Android Theme for Ubuntu Linux

Do you love Android devices and cellphones, and you want the same look on your Ubuntu desktop?  You can have your Ubuntu Linux desktop look like Android OS, with matching icons, background and wallpapers.

“Genoid” is an Android Icon/GTK theme which can be used to transform your Ubuntu (GNOME) desktop to look like Android OS.

Android theme for Ubuntu
Android theme for Ubuntu

Genoid comes with lots of Android flavors – many icons have been incorporated. It has a GDM and a GTK theme.

You can download Genoid here.

After installing, the icons and the menus look quite sleek .

Android theme for Linux
Android theme for Linux

Techie-buzz Verdict: The theme provides you with the best Android look you can get for your Ubuntu desktop. However, a lot of Android icons are missing and you end up with half-android-half-gnome desktop.

Christmas Ubuntu Theme: for Christmas Times

Christmas is arriving and now is the time to gear up your freshly installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala system with a Christmas theme for Ubuntu. As always, I am providing a wallpaper, a login screen, an icon pack and a theme for the window manager.


The wallpapers for this theme are taken from Gnome-Look, and I came across more than one of them. So here are the two I selected for you.
Christmas Tux:
Our Tux is also in festive mood in this wallpaper. Get the wallpaper here.
This next one is a blue wallpaper.
Get the blue Christmas wallpaper here.

Ubuntu Theme Pack–for a Fresh Red Look

I had submitted theme packs for blue and green color schemes. Now, it’s time for a red theme pack for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala. So, here are the specs for the next theme pack I am using on my Ubuntu.


The wallpaper for this theme is from Deviantart, and gives a funky look.


Download the wallpaper here : Download black and red

View the Wallpaper Author’s gallery here : gallery


Ghostly is a red GTK2 theme.


The theme can be downloaded at this location : Download Ghostly Theme


It took me some trouble to find this red GDM theme but it was worth it.


The Red GDM theme can be downloaded at this location : Download Red GDM Theme

Icon Pack:

This icon pack is from Deviantart as well.


Get the Azenis icon pack here : Azenis Icon pack for Ubuntu

Ubuntu Softwares and Tweaks : The Best List ever

Ubuntu is really the best Linux distro. It is said to be the best thing that happened to Linux. Now, the most frightening thing that occurs to people with the mention of Linux is the absolute lack of any software. Many people consider Linux to be a DIY Operating System.

Ubuntu Rocks
Ubuntu Rocks

Ubuntu, has change all that and here is a quick checklist of softwares which will make you stick to your Ubuntu installation for longer than your last Linux installation.

System Tweaks:

Limit CPU usage of individual processes and not just the complete system

RamDisk For faster  read/write, and data processing

Font smoothing in Ubuntu

Change MAC address

Boot recovery tool

Install fonts on Linux

Customize Ubuntu Startup

Web Browsing:

Opera 10 with Turbo Mode, for Linux

Photos, Video and Music Management and editing:

DigiKam, Photo manager for KDE

Play Youtube in MPlayer

Screencast creation tool


Open source Keystroke launcher Launchy

Create Custom Linux Distro

Manage and check your boot performance

Manage Fonts with ease on Ubuntu

A Partition manager and editor, much better than any windows software


Ubuntu theme pack : Green Theme

This is only a list to get you through using Ubuntu for the first time or in a totally different way. Share your tips and tricks with me to get them featured in the next edition of this list.