Minus Is A Dead Simple App To Share Images and Files

We have covered a lot of services in the past for sharing images and files online. However, I just came across a really dead-simple app to share files and images with anyone using just drag and drop.

Min.us Drag and Drop Uploading

Minus provides a simple way to share your images and files online with an easy to use drag and drop interface. You can simply drag a file from your computer and drop it on the Min.us website and it will automatically start uploading the content. Once the upload is complete, you can then easily share the image or file online using the link provided by Minus.

Minus File Uploaded

Minus also provides desktop tools for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The desktop tools also provide an easy way to drag and drop files to upload them to Min.us. It also provides a sharing tool for with support for and coming soon. If you want to upload files using your browser, Minus provides a   with support for coming soon. All these tools can be downloaded from http://min.us/pages/tools.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Techie Buzz Recommended Software

Overall Minus is a great app which allows you to quickly share files and images without the hassles. I could not find any easier way to share content online.

What I would like to see though is the ability to easily post the uploaded images to and within the app, that would make it perfect. So go ahead and start sharing your content with ease at http://min.us/

Rating: 4.5/5 (Excellent)

Pnyxe.com: A Professional Comment and Forum Widget For Your Website

pnyxe_logo[Sponsored] Comments are a basic element of any blog or website because they add a layer of "Interactivity" to your website. Blogging in itself should be "interactive" and not a monologue; you would want to know what your visitors feel about your blog post and should allow have them the ability to speak and share their thoughts on the subject.

Most blogging platforms have their own comment system to allow people to write their opinions. For example: Blogger blogs have inbuilt comment forms embedded in the theme, WordPress.com sites have the same while self hosted WordPress blogs have some more control on how the comments are displayed and controlled. But there are some situations when you may want to use an independent commenting script on your website, blog, forum etc. Some examples are as follows:

  1. You run a 5 page company website where you don’t want to use a complex comment moderation script. All you want is a simple plug and play code, without having to spend hours of time writing the code and setting it up.
  2. You have launched a contest on your micro blog which requires visitors to comment on a blog post. You don’t want to launch a new blog, just for the sake of aggregating comments. You are looking for a script which can let visitors temporarily comment on a webpage. After a few days, you would remove the entire script and the comments are removed permanently.
  3. You want to start a small 20 member forum but do not have enough experience with Forum building scripts e.g PHPbb, BBPress and so on.

If you are no geek and want a simple comment widget for your website or forum, try Pnyxe.com. In their own words:

Pnyxe’s mission is to enable website visitors to speak, and provide website owners with the ability to hear. When you visit one of the tens of thousands of Pnyxe implementations, you’ll be able to interact and add comments in many different languages; check how many people view your comments; improve your author’s reputation, publish your posts to social networks and much more. We also provide ways to express yourself from anywhere on the web without the need to sign up or take any special actions.

Getting started with Pnyxe  is extremely easy, all you have to do is sign up for a free account, add your website URL and grab the JavaScript code. Then paste the code on all the pages where you want the comment box to appear. You can use Pnyxe with WordPress.com, self hosted WordPress blogs, Blogger, Typepad, Google Sites, Microsoft Office Live spaces and other web publishing platforms.

After you have slapped the comment box code to your site’s source code, here is how the comment form will look.

Pnyxe is also a full fledged WYSIWYG editor which provides more options, other than commenting. Site visitors can attach photos from their computer, choose their own fonts and colors, align the comments and share their comment on social websites like Twitter, Facebook – directly from the comment box itself.

Pnyxe provides users with a comment box and also a Forum widget which a professional forum system that will allow you to create a forum within your website without having to install any additional software. Overall, the ease of use of the software will allow companies to just copy paste some script code and implement complicated systems in their websites.

The free version of Pnyxe is ad supported. However, you can upgrade your account to "Pro" ($4.99 a month, 2 weeks free trial) and enjoy no advertisements, Google indexing, permissions management, "recent posts" widget, instant email phone support and much more. Have a look at their pricing page here.

Disclaimer: The above post is a sponsored review and all the views in this post are unbiased.

