Remember The Milk iPhone App Now Free

Oh I love Remember The Milk and have been a big fan of it which is why it has also made it to my list of Best Online TODO Managers. However, I was disappointed when the RTM app for and was not available for free, though I would pony up the money, it still didn’t make sense when I could use the online interface.

Remember The Milk Free iPhone App

However, here is some good news. If you have been a RTM fan, the RTM is now free to download and use. If you have a free RTM account, you will only be able sync your list manually once every 24 hours and will not get push notifications. If you already have a RTM pro account you will get unlimited auto-sync and push notifications.

However, you no longer need a pro account to download the free app. So if you have been waiting to get the RTM app for your iPhone or iPod Touch head over to this iTunes link. You will find more information about this announcement at the official RTM blog.

Daytum: An Online Counter To Count and Track the Things You Often Forget

Want a simplest counter to keep track of things which you often forget? Check out Daytum a simple yet versatile web application which lets you use an online counter to keep track of just about anything. Daytum lets you count and track numbers which you often forget, it’s not a telephone log book anyway but can be quite useful at times.

Suppose you have a goal of writing 2 blog posts every day or may be running half a kilometer every morning. In such situations Daytum can be used to count your day to day activities and at the end of the month, you can see when you had missed the daily quota.

To get started with Daytum, sign up for an account and you will have a personal logbook to maintain (see example).

Features and Possibilities of Daytum

Display: There are many display formats available which you can use. You can display a simple counter for the current day or may be a pie chart from the last week. The application also has a bar graph feature so you can see the ups and downs of a particular task within a given time period.

daytum tasks

create-task-groupsCategories and managing multiple tasks: You can create separate modules for separate tasks and group similar modules together. This is useful because you may want to track a group of tasks and see the combined output. For example: You may have three tasks for your daily exercises and 2 weekly gym schedules. In that case, apart from managing all of them separately, you can create a single module and see the combined output at one place.

Use Daytum from your Mobile or Android: You do not always need a computer to update Daytum. You can use your Iphone or Android to update your Daytum account from

Techie Buzz Verdict

Daytum is one of a kind and very simple to use. But one downside found is the lack of export feature, you cannot move out data from your Daytum account and use it elsewhere. Thus, if you have set up lots of counters and need a better option to switch over, you are stuck.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (very good).

Squareleaf: Free Web Based Sticky Notes Service

Squareleaf is a free web based virtual sticky note service. It can be used to store all the important and day-to-day information like schedules, phone numbers, addresses, to-do lists and other notes.

Squareleaf provides the convenience of arranging your notes on a white board in the way you like. The content in the sticky notes can be saved, modified and deleted as needed. Since this service is web based, you can access it from anywhere at anytime.

Once you sign up, you can start making sticky notes by selecting the color of your note and then clicking on add note’. You can also resize, change the color and location of the notes all over the white board.

The information in the notes can be saved and reloaded using the save’ and reload’ options. Squareleaf makes it very easy for you to manage your to-do lists, notes and other information.

Key Features

  • Web based virtual sticky note service.
  • Provides options to drag-drop, resize and change the color of note boxes.
  • Can be used to store to-dos, schedules, phone numbers etc.
  • Free to use, requires registration.

Add a Simple to Do List In Chrome New Tab page

To do lists are great for organizing tasks and penning down important events, but the only problem with them is that you have to either use any website or install new software in your system. While there is no harm in using remember the milk or any other service, I would prefer using my browser as a to do list manager.(also read: useful Google chrome extensions)

I am talking about Google chrome and the Things-to-do extension. This extension adds a simple To-do list in the Google chrome new tab page which let’s you write small notes and save them.(read: how to install Google chrome extensions)

When the Chrome extension file finishes downloading, it will throw a confirmatory message. Just click on Installand the extension is added in Google chrome.

How to use the To-Do List

Just open a new tab and you can start adding items to your list as shown below:


Clicking the Title lets you rename the list. After that you can start entering entries in the list entry areaand organize your list. Press the return key and you are presented a new empty list item. Deleting list items is as easy as a mouse click. Just click the red cross button and the entry is removed. All your list items are saved and whenever you open a new tab or restart your browser, you can see your To-Do list reminding you of the important tasks.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

This extension has become an integral part of my system. It is the simplest way to create and save lists right inside the browser. However, this extension only supports the latest dev builds of Google chrome.

Techie-Buzz rating: 4/5(good).

Simple To-Do List Manager


Scattrbrain is a lightweight and simple to-do list manager based on . It will help you keep track of small tasks and appointments. You can set due dates for your tasks and also apply different color codes to them. One of the best features of this app is that you can also import your Google Calendar appointments into it.

Download Scattrbrain

Listhings: Store Sticky Notes Online

Listhings is a free online tool for storing your personal notes. It provides you with a canvas to make notes on a nice drag and drop interface. It can be used to store almost any text – to do’s, phone numbers, lists etc. You can create any number of note boxes and customize their background color.   The notes are automatically saved to Listhings database servers.

It enables you to resize the notes from the right and bottom edges. To create new notes, just double click anywhere on the screen or click the Add button from upper right corner of the page.

It’s a simple and effective way to create and edit your notes online.

