Import Twitter Contacts into Google Buzz With Tw2buzz [Invites]

Google Buzz has been making waves ever since it was launched. Love it, hate it, but you simply can’t ignore it. In fact, Google Buzz is still trending on Twitter.

Thanks to tight integration with Gmail, Google Buzz already has a huge user base and most Buzz users are already following dozens of users. However, you can further increase your Buzz reach by tapping into Twitter.

Google allows you to connect your Google Profile with Twitter, but doesn’t offer any way to directly import your Twitter contacts. This is where Tw2buzz comes in.


Tw2buzz is a simple service, which cross-references your Twitter Followers list with Google Profiles and automatically builds a list of tweeples you may want to follow in Buzz.

Using the service itself is pretty simple. Make sure that you are logged into your Google account and authorize the app to connect with your Twitter profile. Tw2buzz will automatically parse and analyze your followers and prepare a list of Google Profiles. Due to the lack of a Google Buzz API, Tw2buzz doesn’t implement bulk follow. Instead you will have to open each user’s Google Profile page and follow them individually.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Tw2buzz is a handy service, if you are looking to grow your Google Buzz social circle. The lack of a mass follow option is disappointing, but as they say, something is better than nothing. At least Tw2buzz helps you in identifying Google Profiles of your followers. Another aspect, which may irk some users, is that Tw2buzz refers to your Followers list (instead of Following list). It is just a personal opinion, but I would be more interested in connecting with the people I follow rather than people who follow me.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Good)


Tw2Buzz is currently in private beta phase and requires an invitation code to signup. We have 250 invites to give away. Simply click here or enter the invitation code “T3cH!3BuzZ” while signing up.

Daytum: An Online Counter To Count and Track the Things You Often Forget

Want a simplest counter to keep track of things which you often forget? Check out Daytum a simple yet versatile web application which lets you use an online counter to keep track of just about anything. Daytum lets you count and track numbers which you often forget, it’s not a telephone log book anyway but can be quite useful at times.

Suppose you have a goal of writing 2 blog posts every day or may be running half a kilometer every morning. In such situations Daytum can be used to count your day to day activities and at the end of the month, you can see when you had missed the daily quota.

To get started with Daytum, sign up for an account and you will have a personal logbook to maintain (see example).

Features and Possibilities of Daytum

Display: There are many display formats available which you can use. You can display a simple counter for the current day or may be a pie chart from the last week. The application also has a bar graph feature so you can see the ups and downs of a particular task within a given time period.

daytum tasks

create-task-groupsCategories and managing multiple tasks: You can create separate modules for separate tasks and group similar modules together. This is useful because you may want to track a group of tasks and see the combined output. For example: You may have three tasks for your daily exercises and 2 weekly gym schedules. In that case, apart from managing all of them separately, you can create a single module and see the combined output at one place.

Use Daytum from your Mobile or Android: You do not always need a computer to update Daytum. You can use your Iphone or Android to update your Daytum account from

Techie Buzz Verdict

Daytum is one of a kind and very simple to use. But one downside found is the lack of export feature, you cannot move out data from your Daytum account and use it elsewhere. Thus, if you have set up lots of counters and need a better option to switch over, you are stuck.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (very good).

Hundreds of Free Smileys – The Smiley Vault

smilies0712Back in 2004, I ran into a website full of great free stuff. Naturally, I downloaded and tried a lot of it. The site is, and today I’ll tell you about one of my favorite freebies from David’s site.

The Smiley Vault is a 3mb download containing nearly 1800 smiley gifs of all kinds. These free animated gifs are quite entertaining, although most of them are fairly small by today’s standards. The gifs are completely safe to use. That’s refreshing, since finding free smileys online can be dangerous for your PC’s health. Many links to free smileys and other images will lead you to evil websites that try to infect your computer with spyware and trojans.

The gif package must be installed, but the installer only unpacks the files where you want to place them. It doesn’t make any changes to the Windows registry, but it does create a convenient entry in your Start menu.

To find the smileys you want to use, you can open the Vault from the Start menu, or the index.htm file that comes with the gifs. It gives you a nice interface to view them in, and will work in any web browser. Here’s a screenshot.


That’s not all there is at David’s site. He has much more. If you go there, be sure to check out The Price of Freedom. It’s a diary of his father’s 3 year trial as a Japanese prisoner of war during World War II. The story is awesome, and it’s a reminder of how much we owe to the men who fought, were wounded and died during those times.

Download The Smiley Vault

Techie Buzz Verdict:

This free offer of nearly 1800 free smiley gifs is well worth the download. They can be used anywhere, in your email or in forums and blogs posts. I would have liked these better without an installer, but I won’t complain.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Online Security Scan in Less Than Two Minutes

A little over a year ago, we wrote about Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector (PSI). It’s a freeware application that you can download and install in Windows. It’s purpose is to scan all of the installed programs on your PC and tell you which ones need to be updated.

