CodeHero Kickstarter Project Finishes Off in One Hour. Pledge to Play a Game that Teaches You to Make Games!

How would it be if you could play a game that teaches you the intricacies of code? How would it be if you can use this code in real time to modify the game world? How would it be if the bosses of this action-packed game world assaulted you with code and you had to develop dynamically to counter their attacks? Do I hear you scream “OMG AWESOMESAUCE JUST EXPLODED FROM THE MONITOR ON TO MY FACE”? (If you are not screaming something similar or dancing with euphoric release, I must say you are missing out on some tiny joys of life)


Of course, there is a game exactly like this, and is in need of your funding. CodeHero teaches you to “master the secrets of Codefoo to defeat the devious coding challenges” and with a special Code Gun (which uses snippets of code as ‘ammunition’) you can learn to manipulate things in and around the game world with Javascript and UnityScript. The game is made from the Unity3D free gaming engine that allows everyone to create, design and develop a game from scratch and publish it to mostly any modern gaming platform such as the PC, Mac, web client, Android and iPhone. By playing and mastering CodeHero, one can eventually make an entire video game (indeed, this is one of the challenges that await you as you face ShipBoss) in Unity3D.

This is history-making, in case the point did not hit the mark.

Now, the developers of CodeHero, Primer Labs, want you to help them out in their Kickstarter project. They have already reached the $100,000 goal they had set for themselves long back, but wish to take it further. Even a small pledge of $1 will get you the full game when it releases as well as access to the beta editions as they roll out. Awesome? You bet. The Kickstarter project ends in one hour so make it quick!

Tell us if you have bought CodeHero yet!