9 Handy Twitter Plugins for WordPress Blogs

Twitter plugins for wordpressTwitter is buzzing and if your blog is based on WordPress, following is a collection of some of the best Twitter plugins which can be integrated in your WordPress blog.

Tweet This, a WordPress plugin for Twitter: Adds a Tweet This Postlink to every post and page on your blog. This plugin can automatically tweet new blog posts.

TweetSuite: Another useful plugin for WordPress that includes server-side tweetbacks, ReTweet-this buttons, a digg-like Tweet-This button, automatic tweeting of new posts and other useful widgets.

TweetMeme Button: This plugin allows your blog posts to be re-tweeted. The TweetMeme button provides a live count of how many times your post/page has been re-tweeted. It gives you the ability to control the length of the tweets and, supports hashtags.

Twitter Tools: This WordPress plugin integrates your WordPress blog with your Twitter account. It enables you to pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.

WP to Twitter: This plugin posts a Twitter status update from your WordPress based blog using a couple of URL shortening services to provide a backlink to your post from Twitter.

Twitter for WordPress: Displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog. This plugin detects URLs, e-mail address and @username replies. It’s simple for use and is customizable.

WP FollowMe: Enables you to add a twitter “Follow me” badge on your WordPress based blog.

Tweetbox: The tweetbox plugin allows you to display your latest tweets in the sidebar of your WordPress based blog.

WordTwit:   When you publish a new post on your blog, WordTwit will automatically tweet your post and converts any links to tiny URLs.

Do tell us about your favorite Twitter plugins for WordPress in comments.

Create Photo Mosaics from Profile Images of Your Twitter Friends

We have seen some really cool ways to create background images for your Twitter profile. There is Twitlay, which lets you create Twitter backgrounds from an image stored in your computer. There is also Twitbacks, which makes it easy to show all your social networking accounts as your Twitter profile background.

But wouldn’t it be a great idea to use a photo mosaic as a Twitter background? The idea here is to create a photo mosaic from profile thumbnails of your Twitter followers or friends. Here is an example:


MyFriendsMosaic let’s you quickly create photo mosaics from profile images of your Twitter friends and followers. Just visit the site and enter your Twitter username and choose followers or friends from the dropdown menu.


Once the mosaic is done, you can download the image in your computer. The site works with Twitter and Livejournal. The premier option let’s you buy custom templates such as: an image for the mouse pad, a coffee mug, a T-shirt or may be a handbag.


Techie Buzz Verdict

The site looks cool but the downside is that there aren’t any templates. All you get is a rectangular image which can be set as a desktop background or the background image of your Twitter profile. I would love to see different shapes being introduced, so that each mosaic looks different from others.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (Good).

Find Out When Your Twitter Friends Sleep

sleepymoon For those of you who are Twitter fanatics, or simply curious, you can find out roughly when anyone using Twitter is usually asleep. I was surprised to see this site and the idea sort of wakes you up after a few minutes.


As you can see from the banner at the site, the author (@labnol) is obviously short on sleep, since he misspelled they. However, he must have had some pretty darn good coffee, because his web app really seems to work. I was curious to find out when one of my twitter friends is typically snoozing. Here’s what I found.


Based on my experiences with Keith, I’d say that’s pretty accurate. However, this may not work for every Tweep you follow. If a person doesn’t tweet very often, the accuracy simply won’t be there.

Some people may be more curious about the bed times of famous people, such as Hollywood and Bollywood stars. Here’s a link from the site to show you some: Bollywood

Does that idea excite me? Sorry, I can’t keep from yawning, and no, I couldn’t care less. Don’t let my lack of enthusiasm stop you from searching for your favorite sleepy-heads.

Go to SleepingTime.org to find out now.

Good night everyone!

