WARNING: HCG Diet Spam Worm Spreading on Twitter

A new worm has spread on and is spreading like wildfire. Users are spreading messages saying "Have you heard of HCG diet? AMAZING AND IT WORKS, I lost 2lbs in the last 3 days [link redacted]" to their friends.

Twitter HCG Diet Spam Worm

This is a spam message so please do not click on the message. A quick Twitter search shows that an number of people have been affected by this and the number of updates that are coming through are astonishing.

First of all don’t click on this link or you might just spread the work yourself. Second, tell your friends who have posted this update to delete the message and reset their passwords if possible.

Update: The website in question is a landing page for some sort of dietary medicine. However, the page has scam written all over it so don’t click on anything. I am trying to investigate on how this worm is spreading and will update this post shortly with more information.

Update 2: If resetting your password does not help, it might be because of an app that has been added to your account. Learn more about revoking permissions for Twitter apps.

More to come…

(h/t @gaberivera)

Free iPad Tweets Spamming Twitter Mentions

Recently we gave away a free iPad to a lucky winner as our Christmas gift to our readers. That contest is over so where would you get a free iPad now? Not from those stupid bots pretty ladies on who mention you in tweets and tell you that you can win a Free from some site.

Free iPad

First of the Free iPad mentions are a scam and I urge you to report the sender as spam and block them. Secondly most of the free iPad tweets are basically spam. If you are enticed and click on those links, you will be asked to fill up some survey which could lead to tons of email spam or you could potentially just download some virus or malware to your PC.

Some of these links could be as bad as the Facebook scams doing rounds of the internet and you could unwittingly share something on your timeline.

So please don’t click on the links when you see these kind of messages. Anything Free comes with a catch Smile. However, when we say that we are giving away an iPad, it is for real Smile.

Another Twitter IQ DM Spam Underway?

Quite sometime back was under a IQ test DM spam where tons of users were affected. It looks like a similar IQ test DM spam is affecting users.


The IQ spam may arise when users click on the direct messages and decide to take the test resulting in users sending out direct messages to their friends without even knowing it. In the past 24 hours I have received 10 such messages from my friends, which goes on to show that it is affecting quite a lot of people.

If you are not sure whether you have been affected or not, go to your direct messages sent Inbox to see the messages that have been sent by you. In addition to that, also visit your connections page (click this link) and revoke access to any apps that you do not trust.

As always, tweet about this post to let your friends know about this Twitter IQ Spam problem Smile.

Twitviewer Another Twitter Worm On The Prowl

Yes we all want to know who is visiting our profile pages, however don’t yet fall for that trap in the form of Twitviewer which claims to show you which users have visited your profile.

Twitter has already sent out a notice to users to change their passwords if they have used that service.


To add to that advisory we also would like to say that, DO NOT use twitter services that ask for your username and password, twitter has a very easy to use OAuth API which can easily allow you to use any application without sharing your passwords.

Twitter Spam Spreading To Blogs

Spammers are everywhere, no matter how hard you try to avoid them they will coming after you in one way or the other.

The most favorable way of spammers/hackers to operate is to target something that is popular, for example Windows, or and compromise users in the end.

A new way of spam is spreading and twitter is the center of attraction once again, can’t help it can they. Like always we do spot spam, and here is how twitter spam is now affecting blogs.

Many blogs are now pulling in conversations from external sites using services such as Backtype, however many spammers are now aware of this trend and are manipulating the system by posting links about blogs and including a spam link along with it, here is a screenshot of the spam.


The problem with the above tweets is that, even though they are promoting genuine content, at the start of the tweet they are adding spam links which users may click first thinking that it is a link to the original content.

On the other hand, bloggers will approve such tweets and then have their own readers  click on this link.

If you use a such as Backtype, make sure to moderate each and every comment coming into your blog, every un-moderated comment may lead to spam links getting in to your blog.

So beware you have been advised of the advanced form of spammers looking to manipulate your blog.

Intelligent Twitter Bots Are Here To Spam You [Spam Alert]

Ok so we wrote sometime ago how is turning into a spammers paradise, between back then and now, there have been lots of changes, no twitter have not gotten any smarter, they are still doing it manually, however the bots have definitely got much more smarter.

And here are really smart bots on twitter, who are out there to fool users into following them and then start spamming them.

Here are two followers who I saw following and surprise surprise, they both have two nice looking female display pictures and identical tweets.

twitter spammers new avtaar

Now when I visited their profiles, guess what, the both of them had identical tweets.

twitter_spammer_profile_1 twitter_spammer_profile_2

Looking at the tweets I was almost enticed to follow this user, however I do keep a eye on who I follow, this led me to discovering this new way of spamming twitter users.

One advice I would give users before following someone is to open up their profile page and take a look at what they tweet about, this may take you a minute, but it will definitely save you from a lot of spam hitting your timeline.

Twitter Is Turning Into A Spammers Paradise

is really a great place to be in, but did you imagine that one of the best place could also turn out to be the worst one, in the recent past, I have seen twitter being abused at will, without twitter being able to do much about most of the things.

Not that we require Twitter to become the next , however few incidents in the past and quite a few more in the near future will make it a spammers paradise which will then leave twitter with nothing but spammers to pit against itself.

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