Review + Giveaway: Tokyo Flash Optical Illusion Watch

Want a stylish watch that will confuse yet amaze your friends? If so, the Illusion watch by Tokyo Flash might be your perfect match. The Optical Illusion watch features a unique watch face and a sturdy metal design. And while this all may sound good on paper, what do I think of this watch? You’re about to find out in the article below. Before I start, I’d like to thank Tokyo Flash for sending this watch to me to review free of charge.

To set up the Optical Illusion watch, you’ll need to use the watch’s touchscreen. The screen is divided into four touch sensitive quadrants, each of which performs a different function such as activating the backlight and activating the alarm. While I wish I could say that the touchscreen is always responsive, it isn’t. It often takes a few taps to register and will sometimes even activate the wrong function.

The Tokyo Flash Optical Illusion watch is a pretty unique watch when it comes to functionality. When you first receive your watch, you’ll probably think something along the lines of “what the heck!?”. Why? Because the watch face is an optical illusion which takes a bit of getting used to, especially to view the time. While some may view this as a downside, others may find this to be a plus, and it is very easy to view the time once you get the hang of it. If you would like to view the time without decoding the illusion,  simply tap the fourth quadrant of the touch screen.

The Optical Illusion watch is crafted from a painted metal material which feels sturdy, is on the heavy side, and unfortunately tends to chip easily with heavy use. To me, this makes the watch look cheap after a few weeks of use. Another issue I have with the watch’s design is that the watch is lacking enough links to fit people with larger wrists (like me). While my wrist barely fits into the Optical Illusion’s watchband, it’s still wearable without too much discomfort.

Now for the not-so-fun part: the price. The Tokyo Flash Optical Illusion watch comes in at a whopping $199.99 with free shipping direct from Japan. Personally, I do not think the Optical Illusion is worth $199.99 because of the paint chipping problem, lack of  support for people with slightly larger wrists, and the laggy touch screen. However, if this doesn’t matter or affect you, and you’re looking primarily for an unusually cool design, I can definitely recommend the Optical Illusion watch based on ascetics.  It’s definitely not an average looking watch, so people will take notice.

Want to win one of these watches for yourself? Tokyo Flash was nice enough to give us an extra watch to give to you, our readers. If you’d like to get your hands on a Tokyo Flash Optical Illusion watch, simply leave a comment on this article. We will email the winner on 7/4/2012. Good luck!

Image Source: Tokyo Flash