Desktop Reminder Is an Awesome Reminder Tool

There are tons of ways in which you can manage your TODO lists both online and offline. We have reviewed several applications for offline TODO List management, as well as several online TODO List manager services.


Desktop Reminder is another , which acts like a TODO list manager and reminder tool for desktop users. Adding tasks to Desktop Reminder is very simple. To add a new task, click on the New task button.


A new window will popup displaying several options for the task, you can set the date of the task, choose the reminder time, change the event to a recurring one and more. Desktop Reminder add new task is very similar to a regular calendar interface, so adding tasks should not be a huge problem.

Dealing with completed tasks is pretty simple too, all you have to do is select the task from the main interface and click on the “Mark as done” button.

Techie Buzz Verdict

techie-buzz-recommended-software[1] Unlike traditional reminder software and services, Desktop Reminder allows you to set reminders for months in advance. You can use that feature in many ways.

Say for example, you want to travel somewhere 6 months down the line, you can create a task and set reminder to book tickets 2 months in advance, this will help you get a cheaper deal, while booking tickets.

Another example could be a friend’s marriage, you could setup reminders a few weeks earlier, so that you can think and buy an appropriate gift, rather than scrambling for a gift at the last moment.

Other than that, Desktop Reminder has a pretty simple interface which makes setting up reminders a piece of cake. Desktop Reminder is a by Techie Buzz.

Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Download Desktop Reminder

Save Notes As Emails With MailNoter

Now there are tons and tons of sticky note applications and to-do list manager websites that allow you to store notes both offline and online, however one effective way of doing things is also by sending yourself a email reminder.

In fact whenever I have to do something the next day, I send a email address to my work account, so that when I download emails the next morning I also download the list of things that I have to do.

MailNoter is a very handy and , that will allow you to directly send notes to your email address.


Once you have downloaded the software, unzip it to any folder and double click on it to run, you can right click on the system tray icon to change the settings for application.

In the settings window you can specify the that will send a email, the from email address and the to email address, along with specifying whether or not you want to start the application with Windows.

Sending a note to a email address is fairly simple, just press the hotkey and your selected text will be sent as a email to  the account you have setup.

Please note MailNoter will use your default email application to send out emails, so you will get a prompt to allow the MailNoter application to use it.

Download MailNoter

10 Ways To Use Twitter As A Reminder Service

is both useful to some and then not so useful to many, however the beauty of the service is that there are so many tools & services built around it, that makes the service much more better to use.

Did you know that you could also use twitter as a reminder service? Well if not here are 10 handy reminder tools and services that can turn twitter into GTD service for you.

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Remember The Milk


The big daddy of reminder services, RTM also has an option for users to set reminders using twitter. If you have a RTM account, all you need to do is follow @rtm on twitter and send your tasks as direct message to it.

And yes, you can also choose to receive reminders or task alerts directly to twitter.



Earlier mentioned service Remindr is another interesting service that allows you to set reminders to be sent to twitter or email without registering or signing up, just head to the website, create a new reminder and follow @remindr_bot to get a nudge when the task is scheduled.

Remind me About


Remind me about is a simple twitter robot that allows you to send to do lists as direct messages, just follow @remind_me_about and let it follow you back.

Once it does you can send out messages as GF’s bday tomorrow or GF’s bday on 01/01/2009 (dd/mm/yyyy format) and it will send you back a reminder whenever the task is due.

The developer of the service is planning to make the code open source, so you will be able to run reminder services on your own server.

Other Useful Twitter Reminder Services

Sendible Sendible is a full fledged reminder service with options that allow you to receive alerts in your twitter account. The handy productivity service allows you to created reminders and receive alerts for them in your twitter account.

Plook Pretty simple to use, just create a reminder and forget about it, you will receive a reminder when the task is up, no need to signup or register.

Twalert Another handy twitter alert service that allows you to create a alert by using the web interface or by direct messaging @twalert.

Tweety PA – Tweety PA is a remidner service for twitter. You can book a tweet for anytime in the future, and have a direct message sent to you at that time. Depending on your settings this should also send you an email with your message of choice.

Twinders Twinders is a free service that allows you to schedule reminders, memos, or notifications sent to your Twitter account on the date and time you choose.

Timer A twitter robot that you can use as a reminder service, just send a direct message and you will receive a alert when the time is up.

Do you use any other service? Do let us know about them.

If you have missed some of our earlier posts about twitter, you can read them by following the links below.

Google Tasks Graduates With Honors, Moves Out Of Labs

Google has been coming up with several features, however many of them are usually in the Labs, where they go through rigorous testing before they some of them finally graduate to become stable products.

Once such interesting product in was Google Tasks which allowed you to quickly take notes or add your emails to notes.

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Over a period of time Google Tasks was integrated into Google Calendar and you also had the option to access Google tasks from your desktop, it was getting more and more useful over a period of time.


The team has finally graduated this feature out of labs, however surprisingly this was the shortest period we have seen a feature graduate out of labs, which would mean that is more stable and widely used.

Starting today you will see a link for tasks under the contacts link in Gmail, the feature no longer requires users to enable it in Gmail Labs.

If you have not yet been using this, we definitely recommend you give it a try.

Tasks graduates from Gmail Labs [Official Gmail Blog]