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Facebook Testing "Subscribe To" User Feature

Looks like both and is busy with adding new features to their respective sites. Facebook is in the process of testing a new feature which will allow users to subscribe to a specific user and receive notifications whenever the user performs an action.

Facebook Subscribe To

This feature is a bit different than the regular Facebook feed because it will send you a notification whenever someone performs an action just like Twitter shows you when a user tweets as you can see in the screenshot below.

Facebook Subscribe Notifications

The new “Subscribe To” feature will allow users to track certain users and find out what they are doing, however, considering the privacy problems that this feature would invoke among users, Facebook would have to tread carefully. Hopefully, Facebook will not allow the world to subscribe to your updates, or allow you to entirely turn off the feature.

Earlier last month, Facebook had rolled out a feature to allow users to control notifications on likes and comments, so this would just be another step forward.

(Source: All Facebook)

Twitter for iPad Adds Inline Media, Gestures and Panes

users have a huge screen and more screen-estate than smartphones and is all set to take advantage the fluid interface of iPad to provide a better experience with their new Twitter for iPad app.

Twitter for iPad

Twitter has announced the introduction of a new Twitter for iPad app which bring in several new features including Panes, which are similar to tabs and allow you to open multiple links at once and switch back and forth between them.

In addition to that, Twitter for iPad has also allows you to view inline videos in the panes that you open. The videos will continue loading without hampering your navigation and you can easily switch to watching the video by clicking on the pane.

Twitter iPad Gestures

Twitter for iPad also has gestures support where you can pinch on a tweet to see actions such as reply, retweet etc., or use two fingers to pull the tweet to view the twitter conversation. You can download the Twitter for iPad from here and find more information about it at the official Twitter blog.

How To Search Twitter Direct Messages

provides users with an option to send direct messages which can only be read by the person you are sending the message to, however, if you receive a lot of DMs, it definitely becomes difficult to find old messages from users.

The problem is that Twitter does not provide users with an option to search direct messages. This might become painful when you want to look at a message which was sent to you a few weeks or months back. However, you can easily easily archive and search all your direct messages using a neat trick.

Get Twitter DM as Email

The trick involves  making sure that Twitter sends all your direct messages to you as an email to an email address by selecting the checkbox under "Settings -> Notices" and using your email service to search for the direct messages.

Search Twitter Direct Messages

For example, I use a Gmail email address for Twitter, whenever someone direct messages me, I receive and email. Now to search for the direct message, I simply use the wild card text "twitter-dm*" as the "From" email (this remains constant) and type in the words I am search for the "Has the words" text box.

You could use the same trick with any other email service which provides you with a search option and use the wildcard search as I did with Gmail above provided that your email service supports wildcard characters. It your email service does not provide you with wildcard search, you can open a direct message and copy the email address (which is similar for all DM emails) and use it to search your direct messages from Twitter.

Twitter Launches “Twitter Tales”, Wants to Know Your Twitter Story

First it was Facebook, then it was Google and now it’s Twitter who wants you to submit a story and let the rest of the world know about it.   A few months back, Facebook pioneered the idea of “user stories” thereby inviting users to write all the creative ways they use Facebook nowadays.

Google followed suit and asked the users to submit their “search stories” which is basically about incidents when Google changed their lives. Twitter has joined the league by announcing the launch of Twitter Tales – a place where you can share your experience on how creatively you interact with the largest micro blogging site.

Presently, there are three stories listed:

Life: @natashabadhwar is a mother/filmmaker/photographer/writer from New Delhi who sees Twitter as a form of self therapy.
Community: @caltrain is a crowd-sourced Twitter account where people can help others avoid pitfalls on their daily commute.

Each week, Twitter will add a new story in the official Twitter blog’s sidebar which will highlight how individuals and businesses from around the world help make the Twitter experience awesome. You can read the user submitted stories from tales.twitter.com

Twitter has been quite busy in recent times and it’s clear that the company is focusing more and more on the user.   In the past weeks, the micro blogging giant came up with a Tweet button ( great for branding), added Fast Follow and SMS following (again a nice way to engage beginners), added “Who to follow and You both follow” and now it’s the “Twitter tale”.

With the number of Twitter user’s growing everyday, it’s imperative that Twitter adds more and more engagement and draws users to fun aspects of the community.

