Analyze Your Hard Drive With HDGraph

Computer Hard Drives are constantly in use for storing files and folders, they usually end up with lesser and lesser disk space due to every day use. Analyzing your files and folders to find files to delete is pretty tedious and doing that may take you a lot of time.

HDGraph is a utility that will save you time, while analyzing files and folders on your Hard Drive. It’s a free tool allowing to graphically display the hard disk space usage, it shows all the directories and subdirectories of the hard drive on a single graph, allowing to see the largest directories at a glance.

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Google Docs Uploader

We love using and have also suggested it as a free alternative for Microsoft Office and a handy alternative to editing Word documents, however once you have shifted to using Google Docs, you will still need to upload your documents there to be able to edit and share it with others.

This is no problem if you want to upload a single document, but if you are looking to upload multiple documents to Google Docs, you can save yourself some time by making use of the  Google Docs Uploader which makes use of the Docs API to upload documents to your Google Docs account.

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Identify and Open Unknown File Extensions With OpenWith

Have you ever come across a file that you have no clue about? Did Windows ever throw a prompt at your face saying that Windows cannot open the file? This happens because the in-built functionality of Windows simply does not know how to deal with unknown file types, the online search too is a lame excuse for finding applications to open files.


We have told readers about a service that will let your identify unknown files, however a much better desktop based solution called OpenWith beats the competition in providing information about unknown file types.

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5 Tools To Find and Delete Duplicate Files

Computer hard drives are usually filled with tons of files, which span across different folders and drives, there are many chances that half of the files are copies or duplicates, including music, videos and more, which in turn take up precious disk space.


The best solution to find duplicate files would be to generate MD5 strings for each files and then compare them with the rest of the files, however that task can become very tedious and is practically undoable.

To ease the task of finding and deleting duplicate files, you can make use of duplicate file finder softwares, that will help you eliminate duplicates and save disk space, along with helping you to maintain single copies of your files.

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Browse and Download Outlook Attachments With OutlookAttachView

Many outlook users have tons of emails buried deep within folders and archives, finding and downloading attachments is not particularly easy when you have to find messages that are months old.


However a new tool from Nirsoft called Outlook Attach View scans and searches all the messages stored in Outlook and displays a list of all the attached files that it finds.

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Copy Files Faster With Fast Copy

If you have not yet taken a look at the featured post of the week Copy Paste Replacements for Windows, you may know how much we dislike the inbuilt copy/paste functions in Windows, coming back to the point, the copy and delete feature in Windows is just too slow, and copying larger files takes forever.

Previously we have covered a handy called Teracopy, which fastens up the process of copying files, but if you are looking for a alternative, Fast Copy also allows you to copy and delete files much more faster than the in-built copy function.

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View All Connected USB Devices With USBDeview

You can attach a printer, external drive, camera, mobile phone and more using USB drives on your computer, but how can you see which devices are connected at any given time?


A handy software called USBDeview will let you view all the USB devices connected to your computer in a single interface.

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Block USB Ports With USB Blocker

USB devices are the best way to port data from one place to another, without the need to carry heavy devices, however USB devices are also pretty vulnerable and can spread viruses to your main PC without you knowing.

USB Blocker is a handy that will allow you to control your USB ports, disallowing or blocking access to them, this in turn will help you secure your system from vulnerabilities that exist on many unchecked USB devices.

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Hide Multiple Applications Or Programs In One Click

There are several times when you may need to hide application window, when someone else stops by your desktop at work. Not that we haven’t already told you about hiding applications quickly, anti boss key software, a tool to minimize applications to the system tray or a tool to minimize application to a single system tray icon.


Another interesting application called Chameleon grabbed our attention, as it allows you to quickly hide groups of programs at once, and also allows you to make any window on your computer transparent.

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Batch Image Converter

There are several times when you may want to covert images from one format to another, however doing so individually can cost you a lot of time, and a batch image converter would definitely come in handy.

A handy called Batch Image Converter, will allow you to convert batches of images from one format to another.

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