Online Ticket Booking Service TicketPlease.com Launches with the Blessing of Bollywood

Ticket-Please Indian film star Ajay Devgn has launched TicketPlease, a new online ticket booking service that will allow consumers to book tickets for films, plays, concerts and sporting events from the comfort of their couch. The service, which is being run by Jimmy Mistry, also has the backing of eminent Bollywood personalities like Sanjay Dutt, Nitin Manmohan, Vatsal Seth, Ramakant Tibrewal, Vijay Jain and Amit Sharma.

Besides offering tickets, the website will feature reviews, news and discussion forums. TicketPlease is hoping to directly connect fans with celebrities through celeb blogs and interviews. An online store with DVDs, books and games is also planned.

“I am delighted to bring to the audience a website where they can read authentic news about their favorite stars and much-awaited films. Being a part of the website, I will be taking keen interest in it. I will also be blogging for Ticketplease.com and interacting with my fans”, said Ajay Devgn at the launch event.

CloudShopper Let’s You Gather Shopping Advices And Gift Ideas From Facebook Friends

Planning to buy some gifts this new year? How about searching for gift items at Amazon, preparing an online wish list of gifts and asking your Facebook friends for their ideas and suggestions ?

Meet CloudShopper

CloudShopper is a fairly new website which attempts to fill the gap between building wish lists of online gift items and gathering suggestions from your social circle. Works quite simple – go the website, connect your Facebook account, search for a product and post the link on your Facebook wall.

Your friends and followers can immediately see your wall post and comment on it as they usually do. CloudShopper aggregates all these comments to your CloudShopper dashboard, so that you can read the suggestions posted by your Facebook friends and archive the recommendations for future use.

Think CloudShopper as a personal review page where you can aggregate the suggestions, comments and reviews   made by your Facebook friends, without having to search for older wall posts that attracted 42 comments a month ago.

Another neat thing regarding CloudShopper is that you can find new as well as used products from Amazon.com and compare their prices directly from your CloudShopper account. The site also allows you to share updates with selected Facebook contacts, so if you want to buy a gift for parents – you can include only your family member’s Facebook profiles.

The “Friends” tab shows a series of wall posts and links posted by your Facebook friends on their profiles, so you always know who is buying what and offer your geekiest suggestions. Want to buy a group gift for a common Facebook friend ? Create a CloudShopper list, invite all the group members, post your product links and comments on the list page and let the conversation begin !

Overall, Cloudshopper is a nice way to plan and gather feedback about a specific product from your social circle. The site is only a month old, so friend recommendations, likes, and other Facebook goodness is expected to be rolled out soon. Give this a try !

Packrati.us Automatically Bookmarks Your Tweets On Delicious, So You Can Find Them Later

Do you tweet a lot of links all day long ?

Ever wondered whether there is any service which can automatically bookmark your Tweets that contain links?

Enter Packrati.us – a brilliant web service which makes bookmarking tweets as easy as child’s play. Using Packrati.us, you can bookmark all of your Tweets that contain links, can convert Twitter hashtags to Delicious tags and label a unique Delicious tag to each tweet. Everything on Autopilot.

Wait…. isn’t Delicious Shutting down? No It isn’t, the service will continue to run as earlier.

How To Bookmark Tweets That Contain Links In Your Delicious Account ?

Following are the steps involved to get started with Packrati.us and connecting the service with your Delicious account:

1. Head over to the Packrati.us homepage, and sign in with your Twitter account. After you have granted permissions, you will be asked to enter an email address where the service can send you future notifications.

2. Enter your email address and hit “Save and Continue”. Fall back to your email inbox and click the verification link to continue to the next step.

3. Now you will be asked to connect your Delicious accounts with Packarti.us. There are two types of Delicious accounts – the independent Delicious account and the older Delicious, which works with a valid Yahoo ID.

Make sure you choose the correct type of Delicious account or else the service won’t be able to bookmark the tweets. As for me, I have a yahoo linked Delicioius account, hence I chose the first option.

4. On the next page, hit the “Authorize” button.

5. All done, now you will be redirected to the Packarti.us page where you can tweak certain options as shown underneath:

There are basically 5 options which you may configure:

  • Expand URLs: Selecting this checkbox will automatically expand all the shortened links embedded in your tweet and post it to your Delicious account.
  • Replace Bookmarks: Self explanatory, selecting this checkbox will automatically remove the duplicate bookmarks from your Delicious account.
  • Convert Hashtags: This setting takes care of whether you want to convert Twitter hash tags to Delicious tags or not.
  • Remove These Tags: If you use a lot of hash tagged tweets, you may define some of the hash tags to be ignored by the Packarti.us service.
  • Add A particular tag: You may define a particular tag in this text box to make sure each link that that is sent via Packarti is accessible through that particular bookmark tag.