To submit your Twitter tale, all you have to do is open your email client, write the tale and send it to [email protected] And yes, you are allowed to write more than 140 characters !

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Twitter Adds Common Followers, Which Friends Follow a User and More Features

Looks like is on a feature release spree with several new releases coming up in the past few weeks. Twitter had just released some official Twitter retweet buttons yesterday and today they have released a few new features including type of lists you are part of, which friends of yours are following a certain profile and also common followers between you and another user.

Your Twitter Friends Who Follow A User

When you visit a Twitter profile of a user, you will now be able to see which of your friends are following that particular user as seen in the screenshot above. You can also click on the Green retweet button to block Retweets of a user from appearing in your timeline.

Common Twitter Followers Between Two Profiles

In addition to that users will also be able to see which followers are common between both the profiles in the sidebar as seen in the screenshot above. You can see all the users that both of you follow in common by visiting this URL http://twitter.com/techiebuzzer/follows_in_common, just replace techiebuzzer here with the name of the user you want to check.


Along with these new features, Twitter is also displaying different Twitter lists categories a user is included in, which shows what type of lists a user is part of. This features was seen by an author on the fresher.com blog. The Twitter Lists feature is not active anymore, so there is no information on how Twitter is generating this information.

These are the only visual changes I could see now. However, I hope that Twitter also provides an option to mute users without unfollowing them for a short period of time Winking smile.

TweetDeck Beta For Android Released

A couple of days ago, TweetDeck announced that they will be releasing a beta version of TweetDeck for Android soon. The very nextsnap20100813_094115 day a very early build of the beta version of TweetDeck for Android got leaked. TweetDeck CEO Iain Dodsworth even recommended people from avoiding installing this pre-beta build. Today, TweetDeck has finally released TweetDeck Beta for Android. I installed the application on my Samsung Galaxy S and have found it pretty decent until now.

The UI of TweetDeck for Android looks very polished. In fact, for me TweetDeck is the best looking Twitter client available on Android. I also loved the multi-column timeline, replies and DM column layout. However, the application lacks some advanced settings like the ability to select the timeline refresh interval, background updates etcetera.

Hopefully, TweetDeck will add these features in the future updates. Here is the link to download TweetDeck Beta For Android

Tweets From The Official Tweet Button Reveal The Actual Location of a Shortened URL

The problem with shortened links is that you have absolutely no idea to which webpage the link is going. The link can lead to an authority blog, a YouTube video, a spam site or may return a 404 error page in the worst case.

There are some tools and browser extensions available which you can use to know the actual location of shortened links, but if someone is using the official Twitter buttons to tweet links, you don’t have to.

The official Twitter button uses Twitter’s own URL shortening service (t.co) to shorten the link of the webpage which a user wants to share with his Twitter followers. The URL is sent to the pop up box, the user can customize the message and then send the tweet.

But when the links are posted on his Twitter profile, the actual location of the URL is revealed automatically. That means, you can know exactly to which domain a link is pointing to, if someone uses the Twitter button to share a webpage.

Agree that the URL’s are abbreviated but this feature will reduce some clutter from your ever expanding timeline, you can skip some links just by looking at the tweet and don’t have to open the URL.

The disadvantage : it consumes valuable characters, but that’s fine because the URL will be shrinked depending upon the length of the title of the post.

As of now, the expanded links work only with Twitter.com and partner sites or desktop clients still show the t.co version. Here is a screenshot from my Tweetdeck desktop client:

Twitter Officially Announces Retweet Button, Partners With Tweetmeme

Yesterday we told you that was going to launch Official retweet buttons and today it has been officially announced on the Twitter blog.


The official tweet button for Twitter is in partnership with Tweetmeme who are one of the biggest providers of the "Retweet" button for websites all across the world. Tweetmeme also accounts for 750 million daily retweet button impressions. It definitely made more sense for Twitter to use the technology behind Tweetmeme, since it also accounted for shortened URLs.

In future, all Tweetmeme buttons will redirect to Twitter’s "Retweet" button by default and the Tweetmeme team will continue to work with Twitter on the Retweet button and other projects.

