Shareaholic – a Simple Way to Share Web Pages

shareaholic-iconThe name of this web browser addon tells you who it helps. If you are addicted to sharing cool links or awesome images in Twitter, Facebook or any other social web service, Shareaholic could help.

I tried it out, and it’s helped my sharing output already. Shareaholic supports sending content to over 100 different services.


It’s easy to install and use. Just point your web browser to the Shareaholic home page, and install the plugin. They support Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, Flock and Songbird.

Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer 8 Safari Opera Flock Songbird Music Player

Once installed, you’ll be prompted to customize it, so that it shows only the services that you use. Clicking on he Shareaholic icon in your browser will bring up the sharing menu.


You might have noticed from the image above, that you can assign keyboard shortcut keys for each service. You can also use it to shorten long URLs. That’s really handy. I also like the simple posts it creates.


If you need more details, watch this video about Shareaholic.

If you have a sharing habit, Shareaholic is an addon you need to try. It’s a lot easier than going through a twelve step program to cure your addiction.

arrow-down-double-3Install the Shareaholic Addon/Extension

Note: We previously wrote about Shareaholic almost a year ago. You may also want to check out a similar addon called AddToAny.

Hide URL’s from Crawlers Using

Ever heard about a URL masking service? No, I am not talking about URL shorteners which can be used to shorten a long URL. A URL masking service forwards the visitor using a “Frame source” of the destination URL so that the original URL is kept hidden from the user (and from the bots as well).

URL masking is not required with regular links and in most of the cases, you can simply use rel=”nofollow” to instruct the bots from not crawling it. But if you are linking to a download page which you want to hide from the crawlers, URL masking services like might help.

To use the site, simply paste the destination URL in the input field and click “Hide”.


You will be shown a masked or coded URL like Putting this address in the browser address bar will not redirect you to the original page. Instead, you will see the destination URL in text as shown below:


Since the masked URL does not redirects to any page, the search bots or web crawlers won’t be able to crawl that link. This is useful, when you want to hide suspicious links to download pages, torrent sites etc. Some forum bots crawl web links and automatically delete them at regular intervals, so you can use this service and stop worrying about broken links.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The service looks good but should have more options to choose from. I hate filling in the captcha to see the unmasked URL’s. I would love to see a bookmarklet or a browser extension being included so that I can mask and unmask URL’s on the fly.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (Good). Stops Web URL Shortening, Continues API

The owners of have been through quite a saga, first raising a hue over using as the default URL shortening service (which it does not know), then trying to sell it, and then going Open Source.

However, it looks like the final nail has been hit into the coffin now. According to a new notice on the site, will no longer be shortening URLs anymore, so users will have to use services like or the other URL Shortening services.

The notice on the site says this: is no longer accepting URL shortening requests via its website. May we respectfully suggest that you choose one of the many other wonderful alternatives available.

Please understand that this does not affect any software that has available within it.’s API is available, and redirections are working normally.

This means that only tools or services which make use of the API will be able to use it, for the rest of them it is goodbye.

For me, URL shortening was never going to be a huge business, and there are literally tons of services which will do the job, it is just that did not get their business model right and did, which is why they are now the leaders in the URL shortening market.

Thanks for the tip @vipinonline Now Supports Branded URL Shortening

One of my favorite tool ‘s blog just threw in a surprise news at us. It looks like is now using custom domains for Pro accounts while shortening the URLs. Pro Domains URL Shortening

What this means is that when you try to shorten a URL from TechCrunch using, will return a URL instead of the usual URL. This is definitely great news as is one of the most widely used URL shortening service and it would help the Pro account users to keep an eye on all their URLs being shortened through and not just the one’s that they proactively create.

There is no official announcement about this on the blog, other than a announcement about the Pro a couple of days ago.

Hat Tip: TechMeme