All done, but don’t forget to hit that “Save” button once you are done with the settings.

Now you can continue using Twitter and Delicious as before. Any of your tweets which contain a link will be autosaved as a bookmark in your Delicious account.

For example: I posted this tweet on Easter Egg In Google CR-48 Netbook and it was immediately sent to my Delicious account.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Lifesaving !

Using Packrati.us, I can automatically bookmark and archive all the links which I tweet everyday. Later I can simply export the bookmarks from Delicious and import it in Google Bookmarks or to my preferred browser.

Techie Buzz rating: 5/5 (Perfect).

Create a One Time Disposable Link Of Your Phone Number, Let Anyone Call You Privately

Imagine this – some online friend or client wants to call you over phone but you are not very comfortable sharing your phone number with strangers or online contacts. Skype is a neat option for web users but unfortunately, the person on the other side is not as tech savvy as you are – he repeatedly pings you to send him your phone number.

Babble.ly is a simple web service which allows users to share phone numbers privately with anyone.

Once you have created an account with Babble.ly, you can enter as many phone numbers as you want and generate a unique babble.ly URL for each phone number, as shown below:

When you enter your mobile number in the text box and hit the “Create Link” button, you will be asked to verify the number. The verification process is fairly simple – have your phone in hand, press the “Verify” button and enter the verification code when prompted.

Once the verification is complete, the service will generate a unique babble.ly URL of your phone number which you may share with anyone via email, IM, Facebook, Twitter and so on. When somebody visits your babble.ly URL, users will be asked to enter their own phone numbers and the service will call both the phones at the same time. When both the caller and the receiver are connected via the Babble.ly service – the call will be bridged together, allowing the caller and the receiver to talk up to a duration of 10 minutes.

The interesting   thing is that neither the caller or the receiver gets to know the other person’s phone number. When the call is finished, you can destroy your private babble.ly link and create a new one from your account preferences.

Unfortunately, I was unable to test the service on my mobile phone (might be because of country wide restrictions, I live in India). However, our Techie Buzz’s fellow writer Sathya Bhat (who lives in U.S) was able to verify his phone number with Babble.ly. After he verified his number, he was shown the following Babble.ly short link, with a QR code to the right.

(URL’s and numbers blurred for privacy)

Now all I needed was to enter my phone number in the text box and hit the “Call” button. Voila !

Techie Buzz Verdict

Sounds great, not a Google Voice alternative but might save the day when a novice client or user wants to call you over phone and you don’t want to share your phone number at all. On a personal ground – I could not verify my phone number, maybe because of country restrictions.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

Ge.tt: A Real Time File Sharing Service

There are quite a good number of free file sharing websites available on the web, most of them do not require users to create an account . You can simply open the homepage of the file sharing website, upload a file, grab the link and share it with anyone.

The problem with majority of file sharing services is that you have to wait for the uploads to finish. You are not given the shareable download link, until the file has finished uploading. There are two main disadvantages of this approach.

The first annoyance is when your browser crashes suddenly, while you are uploading a file. Imagine this – you are uploading a 50 MB file on a free file sharing website and the uploads crash at 80 %. You have to start the upload procedure all over again.

The second disadvantage is time dependency, you can’t share the download link of the file while it’s uploading and have to wait for the uploads to finish.

That’s when Ge.tt saves the day !

Ge.tt takes a different approach, the site provides the download link immediately after you have selected the file(s) to be uploaded. Head over to the Ge.tt homepage, select the files to upload and grab the shareable download link. No sign-ups or registrations are required.

There are three handy options available on the upload page – share on Twitter, share on Facebook or share via email. Just click the corresponding link and the download link is shared on your social profile. Handy !

All files that are shared using Ge.tt expire in 30 days, by default. By creating a free account, you get some added features e.g real-time statistics telling exactly how many users have downloaded your file, more expiry days and so on.

