How To Uninstall IE8?

We have been talking a lot about and its features, however not everyone is going to love the browser and uninstalling IE8 is slightly different in than it is in Windows XP.

If you are a vista user, here are the steps on how you can uninstall IE8, which we have also covered in the past.

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Use Hotkeys To Launch Applications Without Any Software

Application launchers are a real time saver, as they allow you to launch applications quickly without having to go through several menus.

However Windows has several hidden features which are least exploited by users. Those hidden features can definitely save users a lot of time keeping them productive, for example many users may not have known that they could open Quick Launch applications by using the Windows key, however we had talked about it earlier in our Windows Button Hotkeys guide.

Recommended Read: Free Dock Applications for Windows

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Create SEO Friendly URLs With Mod Rewrite and PHP – Part II

More than a year back I had written a tutorial on creating SEO Friendly URLs with Mod Rewrite and PHP, where I had explained the basic SEO concepts of rewriting URLs to make them SEO friendly.

Though It has been over a year, numerous emails and comments have dropped in for me to write the second part of the series, so here it is :-)

In the first part I had explained the basic changes you would require to do in the .htaccess file to create SEO friendly URLs, the post explained how you can internally redirect a URL to any PHP page that is stored on your web server.

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Create Free Photo Collages With Picasa [Three Step Guide]

picasa-logoPicasa is one of the best photo managing and editing software I have ever used, though I haven’t written much about it, I stand to mend those and give you more and more tips about it, and like Picasa I will be covering several other softwares, that I have neglected or rarely written about in coming weeks.

Getting back to Picasa, it has wonderful abilities to work with your pictures and provides you with several options to enhance them and provides tons of features for playing around with images.

One of the features I am going to tell you about is creating photo collages in three easy steps with Picasa, and yes it is free because Picasa is a freeware software provided by .

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How To Add Custom Gadgets To Gmail?

Yesterday we told you about 3 new exciting features where they integrated Calendar and  Google Docs into , along with that, they also added a new feature where you can add a custom gadget to Gmail by providing the XML URL for it.


Here is a simple and step by step tutorial to add custom gadgets like Remember the Milk, weather or for that matter anything to your Gmail account.

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How To Backup and Email Your Blog MySQL Database From Command Prompt?

are the way of keeping your data safe and secure from disasters, and those include your personal data as well your blog database where you have been writing for days, months or years.

We have always opted for hosting providers that provide us access to Shell interfaces using which we can use putty to manage our website, this not only puts us in a better and more comfortable interface but also allows us to use CLI (command line interface) which we are pretty much comfortable with.

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How To Create and Share .torrent Files?

Torrents are gaining lots of popularity as a medium of sharing files over the P2P network, many of you may have already downloaded several torrent files, but what if you want to create and share your wedding video as a torrent among several of your friends.

Here is a simple tutorial that will show you how to create torrent files, you will need a BitTorrent client to create a torrent file. In this tutorial we will be using the popular client uTorrent, most of the other BitTorrent clients will have the same or similar steps to create a torrent.

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How to open ISO files?

Update: Are you new to ISO? We have more resources that will help you deal with ISO files, click here to read them.

An ISO image is an image of files that can be burnt to a CD. If you’ve just downloaded an ISO file, and be able to open the ISO file and edit its contents, before burning it off on a CD, here’s a quick guide telling you how you can open an ISO file.

First, you should know that there are quite a handful of programs that let you open ISO files, but I’m going to talk only about WinRAR here, because it’s a simple tool and just does the job intended.

    • Get your copy of WinRAR from this page, double click on the setup file and the installation proceeds.

Open ISO files

    • During the setup process, WinRAR will ask you to set file associations, make sure that ISO is checked. Click ‘Done’ in the next window.

Open ISO file using WinRAR

  • Now, navigate to the folder where your ISO file is present. Notice that there’s a WinRAR icon indicating the ISO file.
  • Double click to open the ISO file.
  • WinRAR opens and the contents of the file are displayed.

Here are some more resources that will help you deal with ISO files.