Twitter and Facebook on Your Desktop Using Mixero

mixero-screenI am not a big fan of Adobe Air apps, Mozilla Prism or Google Chrome app shortcuts. These frameworks allow you to run web applications on your PC’s desktop like other applications. I like web applications to stay in the browser. However, I can be tempted away from the browser occasionally.

Mixero is an Adobe Air application that brings Twitter and Facebook to your PC, Mac or iPhone desktop. It offers speed, plenty of functions and lots of ways to filter the content. It really is pretty amazing. Take a look at this video showing off the features of Mixero.

If you can’t see this video click here.

As I said earlier, I don’t normally like web apps running on my desktop, but Mixero is very tempting. So far, the only way I’ve been able to mix up Twitter and Facebook is by using Brizzly.com. It’s a good alternative if you decide you definitely want to stay inside your web browser. In the mean time, I’ll keep Mixero awhile to see how much use I get from it.

Download Mixero (available for PC, Mac and iPhone, requires Adobe Air)

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Mixero’s speed and features are sure to make plenty of Social Web addicts very happy. If it wasn’t dependent on Adobe Air, I’d like it much better. I’d also like to see them add more services, such as MySpace or Google Buzz.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

A Comparison Of Twitter Clients For Google Chrome

In recent days, Google Chrome has really picked up pace. Hot on the heels of Firefox, Opera, Safari and pretty much any other browser out there, Google is trying to grab some significant market share and establish itself in the browser mart. When Chrome was still young, people hesitated to change browsers because they were wary of Chrome’s lack of support for extensions and other features that mature browsers like Firefox had, especially those gained by addons. Now that Chrome supports extensions and has nearly 4,500 of them in its repository people are considering using Chrome as a primary browser and ditching Firefox for the memory hog* that it is.

If people are going to use a browser full time, how can it not have support for Twitter? Chrome has had a few nice extensions for Twitter and we’re going to see which one is the best.

Chromed Bird

greenshot_2010-03-16_02-58-57 Chromed Bird is perhaps the first Twitter client that I tried on Chrome and I have been hooked onto it since day one. The only problem with Chromed Bird is that I can’t find any problem in it. Really. It just works, that’s all. It’s regularly updated and several of it’s setting can be modified from an options’ page. It has support for Lists and can also preview short urls on mouseover. Other than that, you can set refresh intervals for each column, define font for the text and color for the columns. People who’d like to keep a track of their shortened links would be delighted to know that Chromed Bird supports bit.ly authorization through it’s api key.You can also choose from 3 provided themes for the extension.

Pros: bit.ly and lists support,   agile, notifications.

Cons: No support for Twitpic or other similar services.


greenshot_2010-03-16_03-00-12 The first thing that you are going to notice about Tweetings is its beauty. It’s got that Mac-like look with sleek columns and shiny buttons. It looks just elegant. However, beauty and brains should go together, and for Tweetings, this combination came hereditarily. Tweetings is based on on Chromed Bird. The underlying engine is probably same and the functions and features are also identical. All you get apart from Chromed Bird is a new design a good design. (Tweetings is also available as a separate application for Windows and iPhone)

Pros: Personal account support for bit.ly and twtn.gs. Customizable retweet format.

Cons: No support for Twitpic or other similar services.


greenshot_2010-03-16_03-00-51 Metrist’s design is nothing better than mediocre. Like all the others, you click a small icon in the menu bar and the application comes rolling down. Unlike Tweetings and Chromed Bird, Metrist doesn’t support Twitter’ oAuth, so you’ll have to enter in your Twitter username and password. Also, there is no support for lists, favorite-ing a tweet or Twitter new Retweet API. In spite of a dire lack of features, Metrist still stands as a decent Twitter client, for those who don’t need much except to post their one-forty characters.

Pros: Simple minimalistic design, agile.

