Twitter Starts Enabling Contributors Feature on Multi-User Accounts

Twitter has come a long way since its inception. It began as a way to share your status updates with your friends. Now, it is being used for everything from organizing relief efforts to online marketing. Twitter has grown into a serious revenue mechanism for many organizations. Dell has led the way by raking in millions of dollars’ worth of sales through Twitter. Although Twitter was designed for single-user accounts, today a substantial portion of the popular Twitter accounts are actually multi-user accounts maintained by a dedicated team. Twitter acknowledged this a few months back and promised to introduce a new Contributors feature for businesses.


The Contributors feature is really simple. It adds the username of the person actually posting the updates to the tweet byline. This gives a face to big organizations and makes conversation more personal. After testing this feature for several months on the @twitter account, Twitter has finally begun rolling it out to multi user accounts. The SalesForce and Starbucks team are already enjoying this feature and others should get it soon.

Find Out When Your Twitter Friends Sleep

sleepymoon For those of you who are Twitter fanatics, or simply curious, you can find out roughly when anyone using Twitter is usually asleep. I was surprised to see this site and the idea sort of wakes you up after a few minutes.


As you can see from the banner at the site, the author (@labnol) is obviously short on sleep, since he misspelled they. However, he must have had some pretty darn good coffee, because his web app really seems to work. I was curious to find out when one of my twitter friends is typically snoozing. Here’s what I found.


Based on my experiences with Keith, I’d say that’s pretty accurate. However, this may not work for every Tweep you follow. If a person doesn’t tweet very often, the accuracy simply won’t be there.

Some people may be more curious about the bed times of famous people, such as Hollywood and Bollywood stars. Here’s a link from the site to show you some: Bollywood

Does that idea excite me? Sorry, I can’t keep from yawning, and no, I couldn’t care less. Don’t let my lack of enthusiasm stop you from searching for your favorite sleepy-heads.

Go to to find out now.

Good night everyone!

DYK Thursday: Roundups and Some Tidbits

Okay, this is the fourth official DYK Thursday and I hope you people are enjoying reading what I write. This time it’s more of a collection of different things. You might have already read some of them. So, this is also a roundup of some amazing facts that we found out this week.

Everyone knows Twitter has a 140 character limit. But DYK that Facebook had a 420 character limit?!

Yes. You might already know this, if you are a regular reader here. Kieth has already written a post on this. (Click the link above). Keith came to know about this limit while he was trying to tell his friends about a feature request he wanted on Facebook, through his update. Bad luck, Keith! ;)

History of Twitter is Awesome!- A few facts about it

Ya, I know. History is boring always-but when it comes to Twitter you will crave for more. Tehseen has compiled some awesome set of facts about the history of Twitter like – Twitter was initially called as “Twttr”, Ashton Kutcher was the first tweep to get a million followers and many more. Go ahead and read the post!

Google Chrome has an extension to remove profanities from webpages!!

Google Chrome’s extension gallery is day by day getting filled with lots of extensions. Now, there is also an extension that “censors” the profanities on the web. The name of the extension is called “F Off”! Go ahead and install it if you have kids at home. [Thanks ChromeStory]

Google Chrome has an extension that does NOTHING!

Yes, you heard that right! This extension does nothing. Okay, you are asking me what’s the deal with it? It has about 1408 users and “weekly installs” of about 4823. Now, is it funny, ridiculous, WTF or what? Another point is, how did it get into the extension gallery?! ! Won’t Google check before accepting any addon? Leave your comments below. [Thanks ChromeStory]

Twitter and Facebook on Your Desktop Using Mixero

mixero-screenI am not a big fan of Adobe Air apps, Mozilla Prism or Google Chrome app shortcuts. These frameworks allow you to run web applications on your PC’s desktop like other applications. I like web applications to stay in the browser. However, I can be tempted away from the browser occasionally.

Mixero is an Adobe Air application that brings Twitter and Facebook to your PC, Mac or iPhone desktop. It offers speed, plenty of functions and lots of ways to filter the content. It really is pretty amazing. Take a look at this video showing off the features of Mixero.

If you can’t see this video click here.

As I said earlier, I don’t normally like web apps running on my desktop, but Mixero is very tempting. So far, the only way I’ve been able to mix up Twitter and Facebook is by using It’s a good alternative if you decide you definitely want to stay inside your web browser. In the mean time, I’ll keep Mixero awhile to see how much use I get from it.

Download Mixero (available for PC, Mac and iPhone, requires Adobe Air)

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Mixero’s speed and features are sure to make plenty of Social Web addicts very happy. If it wasn’t dependent on Adobe Air, I’d like it much better. I’d also like to see them add more services, such as MySpace or Google Buzz.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

How to Set Your Tweets as Google Talk Status Messages

Would you like to automatically update your Google talk status messages with tweets from your profile? It might be a good idea to change Google talk status messages with your tweets as this will let your IM buddies know what you are doing.

Twitter2Gtalk helps you achieve just the same. You can connect your Google talk and Twitter accounts and cross post Tweets as Google talk status messages. The app will change the status messages every 30 minutes, so there is nothing to worry if you tweet quite often.

