the coolest gaming character ever? Well, here’s your chance to carry forward Capcom’s series of games that overflow with stylish fighting and uber-cool graphics. Just for $14.95!


Fort Zombie: This DRM free game is made in the casual-RPG style set in a zombie invasion scenario. The game involves gathering supplies and gearing a single building for defense and spend the night defending it from zombies! This can be yours for just $2.50!


Tech Gift Ideas for your Valentine

Well, the famous (or infamous if you live in Mumbai) Valentine’s Day is around and it’s time you decided to give a gift to that special someone. However, what if your boyfriend/girlfriend is a tech maniac? What if he/she likes to stay in the latest buzz or have a new gadget to show off (and hopefully do the same for you next year)? Those murmurs of acquiescence tell me that you do have such a companion and that choosing a gift for him/her without formidably denting your wallet is quite a nuisance. Fear not! For Techie Buzz is here to save your day once again!

For the Photography Lover

No, we are not going to tell you to buy him/her a dSLR (but if you have the money to spend, go ahead!), but the Nikon Coolpix L20 is a formidable point-and-shoot camera that comes for under $100. With a lacquered plastic finish this one is a good-looking winner!


However, if your Valentine already has a decent camera and uploads and shares them online, the best way to gift him/her is by buying a premium subscription package for the service they use. Both deviantART and Flickr offer subscription gifts with messages that add an extra bit of love to the gift!


With deviantART, all you have to do is browse to the person’s profile and click on the Givebutton followed by the Give subscriptionbutton and following the on-screen instructions. With Flickr, just navigate to the gift page and buy a subscription. The person who receives it has to redeem the gift code. Simple!


For the Music Lover

While the iPod Touch would be the preferred gift idea of the rich, it will not be a gift idea from Techie Buzz. We like it when awesome things are bundled at a low price! The favored music player that is pretty cheap is the Sansa Clip from Sandisk. This David of a player laughs at the Goliaths like Apple and Samsung with its beautifully rich sound reproduction. Supporting MP3, WMA, secured WMA and Audible eBooks, this is one player that does everything in a tiny package. Best part? It’s dirt cheap at around $50 for the 4GB version. The Clip+ which supports microSD extendable memory is also around the same price. Verdict: Get the Clip+ you will not regret it!


However, if your Valentine is an Apple fan, the new 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle is quite the formidable player. With its sleek looks and beautiful array of colors and the amazing Apple sound quality to boot, this one is a sure-fire winner at $79 or less. Since I personally use this player, I would recommend it to anyone who travels via public transport. The earphone controls are a godsend even though the sound is not all that great via the headphones. However, you can get an adapter for the controls and use your own earphones if you want.


If your loved one uses quite a lot, you can even gift the radio subscription for him/her! Just click on the subscribe button and click on the For friendtab and do the rest! Or, just click here for giving the gift of a subscription.


For the Gamer

Ah, the Gamer. So many games and hardware to choose from what do you exactly buy him (mostly)/her? There is the constant fear of your Valentine saying Oh I have this gameor Aw, this game sucks!. However, knowing gamers as I do, most of the hardcore gamers truly enjoy retro games. So one of the favorite gaming devices is the GP2X Wiz. Though it is pricey, it is a godsend for retro gamers and has a touch-screen and emulators for quite a few gaming devices of yore.


As for real games, there is always a sale on Steam or Direct2Drive regarding games and you can give the gift of a game on both these websites. Good Old Games also has the option of gifting games, but the fact of the matter is that is DRM-free completely and has amazing old games that still fail to bore you! So if your boyfriend/girlfriend likes gaming, these are the places to be!

Do tell us what you bought for your Valentine and how it was received in the comments!

Valentine Theme for Windows 7 From Microsoft

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to get mushy than by adding a theme to your PC. Microsoft has released a new Valentine’s Day theme called Lacy Hearts for Windows 7.


The Valentine Day themepack consists of 4 wallpapers and custom sounds. So if you want to spread some love to your PC, go ahead and download the Lacy Hearts theme (direct download).

If you are looking for more Windows 7 themes, take a look at some of the best Windows 7 themes or take a look at a search for the Windows 7 themes. You may also want to download some stunning wallpapers for Windows 7.

Have any Valentine day theme or wallpaper to share with us? Feel free to tell us about them through your comments.