Cons: No support for oAuth, no url shortening, no Twitpic, no new retweets or favorite-ing a tweet.


greenshot_2010-03-16_03-01-26 The description for this extension is A simple, usable Twitter client for Chrome. Ok let’s see. Skeet might be simple but there ain’t no fun of being simple when you ain’t usable. All I could get on installing skeet was a 400error. The developer said that this error occurs when the user has crossed his Twitter API limit. However, I was still afar from reaching my limit when I always got this error. So instead of taking the pain myself, I referred to Clif’s review of Skeet that he made a few days ago. He says: Currently, my biggest problem with Skeet is that it disappears as soon as you click away from it. This can be maddening if you are in the middle of tweeting or replying, because your unfinished message also disappears.Oh well, I know how that feels. Making a compact 140 character tweet from thoughts of a million words takes effort.

Pros: Search twiter from within the client, attractive UI.

Cons: Unstable.


If you ask me, I’d say Chromed Bird any day; but if you want your tweet workstation to look pretty, there’s no harm in using Chromed Bird’s little brother Tweetings.

*Memory hog: Now people may comment that firefox is no memory hog. People, once you use Chrome, firefox looks like a fox with a butt larger than Manuel Uribe. Believe me. :P

Skeet – A New Twitter Client for Google Chrome

A few days ago, Arpit mentioned that there were 3 new extensions for the Chrome browser. Skeet was one of these.


Skeet is a simple Twitter client which lets you see your timeline, mentions and direct messages very easily. Once it’s installed, it places an icon next to the address bar in Chrome. Clicking on the icon opens Skeet in a small floating window (shown here).


Skeet is an open source project hosted at Google Code. At this time, don’t expect many features, because there aren’t any more than what you’ll find at Twitter.com. Did you know that Twitter has Crossed 10 Billion Tweets?

These are the features listed at the Skeet extension page:

  • – View your home timeline, mentions, and messages
  • – Twitter Search
  • – Get notified as new tweets come in
  • – Reply and retweet quickly

Some people, including Sarah at RWW, have told me that they are not having any luck getting Skeet to work. I was skeptical at first, because I received several connection errors and had to wait five minutes before Skeet finally showed me my timeline.

Like any Chrome extension, all you have to do is go to the Chrome Extension Gallery and download it. It will install automatically.

Download Skeet


Techie Buzz Verdict:

Skeet is working fine for me. It might save me time, then again, it may not. Currently, my biggest problem with Skeet is that it disappears as soon as you click away from it. This can be maddening if you are in the middle of tweeting or replying, because your unfinished message also disappears. If you are already using another Twitter client, you might be wasting your time trying this one.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Average)

Find Out If Someone Is Following You On Twitter

Oh the weirdness of . You need external services to find if people have unfollowed you, use services to find when someone favorites your tweets, send multiple DMs and what not. Likewise, Twitter also misses another basic functionality, that is to know whether or not someone you are following is following you back.

Agreed that there is the follower and following list, but if you have 1000s of followers, it is really hard to sift through the entire list to just figure this out for one person.

Does Someone Follow You on Twitter?

However, like always there are several Twitter apps and services built around Twitter, to solve problem Twitter provides users with. So if you are looking to find out if someone is following you on twitter and don’t want to sift through a huge list, head over to DoesFollow.com and enter the twitter handles and your question, whether someone follows you or not will be answered in a few seconds.

twitter_follows twitter_not_following

To make use of DoesFollow, just enter the Twitter handles and click on the Check button, that’s it, you will be answered with either a yup or a nope. So the next time you want to figure out if someone is following you or not quickly, head over to DoesFollow.com.

Discover the Most Popular Lists On Twitter With Listorious

Twitter Lists are a great way to organize the people you follow and discover new and interesting accounts. You can divide Tweeples into lists acording to “Genre” and follow lists created by other people to consume tweets in bulk. If you haven’t created a Twitter list yet or aren’t following any list, you are missing the real fun.(read: How to create a Twitter lists)

Now the question is: How do I find the most popular lists on Twitter? I can not afford to browse all the lists one by one. How Do I know which lists are worth a follow and which lists match my interests? How do I find Twitter lists which will serve me “Value” ?.

