Download Windows 7 Leaked Copy [Torrents]

If you have not been to the PDC where Microsoft gave away free copies of Windows 7 to all the PDC attendees in a 160 GB external hard drive, which included Windows 7 and the PDC videos, you still have chance to get hold on a copy of Windows 7.


Windows 7 Pre Beta Build 6801 M3 builds are available through torrents right now and you can download the whole installation in ISO format.

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How To Create and Share .torrent Files?

Torrents are gaining lots of popularity as a medium of sharing files over the P2P network, many of you may have already downloaded several torrent files, but what if you want to create and share your wedding video as a torrent among several of your friends.

Here is a simple tutorial that will show you how to create torrent files, you will need a BitTorrent client to create a torrent file. In this tutorial we will be using the popular client uTorrent, most of the other BitTorrent clients will have the same or similar steps to create a torrent.

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How to Open .torrent Files?

Tip: This article teaches you how to open torrent file, if you are looking for more information click here or see the end of the post.

Torrents are the latest and fastest way of distributing softwares and other content on the web. With torrents users can download files from multiple users rather than having to download files from a single server.

What are Torrent Files?

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used to distribute large amounts of data. The initial distributor of the complete file or collection acts as the first seed. Each peer who downloads the data also uploads them to other peers. Relative to standard Internet hosting, this provides a significant reduction in the original distributor’s hardware and bandwidth resource costs. It also provides redundancy against system problems and reduces dependence on the original distributor. wikipedia.

How to Open .torrent files?

There are various softwares that will allow you to open and download the content from .torrent files. BitTorrent has their own software using which you can open .torrent files. We prefer using uTorrent though, a lightweight software, which is fast and allows for easy management of .torrent files.

uTorrent is completely free and was included in the 35+ amazing and free softwares we talked about earlier.

Download uTorrent

More Resources and Tips and Tricks for Using and Managing Torrents

How to Watch Movies From Torrent Files Without Downloading Them? [How To]

Torrents have become the most popular way to share and download movies, there are several torrent clients that allow you to download files using torrents. But what if you want to watch a movie without having to download the torrent?

If you are looking to do that, we have found a nifty little software that will allow you to view movies without having to download the torrents. RARPlayer is a multimedia torrent player, which will allow you to view high quality movies without having to physically download them.

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Download BitTorrent Files Without A Client

You have probably heard of a dozen or so BitTorrent clients to download files. There are also plenty of places to find torrent files as well. aims to fill a niche where you might be in a situation while travelling or when you are ay someone else’s place without your BitTorrent client. lets you specify the URL of a torrent metafile and download the file of your choice right from the browser without a client.

Quick BitLet Facts

  • BitLet is a web bittorrent client that lets you download files
  • You just give it the URL of the torrent meta file and select the directory you want to download it to
  • BitLet works via a Java applet and it shows you the download progress in a popup window
  • BitLet offers a code generator for publishers wishing to provide a link to download a file with BitLet
  • It lets you generate and upload your own torrent meta file
  • It directly uploads to mininova but is configurable to upload to other servers.
  • They also offer a bookmarklet to make a ‘download by Bitlet’ appear by a .torrent file link in many torrent sites.
  • As a new feature, Bitlet lets you listen to music you are streaming using BitTorrent.
  • The player opens in a applet similar to the download window and currently supports MP3 & OGG file formats with support for more types coming soon.


Overall, BitLet is a great alternative for situations where one might not have access to a full blown BitTorrent client or where the use of such software is restricted. It is also a great way for a publisher to give file download access to a casual downloader who might not have knowledge of such software.