File sharing comes to twitter with FileSocial

As it’s very clear, Twitter is a paradigm shaking platform surprising even its creators with its usage and popularity. We’ve seen it evolving from just a status updating platform to something much more bigger. During the evolution, it was photo sharing that happened first, then came songs and video. And now real file sharing comes to twitter with FileSocial.

Yes. You can now share files from your computer with your twitter followers. As easy as selecting a file and hitting the upload button.

Features of FileSocial

  • Easy interface (similar to Twitpic UI)
  • Uses oAuth to authorize your twitter account (This way, you don’t have to give out your login credentials)
  • A maximum allowed file size of 50 MB
  • Supports images, audio, video and documents
  • Supports free download of uploaded/shared files
  • Comments could be made to the uploaded items and will be sent as   @reply to you (Twitpic model)

I’ve tried it with a sample JPG image and it worked pretty nice. But, please note that all the uploaded files are PUBLIC and could be accessed by anyone. As it is with all sharing activities on web, please be sure about what you’re doing. That said, having a “make this private” option (like the “protect tweets” option on twitter) would make this even more nicer. Maybe they’ll add it soon.

Evernote Gets Twitter Integration

Evernote the popular note taking software has finally integrated itself with , the popular social networking site.

With this new integration you can now directly send notes by sending public tweets or using the Direct messaging feature provided by Twitter.

Users will have to follow the steps given below, in order to add notes through tweets.

  1. Follow myEN on Twitter (you will need a Twitter account)
  2. myEN will follow you back, and send you a DM with a link
  3. Click the link, sign into Evernote, and connect your Evernote and Twitter accounts.

Once you have linked your twitter account with evernote, you can start adding notes by either sending a public message:

Add Evernote Note Via TweetOr by sending a Direct message:

Add Evernote Note Via Direct Message

In addition to that, Evernote will automatically include image thumbnails, when you include a TwitPic image in your tweet, and display it in your note, this feature is definitely cool, and would be much better if expanded to other twitter image sharing websites.

Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories [via Official Evernote Blog]

Watch Videos and Preview Images Inline In Twitter

is quickly becoming a place to share everything under the hood, but with that it is also becoming more and more difficult to keep up with content shared with you, for example, if one of your friends posts a URL of a video or shares a picture with you, you still have to click on the link and load another URL before you can actually view the video or image.


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If you rant about having to do that, we just came across a cool script for , that allows you to preview videos and images and load them inline, while you are browsing your twitter timeline, saving you time and efforts to launch a new browser window, just to take a look at what your friends are sharing.


TwitterMedia is a script I would recommend Twitter users to use without thinking, it is going to save you a lot of time and efforts after all.

BTW don’t forget to follow me @keithdsouza or our update bot @techiebuzzer on twitter :-).

Download TwitterMedia Userscript

Monitor Twitter For Certain Keywords With Sideline

is a service that is being updated thousands of times every second, so monitoring twitter for mention of your product of service is really important, we had told you about one such service earlier called Tweetbeep, which helped you monitor twitter for mention of your product or blog posts, even if the URL was shortened using a URL shortening service.

If you want such alerts on your desktop, Yahoo has released a based application called slider which allows users to watch, search and monitor the Twitter public timeline in real-time.

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Get Your Questions Answered In Twitter With Ask On Twitter

There are many times when I have tweeted on as Does anyone know how I can do this thing, I usually got a answer from my followers, telling me about tools that can help solve my problems.


However the question was only relayed to my followers, and the answers limited to them. A service called Ask on Twitter aims to change that, by relaying the question to anyone who visits their website, and turning a question with limited reach to something which anyone can answer.

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Spring Cleanup Your Twitter Account

Every once in a while we need to perform spring cleaning to get rid of things that have piled up and are no longer of use or to cleanup space and rearrange things to put them into order.


Likewise your account may require some spring cleaning too, as there may be people who you follow, but have not updated their status in a pretty long time or have ceased to exist altogether.

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Delete Bulk Direct Messages In Twitter

has been a wonderful service, however it lacks a few things in the user interface design department, one of the things being able to delete multiple tweets or direct messages from your account.

If you are one of the people, who frequently delete your direct messages, a bookmarklet called DM Deleter aka DM Whacker could be a real time saver.

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Create Tasks From Your Twitter Tweets Using TwTask

is addicting, but along with that it is also a nice service for getting things done, along with that it also has tons of twitter applications and services, which help you use twitter better, in this post we will be featuring another interesting application that allows users to create task by sending out updates to twitter.


TwTask is a new service which allows users to create tasks by sending updates, the process is simple and you do not need to share your twitter username and password.

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Tons Of Twitter Applications and Services

If you are user, you may know the number of applications and services created for the service are countless, they are several applications which are pretty good and may escape your attention, so how do you keep track of all the twitter applications and services that have been created?



Don’t fret, neither do you have to search for it, nor discover it from your friends, there is a handy Wiki that lists out all the twitter applications ever created, the good part about the list is that, it can be edited by users themselves making it a pretty up-to-date list.

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Get Alerts When Someone Stops Following You @Twitter With TwitterLess [Free Invites Giveaway]

Twitter has a option to notify you if someone follows you, but there is no such option to tell you who stop following you, this is quite annoying, since getting a notification when someone stops following you might be useful.


TwitterLess is a service that keeps track of your followers, alerting you when one of your followers stops following you, just as simple as that. Once you start using twitterless, it will do the painful job of figuring out who stopped following you without you having to go through your follower list (a usual way of finding who stopped following you).

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