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Find Free Wireless Access Points With Free Hotspot [Free WiFi Hotspots]

Imagine a situation where there are about 30 minutes for you to board a plane which would take 6 hours to your destination and you just remember that you forgot to email a important presentation due in 2 hours. What would you do in such a situation? Would you buy wireless access to surf the Internet for just 10 minutes while you can email the file? If you decide to do that then let me welcome you to the club of people who waste money when they could have save it.

Why pay when you don’t have to?

free-hotspots-logo This is a question Free Hotspot a service that helps you to find free WiFi access points asks to its users. Why not find a free WiFi access point and save yourself some money.

As the name suggests Free Hotspot maintains a list of free WiFi Access points across the world which are free to use, all you have to do is enter your zip code, city name, state or area name along with the country you are in and it will show you a list of free hotspots available.

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Create Extra Partitions From Unused Space In Windows Vista

Most laptops and desktop factory models come built in with only one drive no matter how huge your hard drive is. This can be pretty annoying when you want to re-format your PC, in those cases you may first have to move all your data to a external drive before performing a fresh install.

Windows Vista has a nice little feature which will allow you to create partitions from unused space without having to use any additional tools or softwares.

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Twitter Your Blog Posts Automatically [How To]

If you have been following me on twitter you may see that I twitter all my posts. Well I do not do it manually and for those who are interested on doing it automatically follow the tutorial in this post and all your posts will automatically show up in twitter.

What Tools Do you Need to Use?

TwitterFeed is a service which allows you to post your blog posts as tweets to twitter over a specified interval of time.

The service is free to use and only requires you to register your blog feeds with them.

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Protect Yourself from Internet Threats [Detailed Instructions]

Internet is a mine of information but with that information comes risks and vulnerabilities. Every time you connect to the Internet not only are you reading information but some small software may be stealthily sending information to hackers and spammers about your activities.

Well no famous person wrote that quote it was just me elaborating a point that every time you connect to the Internet you may be vulnerable even though you may be safely visiting your favorite email site or just browsing news from your favorite newspaper. It all boils down to who is watching you and how?

What are Spam Softwares and Trojan Horses?

Spam softwares and Trojan horses without Internet are useless (even some viruses that look to spread rather than destroy). The main aim of these softwares (they are softwares but malicious in nature because they do things which you never authorized them to do) is to collect personal information of any sort including surfing habits and going to the extremes of critical information like banking passwords and sending them to other servers so that they can send you ads or maybe loot your money.

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Block Unwanted Sites Without Installing any softwares

The Internet in itself is not a very safe place to be in with viruses, torjans, adware and malware all waiting to attack your computer. You can stay safe from these using Antivirus softwares or Anti spyware softwares. To top that list there are tons of sites which popup unwanted ads on you to make your surfing experience a horrible one.

To overcome that there are several softwares and addons to block those ads but those solutions are rather limited to a single browser and the next time you change your PC you will have to reinstall those softwares.

Instead of using multiple softwares for multiple programs to block advertisements you can use a simple trick that will block those ads out without the need for installing any softwares.

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Change Your Passwords in Linux [How To]

Creating strong passwords is not the only thing you need to do to save your accounts from being hacked or stolen, updating your passwords regularly is also something which you should consider. I usually change all my passwords atleast once in three months and use different passwords for different accounts. 

Many a times when working with Linux users do not change their passwords if they are only connecting to the Linux machine using a program like putty. Here is a quick and easy method to change your password on a Linux box.

Login to the Linux Box using SSH client

The first thing you need to do before changing the password is to login into the Linux box you want to update the password for.

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Suspend Memory Hogging Tasks Instead of Killing Them

Many a times you may see a application using high amounts of memory or hogging most of the processing power of your CPU. At such times other applications may work extremely slow or completely stop working.

This is a extremely problematic situation since you are tied down till the application releases the memory or CPU usage for other tasks to perform. The best solution has always been hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del and killing the memory hogging application.

I was a follower of the Ctrl + Alt + Del method for quite long until I started using Process Explorer a great tool for knowing what’s going on your system and a must have task manager replacement. With process explorer you get to know in depth knowledge about each and every process.

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