Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot Will have ARM Support in the Server Edition

Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot is around the corner. It is the successor to  Natty Narwhal and brings promising improvements over it. Although many people are unimpressed by the beta release of Oneiric Ocelot, it has some impressive features nonetheless.

A new Firefox, a revamped software center and other behind the scene changes all sum up to deliver a beautifully done Linux distro. However, one of those important behind the scene changes is ARM support. Canonical has said that Ubuntu 11.10 will be the first to support both ARM and x86 processor architectures. In reality, the support for ARM devices was introduced in version 11.04, but it was only for the desktop edition. With ARM support in the server edition, Ubuntu can claim full ARM support.

Canonical CEO  Jane Silber puts this as,

I know none of you are building your cloud on ARM architecture yet, but its a very promising architecture, and we’re very proud to be working with the leaders in that part of the ecosystem to bring that new capability to the open source world first. It is a significant move.

This shows how important servers with ARM processors will become in future. Ubuntu simply wants to be ready for the day this happens. The current Linux server market is easily dominated by Red Hat but Ubuntu has enough space to compete with it, once ARM heads into the server market, full-on.

A taste of the  new Unity interface in Ubuntu 11.10  should get you warmed up for the arrival.

Keep a tab on the  Ubuntu Oneiric countdown  for the final  release on October 13.