HP’s TouchPad Go Comes Back For More Pictures

The HP TouchPad, the tablet that never made it far out of the front gate before getting axed, has spawned life to a little brother.

The rarely seen TouchPad Go, was given a solid time in front of the camera recently. Of course, it looks exactly like a TouchPad at first glance. It’s a 7″ webOS tablet, sporting the same 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and Beats Audio as the original TouchPad. Absolutely everything is known about this tablet, thanks to marketing slides that were leaked a few months ago. ¬†What was never covered, is how the Go actually looks compared to the rest of the HP/Palm device line-up. For nostalgia sake, here’s a shot that will make any webOS fan cry.

A smaller form factor and some flash accessories won’t put HP back on the mobile map, unfortunately. It’s a shame that the TouchPad Go will likely have the same fate as the unreleased Pre 3 – stockpiled in a warehouse or selling like hotcakes on eBay and CraigsList. While many users are perfectly happy with their $99 TouchPad tablets, especially ones who have them running Android, the TouchPad Go will probably never be blessed with such satisfaction.

It’s truly unfortunate that HP may not even sell these devices to employees, developers or even let them go with the clear understanding of no support, no warranty and no care comes with a purchase. Looks like the 7″ tablet wars have dwindled to just a few competitors battling it out amongst themselves.

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HP TouchPad Go Marketing Material Materializes, You Still Can’t Have One

HP pulled the plug on webOS, completely liquidated the TouchPad in a fire sale and has been flopping around like a fish out of water when it comes to their CEO, but that’s not a big deal – the previously leaked TouchPad Go was ready to go to market. At least that’s what the product marketing slides and renders indicate.

PreCentral has been given official internal-use only documentation from the TouchPad Go. The images show off the hardware and design surrounding the 7″ little brother to the original TouchPad. Instead of cheap shiny plastic, the Go has a soft-touch rubbery coating, metal buttons replace the plastic chrome ones, and of course it’s in an entirely smaller package.

The regular bundle of ports, connectivity and buttons aside, there are very few changes to the aesthetics. The TouchPad Go adds a 5 megapixel camera to the rear of the tablet, manages to enable GPS for location-awareness, and also packs the newer induction coil that allows for both wireless charging and touch-to-share with the HP Veer or Pre 3. The rear camera is capable of shooting HD video (likely 720) and the measly 1.3 megapixel front-facer is best left for video chatting via Skype or Google Talk.

Chances that consumers will ever get their hands on the TouchPad Go are extremely slim. Many folks are already chomping at the bit to get Android on their TouchPads and with the recent push to smaller tablets, it’s a real shame that the TouchPad Go is unlikely to ever see shelves, even for another fire sale.

HP TouchPad Go Images and Specifications Leaked

HP announced that it would be discontinuing webOS about a month ago, and that it would be offloading the remaining HP TouchPad stock at fire-sale prices. Soon after that, the HP TouchPad became the best selling tablet for a day or two, with people thronging to the stores to grab a TouchPad at just $99.

While the TouchPad stock may be almost completely disposed off now, except for a few units which HP wants to sell only to its own employees, apparently, some HP TouchPad Go tablets are yet to be disposed off. Some units seem to have been produced already, and they were leaked yesterday on a Chinese forum, where they were spotted by the guys at This is my Next.

The HP TouchPad Go was the 7 inch version of the HP TouchPad which was just a few weeks away from launch, when HP decided to kill off webOS. It sports a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen display with the same resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. It even has the same processor as the TouchPad – a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon and comes with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage.

Hopefully, HP has a shitload of units which it will sell at $99. As I’ve said before, I’m dying to buy the HP TouchPad, and you should too. For now, check out these leaked images of the HP TouchPad Go.

HP TouchPad Go

HP TouchPad Go