Create/Take Notes In Firefox

If you are a user, you might know that Opera has a inbuilt feature that allows you to create notes without leaving the browser, a similar feature is not available for though.

If you are someone who constantly keeps on researching and would not want to use desktop note taking softwares or web to-do lists managers, the will definitely come in handy. is a simple, free, open-source (MIT-license) note-keeping tool to help you manage the tons of little information bits you need to keep track of each day.

firefox_notes has several options and you can also synchronize your lists with a external server and also configure the for the add-on.

Though does not have advanced features like clipping webpages, images etc, it is definitely worthwhile to install and use this add-on. is a collaboration with the University of Southampton and the Nokia Research Center, and is supported by the Web Science Research Initiative and the The National Science Foundation.

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Google Calendar Gets Tasks Integration

Google Calendar has been one of our favorite services to manage events, appointments and reminders, along with getting free SMS reminders for them. Google Tasks on the other hand is a fairly new product and has definitely grown in usage by Google users who would prefer to have all things in one place.

Google has now finally integrated Google Tasks into Calendar making it more than easier to manage your tasks from a single interface.

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Top 7 Online To-Do List Managers

Looking for Desktop based solution? Why not take a look at 11 excellent sticky note softwares for your PC, alternatively also take a look at the list of Sticky notes  softwares/websites and To-Do-Lists softwares/websites.

Creating To-Do lists is always a sign that you are getting more and more organized and you always know what tasks you have to perform, however there are several ways in which you can create To-Do lists, few of them including some excellent desktop sticky notes applications and Gmail Tasks which you can also manage on the desktop.


But if you are looking for a To-Do list manager, that you can practically access on any computer, you are better off using a online To-Do list manager, here are some of best online To-Do list managers you can put to good use.

Remember The Milk Remember The Milk or RTM has ruled the roost for a long time as the best online To-Do list manager, you can also use a desktop client for managing TODO lists from your desktop and Mac. RTM can be integrated with Gmail, can be accessed on a iPhone and iPod, synced with your blackberry, synced with windows mobile, accessed offline using Google Gears, create tasks using , accessed on Google Calendar, accessed on your iGoogle page and more.

Todoist – Todoist is a task manager that’s useful, fast and easy to use. Todoist provides users with a simple interface, built-in calendar, ability to create sub-projects and sub-items and integration with , sidebar, mobile access, reminders and more.

Ta-Da List – Ta-da List is the web’s easiest to-do list tool. Make lists for yourself or share them with others. It couldn’t be simpler. Ta-da List also allows you to share your To-Do lists with anyone.

Voo2Do Voo2Do is a online To-Do lists manager with a difference, it allows you to track priority, due date and time estimates for each tasks, you can also organize your tasks by projects, track time spent and time remaining and more.

Forcedo – ForceDo is a simple online TODO task list for you. You can set how long you want to spend on a task or just see how long you did something. The pressure of the time will get you move to finish the task.

Checkvist Checkvist is a online collaborative outliner and task list manager, it allows you to create tasks faster using keyboard shortcuts, share your lists with others, copy and move tasks between checklists and more.

Toodledo Toodledo allows you to create to-do lists quickly and easily, you can create folders, subtasks, due-dates, priorities etc to create your tasks. You can access access Toodledo on your mobile phone, calendar, RSS reader, via IM and through a regular web browser.

These lists may not be the only ones that exists out there, do you use any other online to-do list managers? Do let us know through your comments.

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Google Tasks On Your Desktop [Featured Download]

In the past we have told you about getting Gmail on your desktop and getting Google calendar on your desktop, however Google tasks is another interesting new service, which allows you to create tasks from your email, or use it a regular To-Do list manager.

Wouldn’t it be nice though, if you could access Gmail tasks from your desktop? Well if you said yes, we just came across a interesting application, which will allow you to access Google Tasks from your desktop.

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Gmail Labs Adds Task Manager [To Do Lists]

Quite sometime back we had ranted about how Google is missing a vital Task manager which would allow users to create and manage to-do lists online through their Google accounts, turns out that Google has finally taken a approach towards creating a robust to-do list manager by introducing a basic To Do list in which will allow users to add tasks or convert emails into tasks.


To add new tasks to , just click on the Tasks link and type your task, once you have finished typing your task simply hit the enter key and your task will be saved.

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