Best Tools To Split and Join Large Files

There are several times when you may need to share large files, however bandwidth and upload limits may disallow you from doing so. In such cases you can still upload and share the files, albeit by splitting them into smaller parts so that the user who intends to download them can easily do it and later merge them to recreate the large files.

In this post, we will take a look at several useful and free tools that will allow you to split and join/merge large files.

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Toddler Trap Lets You Clean Keyboards With Ease

Cleaning keyboards with the PC on will lead to funny things happening on the screen, and if you are someone like me, you would not want to switch off the computer, just to clean the keyboard, in the past we had told you about a tool that would lock keyboards, so that you can clean it while the PC is on.

However I have been using another freeware tool for quite sometime, which is lightweight and is a no-nonsense software that will help you clean keyboards with ease.

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Download Partial Files From Zip Archives

There are many times when you may require to download zip archives from the internet, however you may not require all the files from the archive, and thus waste bandwidth and disk space by downloading the entire zip file.

browse-zip extract-zip

A handy freeware tool called Load Scout, will help users to download only required files from a zip file hosted on the internet, saving users both bandwidth and disk space.

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Free PDF Converter and Printer

PDF files are here to stay and there are several tools which will help you convert documents into PDF files, print them and more, we have everything covered for you in our list of Handy PDF Tools every user must definitely use.


However we just came across another must have PDF converter and printer freeware called doPDF which allows use to virtually convert any type of files to a PDF document.

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Permanently Delete Sensitive Files With CyberShredder

There are many times when you may want to permanently delete files from your computer, however relying on emptying the recycle bin or using the Shift + Delete option to delete files is not entirely reliable to wipe out data, and there are several softwares that will recover deleted files even after emptying the recycle bin.

CyberShredder is is a quick, safe and handy freeware utility that lets you erase confidential files from your computer permanently. CyberShredder’s simple interface will help you get rid of confidential data permanently. It deletes files using three different shredding methods, including the NSA approved seven-pass file deletion method.

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Screenshot By Email: Capture and Email With One Click

There are many times when you may need to take a screen capture and email it to someone for support or troubleshooting, the entire process usually involves taking a screenshot, saving it to your local drive, opening up your email program, attaching the file, composing the email and sending it.

If you find the entire process cumbersome, a handy freeware utility called screenshot by email will reduce the entire process to just one click.

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Free Desktop Language Translator

At times you may come across a text or a file, which is written in a language you do not understand and would require to convert it to a language you understand. In such cases online services come in pretty handy, however a desktop tool to translate languages would definitely come in handy.

Free Language Translator is a freeware desktop language translator application which makes use of Google translation service, it adds more features to the existing service and addresses some of its shortcomings.

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Fast Duplicate File Finder

If you are using your PC for a long time, there is a pretty high chance that you may be storing duplicate files which include music files, documents and images, however finding and deleting duplicate files is a pretty tedious task and is very seldom done manually.

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a handy freeware that will help you find all duplicate files in a folder and its sub folders. The applications will compare the content of your files so it will find duplicates even if they are using different file names.

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Windows Cleaner and Optimizer

Cleaning up and deleting temporary files is a very important process you should regularly perform for your computer, sometime back we even told you about several reasons for you to regularly cleanup your computer, cleaning up your entire computer manually is definitely a pain and there are several tools like CCleaner which automates the process for you.

Just came across another handy freeware called FCleaner which is a all-in-one Windows cleaning and optimization tool that will remove temporary files created by the computer, temporary files created by several applications and also cleanup your browser temporary files and cookies.

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Download Entire Website To Your Desktop

By default many browsers do provide users with the option to save single webpages to your desktop, however this option is not available when you want to download entire websites and save them on your computer .


HTTrack is a freeware offline browser utility that will allow you to download a entire website including html pages, images and other files and access it offline.

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