Twitter Tuesdays | Early Days Of Twitter

With over a billion messages posted, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks on the web. It has been exponential growth in last couple of years and has gone beyond the expectations of everybody. However, success doesn’t come without hard work and Twitter is a great example for that. It becomes clearly evident when we look at the early days of Twitter:

1. An Insider’s View of How Twitter Was Born:

Dom is one of the oldest team members at Twitter and was actually a part of Odeo, the parent company of Twitter. In this really insightful post he explains how Twitter came into existence and evolved through its early stages. He shares information on how Jack Dorsey got the idea and how Odeo gave it a chance to come up with something innovative.

2. Twitter Was Twttr at First:

Twitter got its present name a couple of months after the creation, before that, the founders referred to it as Twttr. Here are a couple of tweets from Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone to show that:

3. Twitter Was Born On March 21st 2006:

Jacks Dorsey has the oldest account on Twitter and his tweet was the first one ever.

4. Twitter Was Not a Unique Idea:

Dodgeball had the same idea and was started before Twitter, but they were surely lacking something because they gave up after a year.

5. TechCrunch Didn’t Like Twitter At First:

TechCrunch has written literally hundreds of posts about Twitter but their love for Twitter wasn’t always like this. In their first ever post about Twitter, there tone wasn’t too good and neither were their readers. Here are some earlier comments ever on TechCrunch about Twitter:

6. FiveLimes Was The First Product To Be Launched Via Twitter:

It is common for users to post about their new projects and businesses on Twitter but it wasn’t always so. Twitter was mostly used for personal updates and the first time somebody used it to announce their new project was the tweet about FiveLimes.

7. Ashton Kutcher Was First To Get Million Followers:

A lot of power users and celebrities have crossed this milestone now but Kutcher was the first to do so in April 2009.

These are some of the examples that illustrate the initial struggles faced by Twitter, after that, it has been a nice ride for them.

Twitter Tuesdays | 40 Great Twitter How-Tos

Twitter Questions and How TosTwitter can be pretty overwhelming for somebody who is new to it. You hear your geeky friends doing all sorts of tricks, hacks and cool things on Twitter but you don’t know anything about it. Fear not, this post is supposed to answer all the questions you ever had about doing something on Twitter. In these, you can find really basic information about Twitter features and even advanced hacks and tricks for carrying out some unique Twitter tasks. Read on:

  1. How To Use Twitter: Starting with the very basic question.
  2. How To Choose a Twitter Handle/Username: 8 handy tips on choosing the right username.
  3. What is a ReTweet and How To Do a ReTweet? Simple insight to the most common feature of Twitter.
  4. How To Follow Someone: See the essence of how Twitter works.
  5. How To Use #Hashtags: Get most out of hashtags on twitter.
  6. How To Upload Background Image: Give your Twitter profile a personal touch by uploading a background image.
  7. Change Background Display To a Personal Picture: It takes less than 2 minutes to do this.
  8. How To Create Twitter Lists: See the easy way of creating lists on Twitter.
  9. How To Auto-Follow People: Automatically start following somebody who follows you.
  10. Remove Yourself From a List: Somebody put you on a weird list? Remove yourself using these steps.
  11. Building Relationships on Twitter: Using Twitter the right way can change things around for you.
  12. Find People On Twitter: Twitter has millions of users and you need to know the right way to find somebody.
  13. Create Groups on Twitter: If you don’t like lists, here is an alternative.
  14. How Do I Insert Symbols In My Tweets: It is really easy to insert cool symbols in your tweets.
  15. View Replies Sent To Other Users: See how to view replies send to somebody else.
  16. Schedule Tweet For Future: 7 simple ways to send your tweets later.
  17. Find People To Follow On Twitter: Make most of Twitter by following the right people.
  18. How To Link Facebook To Twitter: Automatically send your tweets to your Facebook.
  19. Import Facebook Friends To Twitter: Bring over your buddies from Facebook.
  20. How To Customize Your Profile For SEO: Who knew Twitter can be a huge SEO tool.
  21. How To Get More Followers: Learn to get more followers while giving back as well.
  22. Use Advanced Search On Twitter: Twitter can be a black hole if you don’t know the right search tools.
  23. Send Direct Messages To People You Don’t Follow: A very useful hack that is often needed.
  24. Unblock Somebody You Accidentally Blocked: If you have blocked somebody by mistake, see how to undo it.
  25. Revoke Permissions For Twitter Apps: In other words, get rid of the spammy/crappy apps.
  26. Publish Your Blog Feeds To Twitter: Automatically tweet your latest blog posts.
  27. How To Remove Twitter Updates From Facebook: Stop the automatic posting of your tweets on Facebook.
  28. How To Use Twitter For Customer Service: Turn your Twitter account into a PR tool.
  29. Remotely Control Your PC Using Twitter: Execute commands on your PC by tweeting.
  30. How To Apply For a Verified Account: Don’t let anybody else be you.
  31. Download Twitter Archive: The smart way to save your tweets.
  32. Create an RSS Feed From a Twitter List: Get instant updates in your RSS reader for any Twitter list.
  33. Delete a Bulk of Direct Messages: The smart way to remove unwanted direct messages.
  34. Conduct Polls Via Twitter: Learn to use Twitter as a tool to capture public opinion.
  35. Know What a Twitter Term Means: A small glossary for Twitter related words.
  36. Measure Your Popularity On Twitter: See how famous you are on the Twitterverse.
  37. Save Yourself From Spam and Phishing: Learn to protect your Twitter profile from being compromised.
  38. Analyze Somebody’s Twitter Profile: Know more about a user by analyzing their profile.
  39. How To Access Twitter From Outlook: Use Twitter from your work email.
  40. How To Backup Your Twitter Profile: Don’t wait for any mishaps before you decide to backup your profile.