The Retweet button from Twitter is easy to integrate and makes use of Twitter’s own URL shorterner t.co, which it also uses to provide a brilliant spam protection mechanism. If you want to make use of the official Twitter Retweet button, head over to this link and create your own. Watch a video of the official Retweet button in action below.

TweetDeck For Android Leaked

It was just last night we told you that a beta version of TweetDeck for Android is coming soon. Now, a very early build of the TweetDeck Beta application for Android has been leaked on the internet. The folks over at Gizmo Fusion haveTweetDeck put 4 different download links for the application. Someone managed to find a download link of the pre-beta build of TweetDeck from the official TweetDeck blog.

However, TweetDeck CEO Iain Dodsworth commented on the Android Police article saying that this is a pretty early build and users are recommended to avoid it. Nevertheless, this should not stop people from giving this pre-beta build a shot once. To install TweetDeck for Android, just download the .apk file and transfer it to your phone. Then install the application using ASTRO file manager or any other similar software.

Hopefully, this should force TweetDeck to release the beta version of TweetDeck for Android as soon as possible.

Twitter’s Official Retweet Button is Coming Soon

There is a news that Twitter will be launching an official retweet button for websites and blogs at the end of this week. The button will work just the same way as the Tweetmeme buttons work presently, users will be able to retweet any page from your blog and the button will show how many times the page has been tweeted, reports Mashable.

Official Twitter buttons

The button will be available in three different sizes – 100 X20, 55 X20, 55 X63 with five different settings for customization.

The code for embedding the official Twitter button in your blog’s template is simple and available in both JavaScript and iframe formats. Here is how the code looks like:


<script src=”http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

<a href=”http://twitter.com/share”>Tweet</a>


<iframe allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”

scr=”http://platform.twitter.com/widgets/tweet_button.html?url=http%3A%2F%2Fdev.twitter.com” style =”width:130px;height:50px;”></iframe>

The button can be seen in action below, although it might not work because the retweet feature isn’t live for everyone yet. Only a few sources have this ability activated and you may have to wait till Twitter activates the feature officially.


It will be interesting to see the reactions of Tweetmeme and Topsy, the   two companies heavily rely on the “Retweet” buttons for promoting their brand.

We will update this post once we get more news or any other information regarding the official Twitter buttons.

Update: It’s official, Twitter has just announced the Retweet buttons and you can get the code from this page.

TweetDeck For Android Coming This Week

TweetDeck is a very popular twitter client on Windows and on iOS. Now, the folks behind TweetDeck are soon going to launch a beta version of TweetDeck for Android. According to the official TweetDeck blog, a public betaimage version of the application will be released sometime this week for some serious device testing.The TweetDeck for Android application has been built from the scratch for the best Twitter experience possible.

Here is the full press release :

Android TweetDeck – Beta Test

To get straight to the point, we’re nearing completion of Android TweetDeck and we’ve really been pushing the limits of what Android can do. Hence we will be opening up a public beta testing period this week for some serious device testing. But before all that happens I wanted to briefly explain what Android TweetDeck means to us because it’s more than just TweetDeck on Android.

First off, we’ve built Android TweetDeck from the ground up to be true multi-stream, laser focused on showing you all your friends’ cross-service activity in one app. Multi-column is still the order of the day but now columns are blended based on the type of activity rather than the service. And all this whilst retaining the most powerful functionality from each included service.

We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time making the app silky smooth from the column scrolling to the custom views – so much so that one of Google’s Android Developer Advocates recently described it as “a thing of beauty”. So look out for the beta test later this week and please do get involved.

Interestingly Android TweetDeck also represents the future of our iPhone and iPad applications. We’ll have a few bug fix releases shortly (awaiting approval in the app store) but in the background we are working on porting Android to iPhone in as quick a time as possible. Finally, it won’t be long before most of the new concepts in Android TweetDeck make it to the desktop and web – we’re also working on this now.

Speaking of the desktop, we have a new build available now which contains a workaround for a Facebook bug which caused TweetDeck to order updates incorrectly.

Android has quite a few Twitter clients like Seesmic, Tweetcaster and Twidroyd. However, none of them stand a chance against the awesome tweeting applications available for Apple iOS. Hopefully, the launch of TweetDeck for Android will change this.

