External Storage Support Coming to Xbox One in June Update

Do you have an Xbox One and would like to expand the total storage capacity for whatever reason, by adding external storage? Well, start counting down the days. In a blog post on Xbox Wire on May 21, Larry Hyrb (known more popularly as Major Nelson) announced that external storage feature is coming to Xbox One in the upcoming “June update”.

Xbox One External Storage
Xbox One External Storage

This is one of the few other features coming to Xbox One in this update. Others include:

Real names to identify friends: Until now, friends list and followers list only included gamertags. With the increased friend limits, it becomes hard to correlated gamertags with real names of friends. The real name won’t show up in games, and in terms of sharing, there will be full control on whether something is shared among friends, a subset of friends, friends of friends or nobody at all.

Xbox One Real Names
Xbox One Real Names

SmartGlass with full OneGuide and Universal Remote: The SmartGlass app for Xbox One will now have the entire OneGuide and Universal Remote experience. Per the post:

We’ve made a ton of changes to your SmartGlass app for Xbox One. After getting great feedback from our SmartGlass beta, we’re thrilled to be bringing the entire OneGuide experience and Universal Remote Control to SmartGlass. Now in supported markets you can view all of your TV listings on your SmartGlass device and set and view your favorite channels and app channels on your smart phone, tablet or PC. With the Universal Remote Control, you can also easily switch channels, set new recordings and select and control recorded content from your DVR. Another great companion feature now in SmartGlass is pin reordering. With the touch of your finger you can easily organize your pins in categories or favorites based on your preferences and have those changes refresh to your console.

Other improvements to SmartGlass will help you stay current on what you and your friends are up to, even when you’re away from your console. We’re bringing hero stats and activity feed front and center, and adding more ways for you to compare achievements via SmartGlass whether you’re on a friend’s profile or viewing a game from the activity feed. Just like on the console, you can choose to get notifications on your smart phone, PC or tablet when a favorite friend signs into their console or starts broadcasting a game. For many devices, you can even choose to start watching the broadcast wherever you are.

Expanded TV and OneGuide support: TV and OneGuide will now be available to all in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Xbox LIVE Gold updates: As reported earlier, the updated Xbox LIVE Gold features will be finally made available in this update.

Here’s Major Nelson providing these updates in a video:

Google TV Gets a Major Update; Now Supports Android Market

Google has just announced via the GoogleTV’s official blog that they will soon be rolling out a major update for its Google TV platform.  With this update, the big G is hoping to revive this dead platform.

Google has focused on four main areas in this update, which are as follow-:

1) Keep it Simple – The whole interface of the Google TV has been redesigned, and is now much simpler. The home screen is now customizable, and users also get an ‘App drawer’ similar to their Android handsets.

2) Make it easy to find something – Google has vastly improved the search feature of with this update, and has made it easier for users to find content from Live TV, Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO and more services. There is also a dedicated “TV & Movies” app, which lets users browse through 80,000 movies and TV episodes from across a bunch of services.

3) Make YouTube better on TV – The software update will tightly integrated YouTube with Google TV, and make it easy for users to find their desired content on YouTube.

4) Bring more apps to TV – Lastly, the software update will bring a bunch of apps for Google TV through the Android Market. Developers can now port their Android apps to TV, or create new ones. Right now, more than 50 developers have released apps specifically for Google TV.

The software update will be coming to Sony devices from early next week. Logitech devices like the Revue will get the update soon after.