What is Google Voice? [Video]

Google Voice is a really awesome service, which provides you with an alternative number which you can use to manage your physical phones, and also setup rules and filtering so that you are not disturbed with unwanted calls or messages.

However, Google Voice goes much beyond this explanation and cannot be simplified it mere words. So what is the next best thing to get a hang of Google Voice? A video of course that takes your through the workings of Google Voice and explains to you what exactly it is.

So if you have been wondering what Google Voice is, watch the video below to clear your doubts. You can also head over to the Google Voice about page to learn more about it.

Video courtesy: Official Google Blog and Official Google Voice Blog

How to Add Custom Backgrounds/Themes to Twitter?

allows users to easily change the background of their profile to add custom backgrounds. However, not many users know how to do this. We had earlier written a extensive tutorial on how to create a personalized Twitter profile.

If you have created a personalized Twitter profile or want to add a custom background to your Twitter profile, here are some simple steps, which will show you how to do it.

Step 1: Login to your Twitter account and click on the Settings link on the top of the page.


Step 2: Click on the Design tabs in the navigation menu and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Step 3: Click on the Change background imagelink.

Step 4: Click the Choose Fileor Browsebutton and select the image you want to set as the background for twitter. Check the Tile background button if you want to tile the background in case it does not fit the screen.

Step 5: Click on the save changesbutton and wait a few seconds for the new background to be applied to your Twitter profile.

Hope that helped you out. Don’t forget to comment and tell us if you enjoyed the tip or faced any problems while changing your Twitter background.

How To Disable/Block Loading Images in Firefox?

Images are the heaviest components on a webpage and they can eat up a lot of internet bandwidth. If you are on a low bandwidth connection you can easily reduce bandwidth usage by disabling images from loading in .

Disabling images from loading is pretty simple and you do not need to add any . Follow the simple steps to disable images in Firefox.

Disable Images from Loading in Firefox

Step 1: Go to Tools -> Options in Firefox.


Step 2: Go to the content tab and de-select the checkbox next to Load images automatically.

Step 3: If you want certain sites to still load images you can click on the Exceptions button and add the URLs of the sites that you want images to load for.

That’s it the images will not load in Firefox unless you load it explicitly by right clicking on the image. If you are looking to block images for only certain sites you can always right click on a image on the page and select Block images from domain name….

Or a better solution would be to use the Image Block extension which will allow you to selectively block images on certain sites.

How To Open/Mount .img and .ima Files?

Sometimes you may come across files that have weird extensions .img and .ima are couple of them, first of these files may not be regular image files, but actually image copies of a drive or folder.

Img/Ima files are very similar to , however many softwares use .img and .ima format to store information.

According to Wikipedia a IMG file format can be any of these things;

  1. A CD or DVD image file, essentially equivalent to an ISO file. On such a file, simply changing the extension from IMG to ISO can make it usable as the latter by most programs.
  2. An archive format used for creating a disk image of floppy disks and HDDs. This allows for digital storage, transmission, and replication of floppy disks and HDDs. Files created using this format typically use the “.IMG” file extension.
  3. A file in the Macintosh Disk Image format.
  4. A graphics image format used in various ways by many different graphics software packages.

To open a .img or .ima file or mount it as a virtual drive you can use a software called Magic Disc, you can learn about how you can mount img files in this tutorial on mounting ISO files as a virtual drive, though the tutorial talks about ISO files, .img and .ima files can also be mounted in a similar way.

How To Remove Applications From Facebook?

Facebook has tons and tons of applications, however there are high chances that you may not even using half of the applications, but still providing full access to your data to them.

Here are some simple steps that will allow you spring clean your account and   remove applications from Facebook.

How To Remove Facebook Apps From Your Profile

Facebook Privacy Settings

Step 1: To remove Apps in the new interface, click on the Account drop down in the right hand corner and select the “Privacy Settings” option

Facebook Edit Apps Settings

Step 2: In the new page, click on “Edit your settings” link under Apps and Websites.

Facebook Remove Unwanted Spammy Apps

Step 3: Click the Remove link next to unwanted and spammy apps

Facebook Remove Apps

Step 4: Click the Close link next to the name of the app you want to remove from your Facebook profile. You can remove multiple apps from this page.

Facebook remove apps instructions for older version.


Step 1: Once you have logged in to your Facebook account, click on the Applications tab in the bottom left hand corner and click on edit applications.

Step 2: In the applications page, find the application you want to remove and click on the x sign in the right hand side.


Step 3: You should see a dialog that will ask you whether you want to remove the application, click on the remove button.

That’s it the application will be removed and all access to your data will be revoked.

How To Revoke Permissions For Apps In Twitter?

Twitter recently rolled out a new authentication mechanism that allows applications to authenticate users without the need to provide their twitter password.

However once you provide access to a application they have access to your data and account, and can also have write permissions to your account, which means that they can send out tweets on your behalf without you knowing.

Though the chances of that happening is pretty less, however you can revoke access to applications in twitter by following the simple steps given below.

Step 1: Login to your twitter account.

Step 2: Click on the settings link in the top right hand side.

Step 3: In the settings page click on the connections tab to view all the applications that have access to your account.


Step 4: Click on the revoke access links for the application you want to remove permission for.

That’s it the application will no longer have permission to access your account.

How To Remove Twitter Updates From Facebook?

These days many users prefer to update their status with their updates, however many times friends or family may not like the constant updates that come from your twitter stream to Facebook.

If you are looking for a way to stop updating your Facebook status with twitter updates, it is actually very simple.

You just have to remove the Twitter application from your Facebook account, we have a detailed tutorial on how to remove applications from Facebook.

Using that tutorial you can easily stop your twitter updates from showing up in Facebook.

How To Revoke Permissions For Flickr Apps?

If you use the popular photo sharing service Flickr, there are several chances that you might have used third party applications that you have given access to your Flickr account.

However not many users revoke access to the application after they have finished using it, thus leaving their accounts open to possible exploits.

If you are concerned, don’t worry about it, here are some simple steps that will allow you to revoke permissions for third party apps in Flickr.

Step 1: Login to your Flickr account.

Step 2: In the same browser click on this link to go to the permissions page directly.


Step 3: In the permissions page click on remove permissions next to the application name that you want to revoke permissions for.

That’s it the application will no longer have permission to access your account.

How To Install and Uninstall Extensions In Google Chrome?

Google Chrome now supports the addition of extensions in the development channel, though there are not many extensions available right now, the few that are there are worthwhile using.

So how do you install and uninstall extensions in Google Chrome? The process is pretty simple, here is a step by step guide that will teach you to install and uninstall extensions in Google Chrome.

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How To Enable User Scripts in Google Chrome?

Quite recently we told you, how you can subscribe to developer channel in Google Chrome. In the latest development channel, Chrome adds the ability for users to add extensions to the browser, however extensions are not enabled by default and you will have to specify some startup parameters to them.

To enable extensions in , follow the simple steps listed below.

Step 1: Download the latest development channel for Google Chrome.

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