Hide Who To Follow Suggestions On Twitter

recently launched a new feature called "Who to Follow" where they display a list of suggestions of people you should be following on Twitter based on certain algorithms. Though this feature could be handy once in a while, it is always in your face whenever you visit the twitter web interface.

Twitter Who To Follow Suggestions List

Now the problem here is that Twitter does not provide users with an option to disable the suggestions list, and you will have to either use a browser extension or script to disable the "Who to follow" suggestions box on the Twitter web interface.

users have a choice with two different which will allow you to disable/hide or move the "Who To Follow" suggestions box. The Hide Twitter suggestions extension completely removes the suggestions box, whereas the Hide Twitter suggestions PLUS extension will move the box to the bottom of the sidebar so that it is not in your face every time.

If you are a , or Internet Explorer you can use a user style to hide the "Who to Follow" suggestions box in Twitter. To do that, open this link in the browser you are using and choose the options provided to you. If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer you might need to install additional software or add-ons for your respective browser in order to use the User Style.

That’s it, till Twitter provides a way to disable the "Who To Follow" suggestions, you could use this trick to hide it from your web interface.

Why Multwiple is The Best Web-Based Twitter Client Available

I love TweetDeck and I wish they had a web-based version with as many features as the desktop one, but unfortunately they don’t. However, after months of looking for a feature-rich web-based Twitter client, I came across Multwiple.

Multwiple has every thing a Twitter user could ever need. Let’s start with multiple accounts support where you can add as many Twitter accounts as you want and that too without any hassle. Unlike some other clients, Mutwiple doesn’t require you to switch from one account to another as each account get its own tab.

When it comes to user interface, Multwiple is very similar to TweetDeck, having a separate column for every thing. By default, it displays 3 main columns but you can constantly view the list of available columns on the left hand side and add any of them to your view with a single click. Similarly, you can also click the little x on any column to remove it from your view. Moreover, Multwiple has some columns that many other clients including TweetDeck doesn’t offer such as ReTweeted By Me, ReTweeted To me and Your Followers.

As soon as you launch Multwiple, you immediately see your stats including number of friends, number of followers, number of tweets and number of favorites. But the best part is yet to come: when you click on a shared link tweeted by one of your friends, in addition to opening that web page in a separate browser window, Multwiple adds a small box on the top so you can constantly see the original tweet that led you to the web page.  Each tweet displays short icons that allow you to quickly ReTweet, ReTweet with comments, reply, send a DM or simply mark the tweet as a favorite. Among other things, you can drag columns to reposition them, search Twitter right from the dashboard and even see Twitter trends with a single click.

Over all, what I love about Mulwiple is the feature-rich interface without the complexity or clutter that the other apps have.

Twitter Launching a “ShoutOut” Feature Soon

Twitter has just created an official @TwitterShoutOut account that seems to be a way to write endorsements or testimonials for your Twitter friends in 140 characters or less. The official description of the account reads “Contribute your shoutouts to peeps.”

There is no word from Twitter yet about this, but consensus is that it will let friends, or friends of friends vouch for you in the Twitterverse. This could be a very relevant feature in assessing credibility of a user and get  succinct  reviews about them from people who actually know them. Traditionally, a lot of people gauged somebody’s credibility by the number of followers they have, but with launch of so many services that allow you to buy followers, that has gone down the drain.

All this, however, is still a theory since there hasn’t been an official word from Twitter yet. The account was created in the last few hours and has not made nay public tweets yet. Do you think such a feature would work well with Twitter users? What are some other features Twitter should launch to improve the online social scene?

Trillian 5 Beta Released: Beauty Meets Functionality

Last month, I had previewed Trillian 5, a major update to the popular multi-protocol instant messaging and social networking tool. On paper Trillian 5 appeared to be a stunning update to one of the most powerful instant messengers out there. Now that the public beta has been finally released, I can confirm that Trillian 5 lives up to the expectations.


As always Trillian is packed to the brim with features. However, unlike before, it doesn’t feel congested or bloated. The UI is sleek, intuitive and gorgeous. Trillian 5 supports Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn in addition to Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, Skype and E-mail. Future beta builds will also introduce cloud syncing for chat history, so that you can access your social graph on the move.

For a more comprehensive look at the new features in Trillian 5 check our earlier coverage. Trillian 5 Beta can be downloaded from trillian.im/get/windows/beta.