Keeping your programs updated is important for your security. Recently, Google and several other companies were hacked by the Chinese using security holes in older software. Your PC probably has many of the same security holes.

There are several programs that can help to keep your Windows PC safe by scanning for those out of date programs. However, many of you might like to try out a free online scanner from Secunia. Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI) runs inside of your web browser so that you won’t have to install anything. It loads a small Java applet to do it’s work. Most PCs already have Java installed, so nothing additional should be needed.

OSI offers two scan modes. The default scan is fast, and according to the site, it scans in 5 to 40 seconds. My first scan took over a minute though. A check box on the page will allow a “thorough system inspection” that can take up to 10 minutes or more.

I’ve tried out both scans, and in the quick scan, OSI found 3 programs that I needed to update. In the more thorough scan, it detected 8 programs after running for 9 minutes. Take a look at what it found.


I’ll be spending a portion of the rest of the day getting these programs updated. After all, I don’t feel like making my PC a good target for Chinese hackers.

Try out the free Secunia OSI Scan

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Secunia OSI offers you a free, quick and easy way to test your PC for out of date software. It’s main advantage is that there’s no need to install software in most cases. If you feel your PC might be at risk, you might also want to try the full version of Secunia PSI, which is also free.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5

Muziic Delivers Free Music Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want

Providing full music streams for free isn’t child’s play, but a 16 year old is certainly doing a damn good job of it. Muziic is a free service which utilizes YouTube’s API to provide free streaming music on pretty much every platform.

Muziic Desktop Player

Muziic is the brainchild of David Nelson, who manages the service along with his father Mark Nelson. Muziic is currently available as a web player, Facebook app, desktop player and an iPhone app. Any music available on YouTube is also available on Muziic. Additionally, it also leverages publicly available online radio stations.

Muziic Web Player

The web player has all the essential features including playlists, shuffle and repeat. It even supports crossfade and features social network integration (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.). I wasn’t able to test the iPhone app, but the Facebook app impressed me. The desktop based player is obviously the most feature packed and is the way to go if you want to make the best use of Muziic. It has a couple of handy additional features including AutoTweet (posts now playing information on twitter) and support for YouTube channels. It is also capable of playing local music files.

Muziic Facebook Application

Techie Buzz Verdict

I didn’t find too much to complain about in Muziic’s web offerings. However, the desktop app has room for improvement. To begin with, the installer takes an unnaturally long time. Also, Muziic doesn’t allow users to opt out of the bundled free MP3 offer (eMusic). The app itself works well, but the user interface isn’t very smooth.

Muziic isn’t the first service which relies on 3rd party content providers to bypass licensing issues and it is definitely not going to be the last. It’s unlikely that the music labels are going to be too pleased about Muziic freeloading their content without sharing any revenue. However, it has been approved by YouTube and hopefully won’t run into trouble soon. If you mainly use YouTube for listening to music, I am sure you would love Muziic. It offers a great way to listen to the hottest new music anywhere, anytime.

Free-Streaming-Music-Player Listen-To-Music-Online-Facebook

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

[ Visit ]

Convert Partial Rss Feeds Into Full text With FiveFilter

There are some blogs who offer only partial Rss feeds. You have to click the link from the Rss reader and visit the site to read the full article. Fivefilters is a tool which can convert these partial Rss feeds into full text Rss feeds. This is immensly useful and you can read the full article from your Rss reader.

Using Fivefilters is easy, just visit this page and enter the feed url. Then, hit the “Create Feed” button and you will be shown the full text Rss feed. Copy the link and you subscribe in your Rss reader.


Fivefilters helps people extract and read full text web content. It can extract content from an HTML page or it can transfrom an existing feed into a full text Rss.

Bookmarklet: To make things even easier, they also have a bookmarklet which you can use. Just drag and drop this link in your Bookmarks toolbar. Whenever you come across a partial feed, click this bookmarklet and the feed will be converted to a full text rss feed automatically.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Fivefilters is a one click solution to convert partial Rss feeds into full.It is also available as a free download so that you can host it in your web server. There are no signups or registrations required to use this service.

Techie-Buzz rating: 5/5 (perfect).

AnyBodyOutThere lets you Start Online Discussions and Interact In Real Time

Do you want to start a quick discussion online? Do you need some information and want to see how people react to your idea? Do you want to share your thoughts on a subject and see what others feel about the same? Meet Anybodyoutthere – a new online discussion board which allows people to start quick discussions and interactin Real time. You can post a question and the site will find out the people who are interested in the same subject.

To get started with the service, visit the homepage and post your question.


There are no registrations or signups required to use the service. However you may sign up for an account which lets you createa personal profile of yours. The site also lets you sign in with your Facebook account to keep things simple.

Now that you have posted a question, the site will return a list of people who may be interested in your question. Click the “Talk” button and you will be prompted to choose a nickname.


