Google Launches Real-Time Search [Breaking News]

All the rumors and speculations about Real-Time search results from Twitter , Facebook and etc. to be integrated into Google search has finally come true. Google has just launched Real-Time Search , which is integrated seamlessly into its normal search result pages.

Google logo
Google logo

Results from around the web , like live Tweets , Yahoo answers , latest news articles and most recent web pages , are streamed along with the regular search results , as and when they appear and are updated , for the search query that you type in Google.

Earlier , Google had announced search deal with twitter , so the integration of live Tweets along with search results in Google , was the most anticipated and expected feature to be rolled out by Google. But Google has gone one step ahead and struck a deal with Facebook and Myspace , to pull in data from their social networks , in Real-Time.

The Real-Time search feature in Google might not be available to everyone now , but it will be available to everyone within few coming days. Until this feature becomes available to everyone , you can view a demo video of this feature, provided by Google .
Update: First Screenshots of Real-Time Search in Google

Real-Time Search in Google
Real-Time Search in Google
Real-Time Search in Google
Real-Time Search in Google

We , at Techie Buzz , will be publishing more details about this feature , as and when it becomes available to everyone , so keep reading.

Find When People Unfollow You on Twitter

is not a high stakes place that you lose your sleep over someone unfollowing you. However, twitter in itself does not provide any way to find out if someone has unfollowed you, unless you want to rummage through the entire list of followers and following to match the not.


In this post, we will list some of the ways in which you can track and see when someone has unfollowed you on twitter. Most unfollower watchers are pretty simple to use, just follow and forget.

Follow @goodbyebuddy

As simple as it gets, just follow @goodbyebuddy on Twitter and your set. The robot will automatically send you a direct message whenever someone unfollows you.

Follow @tless

@tless is another Twitter robot, which can keep track and tell you when someone unfollows you on twitter. It provides users with a daily summary with leads to a page where you can see the new followers and people who unfollowed you.

Nutshell Mail

Nutshell mail allows you to take control of your social networking accounts. It will send you a periodical newsletter which consists information such as followers gained, followers lost, latest tweets, direct messages and more.

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is a service which allows you to see which users on twitter are your friends, which are followers and who are not following you. Can be used to track loss of followers.

These are few of the services which will allow you to track people who unfollow you on Twitter. You might also want to check some other resources related to Twitter.

Review: Nimbuzz For Blackberry Released

Nimbuzz, recently launched the Nimbuzz app for BlackBerry.   Nimbuzz for BlackBerry lets you connect to the most popular social networks and IM communities like Skype, Facebook, WLM (MSN), MySpace, Yahoo, Gtalk and many more!

nimbuzz_bb nimbuzz_bb1 nimbuzz_bb2



  • runs in background allowing you to be online and available to your friends while writing an email, watching a movie or updating your agenda
  • connects you to all your friends stay in touch with all your friends from the most popular social networks and instant messaging communities
  • brings home screen notification whenever you receive a chat and the app is running in background you will see a notification on your home screen
  • auto-reconnects whenever you lose the connection Nimbuzz will try to reconnect you switching between 3G, 2G or   Wi-Fi searching for an available internet connection
  • ClickableURL’s for a complete online experience you can open the links from chats or personal messages.

Many a times, BlackBerry service provider blocks a certain Instant Messaging app on your Blackberry device.   In my case, it is Gtalk and I am heavily dependant on  Gtalk for communication. A third part app comes to rescue in such situations and Nimbuzz does a great job. While I was connected to the app server, it disconnected me frequently asking me to reconnect again and again, which gets quite frustrating in long run. Now, I have no idea whether  it was the fault with the app or with my GPRS provider.

This new app is specially designed for Blackberry O.S. 4.6 and higher. You can download the new Nimbuzz for Blackberry from or via Blackberry App World .

TweetDeck Updated: Adds Twitter Lists, Native Retweets, LinkedIn Support and GeoTagging

, the most famous cross-platform client based on for   has just released a new update. The latest version includes support for Twitter Lists, native retweets, LinkedIn support and GeoTagging.

Must Read: Tips and Tricks to get the Best out of TweetDeck


TweetDeck provides users with an option to either choose between the new retweet feature introduced by twitter or stick with the plain old interface used by TweetDeck. There are several more small changes in this version which you can read in the changelog.

Watch the video below to see the new TweetDeck in action.