To get started, login to Twitter2Gtalk website with your Google account and enter the password of your Gtalk account. Next, enter your Twitter username as shown below:


That’s it. Now your Google talk buddies will see your tweets as status messages every 30 minutes. However, tweets that start with ‘@’ will not be sent to GTalk.

This app can be really useful. Say you are attending a seminar and want your friends to know how the seminar is going. You update your Twitter profile from the mobile phone and the tweet is set as the status message of your Google talk account. As for bloggers, it’s a great way to promote their posts among their Google talk friends network. Also read: how to schedule Facebook status messages.


Twitter Rolls Out Brilliant Spam Protection For DM Scams

users have been a victim of several DM scams and phishing scams in recent times, most of the times, users were send scam links, clicking on which would ask users to enter twitter details or compromise a user’s account, and then send out similar messages to their friend list.


However, that may be a thing of the past, since Twitter will now pass all the links in Direct messages through one of their own services, so that they can track and halt the problem at the core itself.

What this means is that if someone sends you a link in a Direct message or if you receive an email with the direct message, the links contained in them will go through before reaching the destination URL.

This is definitely a smart move, considering that Twitter can disable a user from visiting a scam or phishing URL at their end itself. This will also allow Twitter to quickly avoid a scam from spreading across to multiple users.

I was always wondering on how Twitter would take steps to stop the DM scam, and this is one of the best possible solution one could come up with. Way to go Twitter, this is brilliant. More info at the Official Twitter blog.

Twitter Says "Tweet" Don’t "Update"

has been making several transitions to their web interface recently, few of them have been changes to things people have always been familiar with. Quite sometime back they change the Catch line of Twitter from "What are you doing?" to "What’s happening?", and now a similar change has been rolled out where the "Update" button has been replaced with a "Tweet" button.

Twitter Tweet Button

The change though subtle, shows a huge change in the mentality of how people see Twitter as. The "What’s Happening" change conferred upon users that Twitter was not just about what people are doing, and had changed to what is happening to them and around the world. The recent disasters in Haiti and Chile were good examples on how people were talking about "What’s Happening" around them.

The new "Tweet" button also signifies a change where people are not updating their status but are tweeting about different things. Definitely a good change. What do you think?

Thanks @J3rwin

Skeet – A New Twitter Client for Google Chrome

A few days ago, Arpit mentioned that there were 3 new extensions for the Chrome browser. Skeet was one of these.


Skeet is a simple Twitter client which lets you see your timeline, mentions and direct messages very easily. Once it’s installed, it places an icon next to the address bar in Chrome. Clicking on the icon opens Skeet in a small floating window (shown here).


Skeet is an open source project hosted at Google Code. At this time, don’t expect many features, because there aren’t any more than what you’ll find at Did you know that Twitter has Crossed 10 Billion Tweets?

These are the features listed at the Skeet extension page:

  • – View your home timeline, mentions, and messages
  • – Twitter Search
  • – Get notified as new tweets come in
  • – Reply and retweet quickly

Some people, including Sarah at RWW, have told me that they are not having any luck getting Skeet to work. I was skeptical at first, because I received several connection errors and had to wait five minutes before Skeet finally showed me my timeline.

Like any Chrome extension, all you have to do is go to the Chrome Extension Gallery and download it. It will install automatically.

Download Skeet


Techie Buzz Verdict:

Skeet is working fine for me. It might save me time, then again, it may not. Currently, my biggest problem with Skeet is that it disappears as soon as you click away from it. This can be maddening if you are in the middle of tweeting or replying, because your unfinished message also disappears. If you are already using another Twitter client, you might be wasting your time trying this one.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Average)

Twitter Crosses 10 Billion Tweets

Yesterday, I told you how was quickly racing towards 10 billion tweets and guess what, they have now reached that milestone and passed 10 billion tweets.


The latest tweet count can be found on this site. The one amazing thing about this milestone is that, the tweets on Twitter jumped from 5 billion to 10 billion in around 5 months, and now that Twitter does 50 million tweets per day, the next billions will be knocked down pretty quickly.

Congratulations to the 140… Twitter team on this milestone. Hope you scale new heights in the future too.

Priyanka Chopra Visits Twitter Head Quarters

Looks like Bollywood is finally rocking , quite recently Priyanka Chopra made a stop at Twitter’s San Francisco office and had quite a bit of fun there. Earlier, Mallika Sherawat had also visited the Twitter office.

Priyanka Chopra at Twitter HQ

Priyanka Chopra With Biz Stone

Priyanka Chopra at Twitter HQ


So who is in the line to visit the Twitter HQ next? Shah Rukh Khan and company? By the way if you missed it, don’t forget to check out NDTV’s interview with Biz Stone.

You can follow Priyanka Chopra on Twitter @priyankachopra. You can also check a list of other Bollywood and Indian celebrities.

Hit the Twitter Office page to view more pictures of Priyanka Chopra’s visit to the Twitter HQ.