Tweetie 2.1 Approved for Apple App Store

The much awaited iPhone app for , Tweetie 2.1 has been approved by the folks at Apple iTunes App store.


Tweetie 2.1 packs in several new features including support for Twitter Lists, native retweets, Geo Tagging in Twitter and more. The app should show up in the App store in the next few hours. Tweetie 2.1 should be a free update for Tweetie 2.0 users, however, Tweetie 1.0 users will have to purchase the new app from the App store.

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How to Remove Yourself From Twitter Lists Created by Others

Groups or Lists have always been a good way to organize your contacts. In that sense Twitter Lists are no different. However, with lists, you cannot control whether you are on a good list or a rant list.

Say for example, you had a bad day with one of your Twitter friends and they in turn decide to add you to a list called Moronsor something like that. Officially, there is no way for you to get out of that list, however, thanks to TechicaVita, there might be a way to get yourself out of that list.


As you can see from the tweet above: If you block a user and then unblock them, you will not show up on their list anymore. So, if you have been wanting to get out of someone’s twitter list, try out the trick above. Do let us know if it works for you or not.

Don’t know how to block/unblock twitter users? Read our tutorial on How To Block or Unblock users in Twitter.

Paint and Share Graffiti On Twitter With TwitPaint

Creating Graffiti is a cool way to express something creatively. The graffiti applications made it big time on Facebook and now TwitPaint is introducing graffiti to Twitter.

After you sign in with your Twitter credentials, TwitPaint lets you paint a graffiti and then share it on Twitter. The graffiti is displayed as a shortened URL, clicking on which takes the user to the actual graffiti on TwitPaint. The best part however, is that anybody can edit that graffiti to create a new one.

You can also browse through hundreds of graffiti created by other users and customize them for your use. While creating a graffiti, you can select your desired color, set the width of the brush and adjust the opacity level.

A sister application of TwitPaint, called TwitShot lets you use your webcam to take shots and share on Twitter.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

TwitPaint is a unique way to express your self on Twitter. You can create a graffiti as a greeting card, paint a picture or simply express yourself in a creative manner.

Rating: 3/5 (Very Good)

Download Free Twitter Themes and Backgrounds From Twitpaper

Be it real life or social media, everybody wants to be different and stand out from the crowd today. When it comes down to Twitter, people understand that your Twitter theme/background tells a lot about who you are. This is specially important if you have a significant number of followers.

Twitpaper knows that creating a Twitter theme is not an easy task, hence, they are providing hundreds of free Twitter themes and backgrounds for you to download. Simply head over to and browse through the large collection to find a theme you like.

There are a number of categories including   Abstract, Anime, Music and Nature. When you click on a design you like, you can see more information like user comments, HTML codes of colors used in the design and the number of views. Alternatively, you can also search for backgrounds or browse the most viewed backgrounds on the website.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

TwitPaper is a great free resource to download free Twitter themes and backgrounds. The large collection and interactive features makes it a very useful resource for people trying to customize their Twitter profile.

Rating: 3/5 (Very Good)

Track Movie Reviews & Conversations on Twitter with TwitMovie


Are you planning to go to the new movie they just put up in your local theatre? Don’t want to disappoint yourself, right? Reviews helps in many cases, but some reviews are biased and some are overhyped, so why not rely on the people power aka word of mouthbefore you go ahead and buy those tickets?

TwitMovie is a new service which pulls in real-time conversations from and displays it to users. You can read the tweets and then decide whether or not you want to watch the movie.

Schedule Facebook Messages and Status Updates For Later With Sendible

We have previously mentioned a number of tools to schedule messages for Twitter and now we want to tell you about a great web app that lets you schedule messages for Facebook as well.

Sendible is a handy tool that lets you send emails, SMS as well as social media messages in future. Simply sign up for a free account and integrate your email and social media accounts with Sendible. When you are ready to compose a message, just select the contact on Facebook you want to send the message to, type the message and select the time you want the message delivered.

Similarly, you can also use Sendible to schedule a status update for Facebook as well as other social media sites. You can specify the exact time you want your update to be posted and also include a shortened URL in your update. You can set up one time status updates or recurring ones.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Sendible is a great tool to schedule messages and status updates for later. The number of features Sendible offers is huge but the process of adding your contacts and selecting your recipients needs to be more user-friendly. Overall, it is a great app with tremendous potential.

Ratings: 3/5 (Very Good)

HootSuite Now Supports Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

HootSuite has been one of the most popular Twitter clients around. People specifically like it for its unique features like multiple Twitter accounts support and tracking your shortened URLs.

Well, HootSuite is just getting better each day. They just added support for Facebook and LinkedIn as well. So now you can manage three of the most popular social networks from a single application. To add your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, simply click on settings and follow the instructions. If you need help doing that, here are some detailed instructions.

Not to forget that HootSuite lets you schedule Twitter messages for future, and now you can do the same with Facebook and LinkedIn. Moreover, their iPhone app is supposed to be in the works too. With these many features, HootSuite is bound to give a tough competition to huge clients like TweetDeck and Seesmic.

TweetDeck to Introduce LinkedIn Support

the popular client for desktop and iPhone is set to introduce support for LinkedIn in the latest build. In addition to that, they will also be adding support for Twitter Lists.


With this introduction, TweetDeck is set to become a comprehensive social networking tool for desktop and probably iPhone, since it already supports and MySpace.

The support for LinkedIn and Twitter Lists will be introduced in version 0.32 in TweetDeck.

Coming Soon: Bring Your LinkedIn Network to TweetDeck [Official TweetDeck Blog]

7 Reasons You Should Use Brizzly For Twitter

Just recently launched, Brizzly is a web-based application to manage both Twitter and Facebook at the same time. It is a convenient tool for those who use both the social networks and dread the hassle of switching back and forth.

For Twitter, Brizzly lets you do almost everything that any other client offers including updating status, reading updates from other people, sending and reading direct messages, creating lists and saved searches. What actually sets Brizzly apart from other clients are these unique features that are seldom found in other applications.

Brizzly lets you:

  1. Manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single platform.
  2. View the complete web address behind any shortened URL.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts to scroll through your tweets.
  4. Filter tweets with pictures by clicking on the pictures tab.
  5. Create drafts for your tweets.
  6. See why a topic is trending. Read explanations by others or add your own.
  7. Switch between a standard and wide view for reading tweets.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Brizzly is a great web-based tool to manage Twitter. Some of these features are not really unique but it is the first time that so many useful features are packed into a single Twitter application.

Rating: 4/5

Open Source Twitter Clone: StatusNet

statusnet_logo Have you ever wanted to add a quick discussion service in your corporate environment or for your team? is an ideal choice, however, there are several constraints while choosing Twitter. StatusNet is an open source twitter clone which can be installed and run on your own web server.

StatusNet is the open source micro messaging platform that helps you share and connect in real-time within your own domain.

StatusNet provides an option to use a hosted solution, where everything is actually hosted on StatusNet servers.

Visit StatusNet