As Promised – A Very Special TweetDeck Delivery [Official TweetDeck blog]

Ultimate List Of Christmas Themes for Twitter

Want to show off the spirit on your profile? Well, you have landed in the right place. Here are some of the best Christmas Twitter themes you will find on the Internet.

This list, like our other will me maintained and updated regularly as and when we come across new Twitter Christmas themes. If you do not know how to update your theme on Twitter, you might want to check our earlier post about Twitter Christmas themes or read our tutorial on How To Add Custom Themes/Background to your Twitter Profile.

Want to take it one step further? Read our extensive tutorial on how you can create your own personalized Twitter theme and use it as your Twitter background.

Merry Christmas Twitter Theme


A really good Twitter Christmas Theme called Merry Christmas from Twitter Gallery. Download Here.

Mistletoe Twitter Christmas Theme


Don’t expect kisses when someone visits your twitter profile. However, why not give it a try with the Mistletoe twitter Christmas background theme. Download here.

Twitter Is The Most Popular English Word This Year

With just 1 month to go in 2009, people have started compiling lists of the top, best and worst things for 2009. GLM (Global Language Monitor) is an entity that monitors language trends around the globe. They have just released their list of the most popular words of 2009 and Twitter is at the top followed by Obama, H1N1 and Stimulus.

A lot of political events including Iran Elections helped Twitter in its exponential growth. As more and more TV channels, news reporters and other media people started using Twitter, it switched from “a social media tool for geeks” to “a social media tool for masses’.

GLM’s   monitoring strategy includes tracking words and phrases all over the media and internet including blogs and social media. The ranking looks at frequency as well as the contextual usage of the word. On a side note, Jai Ho, the famous song from Slumdog Millionaire ended up as the 8th most popular phrase of 2009.

Share Photos On Flickr and Twitter

If you regularly upload photos on Flickr and tweet about them, you must be tired of the manual process. Now there is a way to automate this with is a great app that automatically posts on Twitter about your Flickr uploads. Once you sign in with your Twitter and Flickr credentials, will let you tweet whenever you upload a photo on your Flickr account. It does this by asking you the title you want to use for your photo at Flickr and the Twitter status you want to display. You can also specify the Flickr set you want to add your photos to.

No registration or sign up required. You can also view the latest photos people have uploaded on Flickr through

Techie-Buzz Verdict: is a very simple app with no loaded features. It just does one thing and does it quite efficiently. The only thing its lacking is the ability to upload multiple photos at once.

Rating: 3/5 (Very Good)

How to Add Custom Backgrounds/Themes to Twitter?

allows users to easily change the background of their profile to add custom backgrounds. However, not many users know how to do this. We had earlier written a extensive tutorial on how to create a personalized Twitter profile.

If you have created a personalized Twitter profile or want to add a custom background to your Twitter profile, here are some simple steps, which will show you how to do it.

Step 1: Login to your Twitter account and click on the Settings link on the top of the page.


Step 2: Click on the Design tabs in the navigation menu and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Step 3: Click on the Change background imagelink.

Step 4: Click the Choose Fileor Browsebutton and select the image you want to set as the background for twitter. Check the Tile background button if you want to tile the background in case it does not fit the screen.

Step 5: Click on the save changesbutton and wait a few seconds for the new background to be applied to your Twitter profile.

Hope that helped you out. Don’t forget to comment and tell us if you enjoyed the tip or faced any problems while changing your Twitter background.

IQ Test Spam Hitting Twitter Hard

A new wave of direct messaging spam has began hitting recently. You might see some direct messages from your friends asking you to take a IQ test. First of all, DO NOT CLICK on those links.


Secondly, try and alert your friends who sent you the direct message about the problem. Most likely, they will be unaware about sending out those DMs, since they are sent out automatically.

If you are someone who has been affected by this sleazy scam, here is what you should do.

  1. Change your twitter password immediately.
  2. Do not provide access to Twitter Applications you do not trust.
  3. If you do, revoke access to unwanted Twitter applications periodically. Don’t know how? Read our tutorial on How To Revoke Access to Twitter applications.

Twitter Direct Message Scams usually happen in the unknown, as many users blindly click on links and then provide access to their Twitter account, to try out something their friends have asked them to check out.

As far as possible avoid clicking links that are sent to you through direct messages. We know that you would be enticed to click on them, but do restrain from it for your own safety.