Borderlands 2 Trailer Reveals 870+ Gajillion Bajillion Guns and 4 Player Co-Op

Note: There might be more than 870 Gajillion guns over and above the 87 Bazillion guns of the original. I am still debating as to which number is higher, but for now these facts must do.

Borderlands was one of the most fun (as in it made me laugh like a maniac every time I killed something with an Elephant Rifle) first person Diablo-type game with guns I have ever played. The cel-shaded world that could be explored as freely as you would want, mindlessly shooting skags, mindlessly shooting hoodlums, mindlessly shooting robots, and mindlessly shooting aliens and mindless- you get the idea. In addition playing co-op with our very own Sathya and trying to understand how the vehicles operated in the game made it tons more fun!

Now 2K Games is coming up with Borderlands 2, and the trailer promises that you will “joy puke your face off” when you play it. I am inclined to believe it. The bunches of features added in the new game are:-

  • New characters! The fat and beefy Salvador, the lithe and sensuous Maya, the Engineer-like Axton, and the Assassin-class Zero.
  • Flying machines! I think.
  • FOUR player co-op. Seriously, 4 player co-op gameplay. I cannot wait. I am already giddy.
  • Player customization.
  • More Claptraps
  • Generally more violence and guns
  • Lots and lots of guns
  • Some more guns

Okay okay I’ll breathe! Sheesh. Man cannot have his share of being excited at things these days…

Borderlands 2 is set for a September 18 2012 release date for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Preorder goodies are also shown in the video!

Mass Effect 3 Demo Playthrough Releases To Mass Complaints From Fans Who Have Not Played the Game

The title pretty much sums it up, but the posts here need to have some writing, so I’ll just fill stuff in here. As you all know (or you may not know, so I am telling you now) Mass Effect 3 is the final installment of Bioware’s science fiction action Role Playing Game series set in the far future when the Mass Effect technology is in vogue and humanity as well as its allied races across the galaxy are in danger of being hunted and destroyed by the mysterious Reapers. In Mass Effect 3, the Reapers have set their sights on Earth, the capital planet of the human system. You being the famous Commander Shepard have been called once again to save humanity and restore peace and prosperity to Calradia and bring justice to the Iron Throne bring the reapers to justice.

To increase the hype and hyperbole as well as to make fans of the series generally giddy about the March 6th/9th release of the game, VE3TRO released an exclusive forty minute gameplay trailer of the game. In it, a really indecisive player, walks Shepard through a lot of extremely unimportant areas and shows off the really terrible sprinting animations of Bioware. Also, the forty minute playthrough has some twenty eight minutes of cutscenes (70% of 40), prompting many fans to start polarizing between the “yay story, boo action” and “story sux, action roxxx” camps. However, Bioware has three different ways of playing the game to cater to all kinds of fans of the game – both story lovers and trigger happy soldiers. I hope Bioware knows what it’s doing, otherwise it is going to enrage an entire gaming community. But who am I kidding, I am about as giddy and super excited about this game and really cannot wait for March. Catch the video below.