Twitter Music to Be Launched on iOS Very Soon

A year back Twitter acquired We Are Hunted, which was one of the World’s leading music discovery services. Now, the social media company is planning to offer music as a service alongside the micro-blogging service with the use of same technology used by We Are Hunted.

Since the acquisition, Twitter has been working on the technology used by We Are Hunted to develop a standalone app called “Twitter Music” on iOS, a person familiar with the situation told CNET. The app is designed to suggest artists and songs to listen to, and it personalizes music based on the Twitter accounts the user is following.

The songs will be streamed to the app via SoundCloud. Earlier in February, We Are Hunted founder Stephen Phillips tweeted the following test message, perhaps using the test version of the app.

Twitter Music

According to CNET writer Casey Newton, explained that:

“Twitter Music uses four main tabs. ‘Suggested’ recommends songs and artists based on a user’s follower graph — artists they are following, and artists that other people they follow are following. #NowPlaying brings in links to songs tweeted by people you follow who tweet using that hashtag.”

The app is expected to be launched by the end of this month, and will directly compete with Facebook’s music section of its new News Feed.

Update: We Are Hunted is now taken offline and visitors to the site are now greeted with a message stating, “We Are Hunted is not available at the moment.”