Copy Your Files Between Computers With Beyond Copy

When you work with multiple workstations at the same time it becomes hard to copy your files and text between computers. Windows security does not allow the sharing of clipboards between computers on the network and it becomes a pain when you want to copy text or files between two or more computers.

The best you can do is open the network folder using explorer and copy the files to the other computer. I work with two computers and can tell you that this becomes quite a pain.

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Tools to check memory usage

Applications these days eat up large resources and memory. Checking memory usage is important and is only good for your computer. I’m presenting you with details on four nifty tools that just serve the purpose of checking memory usage in Windows:

SysTrayMeter – Download

Requiring no installation, this little tool sits in the system tray and continuously checks and displays memory usage and CPU usage neatly. Memory usage is better conveyed with colour codes.


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Add Remove Program Alternatives for Windows

Adding and Removing programs are part of a regular computer lifecycle. You may install new software and try it out, then uninstall it after a certain amount of the time. The regular Add Remove Program available using the Uninstall Programs, Add Remove Alternatives, Uninstaller