These are are not all, but just some questions that are commonly asked about Twitter. If you have any more questions or answers, make sure to share them in comments.

Twitter Tuesdays | 3 Great Tools To Publish Your Feeds To Twitter

Every blogger understands   the importance of social media in today’s world. Keeping connected with your followers on Facebook and Twitter and sharing your content with them through these networks has become increasing important for any good blog or website. While you could always share your stuff on Twitter manually, it would be like re-inventing the wheel since you can automate the whole process within seconds. Here are 3 excellent tools to do that with:

1. RSS2Twitter:

RSS2Twitter might not have an appealing interface but it does the job quite well. You can link an RSS feed to more than one Twitter accounts and choose to only include title or title and description. The tools also allows you to insert a prefix and exclude/include tweets with specific keywords. You can also view complete analytics including number of clicks on each post.


2. TwitterFeed:

TwitterFeed is probably the most popular tool to publish feeds to Twitter. In addition to all the basic settings, the tool also lets you choose an update frequency, insert a suffix and select a URL shortener of your choice. You can also test the validity of a feed from inside the tool and make it inactive with a single click.


3. DlvrIt:

DlvIt is a hidden gem when it comes to publishing feeds to Twitter. Instead of connecting a feed with a Twitter account, DlvrIt lets you group feeds together into a route and publish that route to a set of Twitter/Facebook accounts. It offers all the advanced features to filter your feeds or insert prefix/suffix along with detailed analytics report. The tool has another unique feature of letting you post to your Twitter account directly.

Dlvr It

All 3 tools are great and achieve the purpose of publishing your content on social media. However, each one of them has some uniqueness to it that might make it the right one for you.

Twitter Tuesdays | 10 Really Amazing and Extraordinary Uses Of Twitter

We all use Twitter for status updates, sending messages or, if we go really far, sharing media. These are the only uses we could think of when we came to know about Twitter. However, there are people who saw much more potential in the 140 character technology. Here are some really amazing and out of the box things they came up with:

1. Tweet Museum:

Odessa Begay is a graphic designer who thought tweets are too texty. So every Tuesday this designer turns a celebrity tweet into an awe-inspiring illustration. The collection is called the Museum of Modern Tweets.

Tweet Museum

2. Twitter Powered Pop Corn Machine:

You read it right! When somebody mentions #popcorn on Twitter, this machine serves up a fresh batch of popped corn. The process includes tweet triggering the movement of a belt and transferring a kernel of unpopped corn into the popper. The video below explains exactly how it works.

3. Twitter Powered Laundry Room:

If the popcorn machine isn’t good enough for you, meet the laundry room that tweets every time a washer or dryer gets empty. The room is locates in a dormitory building at Olin College.

Twitter Tuesdays | 5 Great Tools To Analyze A Twitter Profile

You came across somebody on Twitter that you think might be interesting to follow, but you are afraid of following the wrong type of user and filling your timeline with weird tweets all of a sudden. What if you could get to know more about the person before following him?? Here are some excellent tools to do so:

1. TwitGraph:

We recently told you about TwitGraph as a great tool to get an overview about a Twitter profile. Information about what apps they use, what topics they commonly tweet about and how many tweets do they post on average. TwitGraph displays all this and more in colorful graphs so you can know that user a little better in just a glance.

2. Twitter Analyzer:

Want to know how active the user really is, how many tweets he makes each day and how many people actually ReTweet their stuff? Twitter Analyzer tells you all that along with showing that user’s tweets for any specific day. You can see all this activity in a nice chart along with the user’s readers reach and unique readers reach.

3. TweetPsych:

So you know about the user’s activity, but how about knowing the person behind the profile in detail? TweetPsych does that for you by parsing and analyzing the tweets based on different psychological aspects such as control, social, constructive, positive e.t.c.

4. Twitter Grader:

Let’s say you understand things better when they are in numbers. So exactly how good is a particular user on a scale of 0-100? TwitterGrader tells you that based on number of followers, type of followers, number of friends, number of updates and whole lot of other factors.

5. Twiangulate:

At times, you can only understand something by comparing it with something else. Twiangulate does that for you by telling the common friends and common followers of any 2 or 3 Twitter profiles. It also tells you if any influential people are following a certain user and the number of obscure friends that user has.

These tools can definitely help you analyze a Twitter user and form an opinion about them. You can also use it to see where you stand compare to other users and how people would perceive you if they analyze your profile.

Analyze Any Twitter Profile Using TwitGraph

If you have ever wished for a tool that can provide useful info about a Twitter user, check out TwitGraph. It is a nice little app that gives a comprehensive analysis of any Twitter user including their recent activity. Just enter any Twitter user name and click submit.

TwitGraph starts by showing the number of tweets the user has made in last 1 week, broken down by days. The second section shows the list of users you have mentioned in last few days, followed by the app used for your tweets such as TweetDeck or Tweetmeme. TwitGraph also analyzes the words you have mentioned most in your tweets including hashtags and the links you have posted. Each section also contains a nice colored graph showing your activity in an easy to read manner.

It is an excellent tool to judge if a user is worth following or if somebody is just there for sending spams. It also gives you a nice breakdown of apps a user tweets from, something which can tell you a lot about a user. You can click on any app, username or link shown in the analysis to go to the actual web page.

Note: It would not work for users who have made their profile private and lock their tweets.