7 Free Tools to Keep Your Windows PC Softwares Up-to-date

A average computer user has at least 25 different applications installed on their PC, on the other hand power users may have more than 100 applications installed on their PC. Though downloading and installing softwares can be quite easy, keeping them updated is definitely a hassle, what with many software publishers releasing regular updates to fix bugs or enhance features.

Though it is not easy to keep your applications updated all the time, there are several tools / utilities which will show you how which softwares are outdated and provide you with a option to download and install the latest version of the software.

Here is a list of 7 utilities/tools that will help you keep your softwares and applications updated with ease.

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Tools to synchronize bookmarks between browsers

Every time you come across a interesting site or information you may want to bookmark it so that you can visit that site at a later date. I tend to use more than one browser and more than 2 computers to do my work. It would always be great the bookmarks are same throughout all the computers and browsers so that you can quickly access them no matter which PC you use or which browser you use.

There are many tools that do this, I would like to bring to you some of the best bookmark synchronizing tools, some of these tools may not exactly synchronize your bookmarks but they can ensure that you manage the same set of bookmarks across all your computers and browsers.

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Jing | Capture a screencast and easily share with others

I have been using SnagIt to capture screenshots for long, and can safely say that it is one of the best piece of codes available for this purpose. The promoters of the SnagIt also run a hugely popular service ScreenCast.com, where you can upload your screencast and share them with others.

For those, not knowing what exactly is a screencast…

A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, often containing audio narration. Just as a screenshot is a picture of a user’s screen, a screencast is essentially a movie of what a user sees on their monitor.

But many people doesn’t know, how to make a screencast ? There are many software available in the market, some are free and some require you to shell out considerable money.

Thankfully, there is a service in the market, which makes all this process super easy.

Welcome to Jing.

Jing is a screen capturing software application, which allows you to select and capture parts of your screen and save that area as a static picture or a movie.

“It sits nicely on your desktop, ready to capture and share your stuff at a moment’s notice. Simply select an area of your screen, capture it as an image or record it as a video, and then click Share. Jing conveniently places a URL to your content on your clipboard ready for you to paste the URL into any of your conversations.

Your files are hosted on Screencast.com, which is a premier hosting website, specifically made for screen video content. It does not change or diminish the resolution of your content and provides detailed permissions to let you control the accessibility of the media. Users of Jing are provided upto 200MB of space for storing media files and 1 GB of bandwidth that renews monthly.

The best part of Jing is its sharing capabilities.

A simple share button, uploads your media behind the scenes, and the URL is placed into your clipboard. Just paste it in your email, your blog posts or wherever you want.

Quick and Easy.

FineMe, The Easiest Way To Find Program Locations from Windows Shortcuts

Have you ever wondered what the shortcut you are clicking on is launching? Or just curious to know in which directory a application resides in using the shortcut?

FindMe is a nifty and small and free utility which adds itself to the context menu of a shortcut file (.lnk) files and when selected opens an explorer window of the folder containing the target of the shortcut. This context menu command (when you right click on a file) is also known as a shell extension.

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Roll Up Your Application Window With WinRoll

WinRoll is a tiny application that allows you to roll up your Windows and just display the title bar for it. You can send the rolled window to the back to full view or simply make it stay on top of other applications.

If you have many application like open in your Window you can simply roll it up using the software and make more screen real estate for yourself.

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Best tools to access Linux Partitions from Windows

If you dual boot with Windows and Linux, and have data spread across different partitions on Linux and Windows, you should be really in for some issues.

It happens so sometimes you need to access your files on Linux partitions from Windows, and you realize it isn’t possible easily. Not really, with these tools in hand – it’s very easy for you to access files on your Linux partitions from Windows:


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Create SEO Friendly URL’s Using Mod Rewrite and PHP – Part 1

First of all I am not a SEO Specialist, I just play around with lots of stuff and happened to learn URL Tweaking for better SERP’s. If you are a WordPress user then you will not require to use this trick but if you are a webmaster who owns a product based site or some other site which generates dynamic content based on parameters then this trick is the one which should help you better your SEO rankings.

Let’s look at a example of a URL which does not attract much Search Engine Love.

http://www.yoursite.com/product.php?productid=2&categoryid=3. It is hard even for a human to tell what the product is by looking at this URL. With the trick we will use the final URL can look something like this http://www.yoursite.com/product/13/3/2-GB-MP3-player.html.

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Get A Free Privacy Policy For Your Blog / Website

In almost every website that you visit you will see a privacy policy which states to a user how information is collected and how it is used after a user has visited a website, and any other privacy related concerns that need to be addressed to the user.

Blogs in general do not have any sort of privacy policy. Even though it is not compulsory it does make an impact on end users if you have some sort of privacy policy for your blog.

Many bloggers must have made use of the free Disclosure Policy Creator from http://www.disclosurepolicy.org/ which helps you create a Disclosure Policy whether or not you get paid to write certain content on the site.

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Get SMS Reminders for your tasks

There have been many a times when I forgotten to carry out tasks I was supposed to do just because I plain forgot them. I do write them down but sometimes those notes get neglected too. Tasks as simple as calling someone on a specific day or your doctors appointment can be forgotten quite easily.

To overcome this I use a simple method so that I can get a SMS message a couple of hours before I am supposed to do something. You do not require to pay anything except if your cell phone provider charges you for incoming SMS messages.

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