Enter Listorious – a user powered directory which contains the most popular lists in Twitter.

To get started, login with your Twitter account and grant the application permission to access your account. After that you can find and follow popular lists using the following methods:

1. Listorious 140: Listorious has a list of Top 140 Lists on Twitter which is updated regularly. Click the list and you will be shown 140 popular lists on Twitter, ranked acording to follower count.


To follow a list, all you have to do is click the list name and then click “Follow”.

2. Follow popular lists based on Tags: If following Twitter lists which are popular just because they have more followers doesn’t seem like a good idea, you can consider searching lists by Tags. The Listorious Tag page contains a whole lot of tags to narrow down your search for lists that match your interest.


Clikcing a Tag takes you to the corresponding page containing all lists of that particular tag. You can then click the list name to follow it.


Add a Twitter List in Listorious Directory

If you have found an interesting Twitter list and want the world to know about it, submit it to the Listorious directory. The list may or may not be created by you and once you add the list, other people can start following it. Cool!

Techie Buzz Verdict

Listorious is brilliant and makes it easy to find popular lists on Twitter. The site is easy to use, advertisement free and there aren’t any signups involved. One addition would have been awesome: Email reminders about emerging lists that matches your interest. Adding this feature, would solve the manual search and notify you of popular lists in your email inbox.

Techie Buzz rating: 5/5 (perfect).

Twitter Reactions: See Twitter Reactions of a Webpage From Google Chrome

You may know about web services that lets you see who favorited your tweets. But what about reading all the tweets, RT’s about a particular page from Google Chrome? What if you could see who first retweeted a page? Twitter Reactions, an extension for Google Chrome let’s you achieve the same with almost zero effort.

Install Twitter Reactions extension for Google Chrome

Once the extension is installed, click the small Twitter button placed at the right of the Chrome address bar. You will see a vertical grid consisting of all the Twitter juice about the current page.


The tweets are arranged in ascending order, which means the recent tweets are thrown at the top. Apart from reading the tweet, you can click through the links in the Twitter reaction grid to open the profile of the person who twitted that link.

But how many tweets? Well, I tried the extension on this page and found more than 20 tweets stacked in the order they were tweeted. Twitter reactions is a great way to see the archive of tweets that have gathered over time on any given web page. If you have a blog and want to know which of the pages in your site gets Twitter attention, this tool is a must use.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension solves the problem of manual checking, but a little more creativity would have been perfect. I would love to see a counter showing the number of tweets so that I do not have to reload the grid and count the retweets on my own.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

Services To Find If Someone Favorites Your Tweets on Twitter

Favorites on are similar to the Likes on and Friendfeed, however, unlike Facebook and Friendfeed, Twitter does not provide any easy way to find out when one of your tweets is marked as their favorite by someone.

Quite sometime back I had written a tutorial on how you can find out when someone favorites your tweets, however, it has been a long time since then and several new Twitter services have cropped up which make the task a lot more easier. Here are some of the services you can use to find out when someone favorites your tweets.


Favorite Tweets Tracked by Favstar

One of my favorites from the lot, Favstar.fm is a service which will allow you to keep track of who has added your tweets as favorites. Favstar will allow you to track favorited tweets for any Twitter user. It provides users with the most popular favorited tweets, most recent favorited tweets and also the tweets which are added as favorites by a particular user.

Favstar also provides users with an option to register so that you can favorite and retweet tweets from your Favstar.fm account.



Twitfave is another interesting service which provides users with an option to track who favorites their tweets. Though it is not as advanced as Favstar, it does provide users with an option to subscribe to the a RSS feed to track when someone favorites your tweets.

Though I did find other options to search when users favorite your tweets, I believe that these two are the best out there and do the job. If you think that there are any other better options for the task, feel free to let me know through your comments.

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