Ge.tt works directly from your browser – no Flash, JavaScript applets, absolutely nothing to install. Do give Ge.tt a try and let us know your ideas in the comments section. [ via ]

Join.me – The Easiest Screen Sharing Online

Screen sharing lets you show someone your computer screen across the internet. Usually, you can even let a viewer take over the mouse and keyboard. I use screen sharing at work to help my co-workers with computer problems, and sometimes, even I get help. Often, people use screen sharing applications to give business presentations online.

Previously, my favorite screen sharing service was TeamViewer. It’s a free service, and it even includes voice and video chat. Now I am starting to use a different service, called Join.me.

Join.me is probably the simplest screen presentation service I’ve used. All of the these services require an installation of software on your machine. Usually, both the broadcaster (host) and the viewer (client) need to install something. Join.me breaks out of the crowd by not requiring the viewers to install any software. All they need is a modern web browser with Adobe Flash.

Here’s how it works …

1. Go to Join.me

2. If you wish to share your computer screen, click on the sharearrow.


3. This will start a download of the server software. (Windows and Mac)

Once you have it installed and running, you’ll see the Join.me floating toolbar at the top of your screen.


4. Click once in the address bar and you’ll be able to copy or send the sharing address.


5. The person you wish to share with, can either click the link you’ve sent them, or type the 9 digit number in the Joinbox at the Join.me website.


6. As soon as they join, you are sharing your screen. That’s when you can start using your floating Join.me toolbar to control the session. As far as I know you can invite any number of people to your screen sharing session.

The phone icon actually lets you call them on a conference line. I haven’t tried that feature because I usually call the person on my phone or use Google Voice to chat with them.

This service and it’s operation is best explained by watching this video.

Join.me quick preview and tutorial from Andy Traub on Vimeo.


Techie Buzz Verdict:

Join.me is a great service, it’s easy to use and it’s free. What more do you want? Actually, I would like to have video chat, but this service is still a winner for the viewers. They don’t need to install any software to see your presentations.

Learn About Latest Google Innovations and Product Updates with Google New

Google-NewEvil or not, Google is a behemoth – there can’t be any doubt about that. Barely a day goes by without Google announcing a new product or unveiling a swanky new feature. Just keeping track of everything Google is announcing can be an uphill task. Subscribing to Techie Buzz obviously helps, but most of the time, we just scratch the surface. Google itself maintains a network of more than 100 blogs to announce new policies, product launches and updates.

Google quite obviously realizes that there is a problem, and in keeping with its tradition, the folks at Google have launched yet another new product to solve this problem – Google New. In the words of Ji Lee, designer and creative director at the Google Creative Lab:

A few of us had a 20 percent project idea: create a single destination called Google New where people could find the latest product and feature launches from Google. It’s designed to pull in just those posts from various blogs. We hope it helps you find something useful you’ve never tried before.

Google New showcases all the latest announcements from Google that you should be aware of. Almost all of the Google Products are covered, including Google Earth and Maps, AdSense, Webmasters, Analytics, Search, Gmail, Docs, Blogger and Orkut. Go ahead and give it take it for a spin at google.com/newproducts/.

Download and Install Multiple Programs At Once With FreeApps

How many software programs do you use regularly? From Firefox to Thunderbird, from an Antivirus program to an image editor, there are just a whole bunch of applications you use daily.

The problem with multiple programs becomes predominant when you format your operating system and sit down installing each application one by one. Go through those setup wizards, complete it like a robot and then pick another one.Another problem is getting the latest version of al the programs from different websites. It’s really frustrating to open a bunch of websites and download the setup files manually.

What if you can create a single application installer for multiple programs and install all of them in one shot ? This will save you time and you don’t have to manage multiple setup files located in different folders on your computer.

FreeApps, a simple website which is similar to AllMyApps lets you handpick software applications from a huge list and lets you download a single setup file for multiple programs. And yes, it’s free with absolutely no strings attached, you don’t have to register or give them your email credentials.

All the programs are organized in different categories e.g Antivirus, Image editing, browsers, email client, IM programs and the like. Just pick the programs and the website will let you download a single setup fie in your computer.

This installer will not download the complete setup file of all the software applications you selected. When you run the installer, it will download all the latest version of the programs in your computer and install them automatically. This is so amazing, just run the tiny program and it does all the hard work in the background.

There is one downside – the installation will abort if the internet connection fails in the middle. Otherwise the app does a very good job in decluttering your hard drive from the older versions of programs and saves your precious time, when you are too tired in setting up programs from scratch.