Justin Bieber Returns To Twitter’s Trending List As Fans Fight Back Against Algorithm Change

Twieber-Justin-Bieber-Twitter-TrendsJust a couple of days ago, we reported that Twitter has changed its trending topics algorithm to weed out perennial hot topics like Justin Bieber.

Twitter’s new algorithm filters out topics that are consistently popular and instead showcases only new topics that are really trending. Because of this change, Justin Bieber – a popular Canadian singer and a teen heartthrob, disappeared from Twitter’s ‘Trending’ topics list for nearly two days.

Evidently, this change didn’t go down well with fans of the 16 year old sensation. Obsessed Bieber fans have worked around the algorithmic change by making variants of the word Justin Bieber trend. Some of the topics, which have been trending in the past 24 hours, are #biebertrend, twieber and jieber.

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is becoming clear. If you are on Twitter, you just can’t ignore him. It almost appears as if his super obsessed fans have made it their motto to keep him trending.

Update: As pointed out by one of our commenters, Twieber is actually a Twitter close for Justin Bieber fans!

Twitter Rolling Out Location Based Trending

is not new to the breaking news segment, and most of the recent disasters have first been widely reported on Twitter. These are just part of the discussions which form part of Trending topics on twitter (see Top Trending Topics for 2009 on Twitter).

Back in September 2009 we had reported about some new changes in the trending topics, and in November 2009 told you about how Twitter was in plans to bring trending to different cities.

The trending for cities/countries is basically based on the new Trend API which twitter had announced. With the Help of the Trend API, users from different cities or countries would be able to view what is trending in their local areas. According, to TechCrunch, Twitter has started to rollout the Local Trends to few users.

Here are some screenshots of the Local Trends which will be gradually rolled out to everyone, courtesy TechCrunch.

Twitter Trends Countries and City List Twitter Local Trends Sidebar

Twitter Local Trends in Cities

This move by Twitter is definitely a good one, as local topics that have some value usually do not trend globally and users from a particular city or country would benefit more to know what is happening near them, rather than something that is happening across seven seas.

However, from the screenshots available, Twitter will continue maintaining the global trending topics, whilst offering users an option to view topics trending in their country or city. Right now there is not much information available about the countries and cities which are supported, however, you can expect a official announcement to come forth soon.

Top Trending Topics on Twitter for 2009

has just released the Top Twitter Trending Topics for 2009on their blog. Not surprising, #iranelection is top of the list in News events, followed by Swine Flu (H1N1). The top trending topics for people included Michael Jackson and Susan Boyle.

In the technology trends came out tops more for their not-for-everyone launch and people asking for invites rather than it being really good, followed by Snow Leopard, more of an update than a New Mac OS Xas they called it. , the cross-platform Twitter client which also has an iPhone app came out 3rd just behind , the best OS launched by Microsoft.

In the movies section Harry Potter topped, followed by the latest Twilight Saga New Moon, and the alien movie District 9. For the complete trending topics of 2009, view the list below or visit the twitter blog post in the link above.


Twitter Displays Topic Description for Trending Topics

Looks like I missed something when I last told you about twitter’s new design changes where they added better fonts and typography.


On visiting the trends page today I saw a new feature where displays topic descriptions about the trends. The topic description is sourced from WhatTheTrend.com.

Topic Descriptions are not available for every trending topic though but are viewable for most of them.

Did you see this feature earlier? Let me know.