Now comes the interesting part. The service will open a chat room and send a chat request to the user with whom you want to start a chat. Start the chat and you can discuss and interact. Cool !


In their own words:

We believe that although the web is filled with all kinds of information, you still can’t replace real-time human responses. You just need to know how to find that someone to share your thought and ideas with. And that’s something we can do for you.

You can also see what problems other users are facing and offer your advice, if you want. The impressive thing about the service is that you can integrate your IM client and reply or ask questions from the IM client only.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Anybodyoutthere is great for real time conversations and for people who need help from a human and not from a search engine. If you register for an account, you can interact with people from your IM client only. In brief, it’s a great service to start online discussions and take feedbacks or suggestions.

Techie-Buzz rating: 4/5( very good).

Converthub: An Online Tool to Convert Images into Multiple Formats

Want a simple web app that can convert images into multiple formats? Here is Converthub – which lets you convert images from your browser and without using any image editor or desktop application. Converthub can convert images to GIF, PNG, BMP, JPG, ICO formats as well as to advanced and uncommon image formats like eps, tiff, tga and ps formats.

How to Convert Images into other formats with Converthub

Just browse to the homepage and you can upload an image from your computer. You can also add an image for conversion from any publicly accessible web URL.


Here is the entire array of options that converthub has to offer:


You can set the Image quality from the dropdown in the right and choose the dimensions of the converted image. The service also lets you rotate or flip the converted image. When you are done with all the settings, hit the convert button and you can download the converted image in your computer.

When you may need Converthub?

Suppose you are working in your office computer or in a friends house and the computer does not have any image editor. Moreover, the user account with which you are logged in doesn’t have administrative rights and you can not install an image editor on your own. In such situations, Converthub would get the job done. It requires no registrations and it’s the simplest online image conversion utlity I have seen.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Converthub is great and apart from converting images, they have other tools which may interest you. This includes an image flipper, color convertor, image rotator and an html to pdf convertor.

Techie-Buzz rating: 4/5 (very good).

Load2All Allows You to Simultaneously Upload Files to Multiple Hosts

Load2All- File Uploader and SpreaderFile hosting services like Rapidshare and Megaupload have become quite the rage. In fact is among the top 25 sites according to Alexa.

These file hosting services allow users to get past email-attachment size limits and are well suited for sharing files both publicly and privately. In fact, some people also use them as a free backup service for storing vital information.

The downside is that many of these file hosting services have major download restrictions for free users. Some websites offer a limited number of download slots for each country, some tend to delete files after a short period of inactivity and some may be banned at colleges and workplaces. Hence, if you want to ensure that everyone is able to download the file, you would ideally want to upload them to multiple services. However, doing so manually is often not feasible due to time constraints.

Load2All is a free service which allows you to simultaneously upload files to as many as 8 file hosting services. At the moment Load2All supports 17 file hosting services including Rapidshare, Megaupload, HotFile, DepositFiles, Megashares and Sendspace. The best thing about Load2All is that it automatically splits the uploaded file into RAR archives if maximum file size limit for any host is exceeded. You can upload files from your computer as well as from another remote host. Rapidshare accounts (collector or premium) are also supported. This ensures that you won’t miss out on the opportunity to earn points from your uploads.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Load2All is a handy solution for regular file uploaders. Its standout feature is the ability to automatically split large files. If you have a file you wish to share, give Load2All a try. It definitely makes more sense to use Load2All, than uploading the file to a single file host.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

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TunesBag: Upload Music Online and Share With Your Friends

Want to store music online and share the songs with your friends? Tunesbag is just the tool you need. It acts as an online music library and lets you store audio up to 1 GB. You can listen to the songs, share them in various social networks and see what others are listening. Cool !

To get started with Tunesbag, you need to register here. You can create a fresh Tunesbag account with your email address or choose to login using Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Msn.

After you login, you can start uploading audio songs from your computer. Here is how the Tunesbag dashboard looks after logging in:


Upload songs in your Tunesbag account: There are a lot of options to upload songs to your Tunesbag account. You can download their Adobe air app, use the browser uploader or email the songs as an attachment. You are given a private email address and sending the song as an attachment to this email address works fine. I used the browser uploader to add songs and it took only a couple of minutes to finish. While uploading a new song you can organize it into a custom playlist as well.


Listening to playlists: You can create playlists of songs that you have added in your TunesBag account. This helps in organizing the audio collections into selected groups. From the “Explore” tab you can see what your friends are up to, what they are listening and which artist is popular at the moment. The service also supports tagging the songs and creating sets.


Techie-Buzz Verdict

Tunesbag is very simple and minimalistic, which makes it any music lovers first choice. The service is free, and unlike other audio sharing services which let you share only a handful of songs, Tunesbag is a smart alternatve. The only downside: you can upload only mp3,m4a,wma or ogg formats.

Techie-Buzz rating: 4/5(very good).