Track and Fix Broken Links on Your Website [404 Errors]

Getting a 404 error on a website is not only frustrating for a user but also for a webmaster of a site. Of course you can make your 404 error pages funny but you still lose potential readers.

Many times visitors see the 404 errors the first time they visit your site. Showing them erroneous messages can definitely piss them off and send them on their way to another site.

On this website, I have made use of few things which;

  1. Let me track 404 error hits and URLs, including referrers.
  2. Let me fix the URLs by applying 301 permanent redirects to the proper page.

Continue reading if you are interested in the solutions I use to keep the 404 error hits to a minimum.

404 Error Tracking using Link patch

There are 100s of 404 error tracking plugins and services. My favorite and the one that I use on this site is Link patch.

This service provides you with a single line of JavaScript code that you will need to paste into your custom 404 error page.


Once you have added the code, Link patch will email you everytime your site hits a 404 error. You can then correct the URL or redirect it to another URL.

In addition to that, it also tells you from which referring page a 404 error was encountered. If that happens to be your own site, you can go in and edit your posts to rectify the problem.

This service is definitely pretty useful and a must use service for any webmaster. It does come at a cost of $10 per month for tracking 5 websites. However I must tell you that the service is worth the money you pay and will help convert 404 error hits into regular readers.

If you are not ready to start paying yet, you can try out the service for free for the first 30 days. Signup for Link patch.

Fixing/Redirecting Broken Links/404 Pages on Your Website

Using the above service you can easily track all the 404 error pages. But what about fixing them?

If you are a user you can easily fix broken URLs by using a plugin called redirection.


This plugin will help you set permanent redirects (301) from one URL to another. In addition to that, you can also use wildcards in the form of regular expressions (regex).

You don’t need to edit the .htaccess file to setup redirects. Redirection is definitely a must have plugin for WordPress.

Download Redirection

That’s it. Using these tricks, you can not only track 404 error hits and fix them but it will also help you get more traffic and increase your regular readers.

Looking for more tips? Don’t forget to visit the Webmasters tips section.

Use YouTube as a Alarm Clock

Waking up is something many of us don’t like which is why Levi Hutchins invented the alarm clock in 1787 (Wikipedia), so that we break our sleep with a annoying sound that keeps beeping on and on.

But times have changed and so has the alarm, these days people wake up listening to their favorite music or radio talk shows instead of those annoying beeps. But do you want a YouTube video as a alarm? Read on.


To take that one step further using a service called Online video clock you can set your favorite video to play as your alarm.

Though this service sounds pretty cool there are few things that may not exactly work out because;

  1. You need to keep this site open to hear the alarm.
  2. You need to keep your PC on to hear the alarm.
  3. You need to keep your speakers on.

Now if you are ready to to the above three things this can really be fun. If not then read our tutorial on How to use Wake on LAN to automatically start the PC at any given time, this will help you skip the above things and only start the PC when the alarm needs to go off.

Online Video Clock [via Technospot]

Get HP Quick Launch Buttons in Windows 7

Since I upgraded to I have been missing the HP Quick launch buttons feature on my HP Pavilion dv6000 special edition laptop (dv6875se).

I tweeted about it and fellow Techie buzzer Clif Sipe gave me a working solution, so here is a post that will show you how to get HP Quick Launch Buttons working in Windows 7.

Step 1: Visit in your web browser and select support & drivers from the menu.

Step 2: From the available radio buttons select Download drivers and software (and firmware) under Step 1. Under Step 2 enter the product number of your HP laptop or PC, in my case it was dv6875se (you will find this under your laptop or the serial number sticker on your desktop). Once you have entered the product number click on the Go button.

Step 3: In some cases HP will display a list of laptops/desktops that match yours select the one that you have to go to the driver page. In cases where you entered the exact product number it will take you directly to the drivers page.

Step 4: In the available list of operating systems click on Microsoft for 32-bit Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit) for for 64-bit Windows 7.

Step 5: Scroll down till you see Driver – Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices, in that list click on the link HP Quick Link Launch Buttons to download the drivers.

Step 6: Install the downloaded software and the quick launch buttons will become functional again.

I tested this out on my laptop and everything works perfectly fine.

How To Enable Bookmarks Toolbar Button In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is improving day-by-day. None of the browser has evolved so fast. With recent changes like themes and bookmark sync Google Chrome has raised many eyebrows. Today I will show you how to enable bookmarks toolbar button in Google Chrome.


Follow These Simple Steps

1) Right-click on Google Chrome shortcut.
2) Select Properties.
3) At the end of target box, just add Bookmarks Option

Google Chrome Properties

4) Click on OK.

Now you will be able to see bookmark button in your toolbar situated next to the Google Chrome Omnibar. It works on Google Chrome versions 2.x – 4.x

Bookmarks Toolbar Button

No Printers Found? Windows can’t open Add Printer. The local print spooler service is not running.

There are times when you want to print a webpage or document and see a message like the one below even though you have all the printers and drivers installed.


Since the error says that there are no printers installed the most logical solution would be to check why it is giving you this error, so you head to the printers in control panel.


Most of the times you will see that the printers are missing from the available devices and when you try to install a printer you will see an error like the one below.


Case of the Missing Printers

As you can see from the error above the printers are missing due to the Print spooler service being disabled or stopped, you can restart your computer to get the printers back. But why waste time when you can do it without restarting the PC.

Here are the steps to get your missing printers back without having to restart the PC.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R to open the run box and type in services.msc.


Step 2: The services window will open, in that find Print Spooler and start the service.


Once you have done that refresh or reopen the printer page from control panel and you will see that all your printers should reappear again.

While you are printing please try and save the environment use a add-in to print what you want or an excellent service that will allow you to save pages and inks by removing data and images you do not want to print. Happy Printing.

How to Make XP, Vista and Win7 Look Like Classic Windows 2000

Why would you ever want to do that?

Keith just posted an article telling you how to make Windows 7 look like Windows XP. I’m actually dual booting XP and 7 so I don’t miss XP yet. I’d also be the first to tell you that I love the new eye candy in Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, it does come with a price. The window transparency and other visual effects might make an older PC that was designed for XP run just a little sluggish. The same is true on machines that were made to run Windows 95 or 98 but now have Windows XP on them.

Are you on a minimalistic kick?

Sometimes I’m in favor of dropping the eye candy and going back to basics. Maybe there are a few others out there who feel the same way.

Do you need to squeeze every last ounce of power out of your PC?

Some PC gamers would agree that anything you can do to drop Windows system requirements will help you boost your FPS (frames per second) and get you more kills in that favorite game.

Here’s what I’ve done.

The basic procedures are the same for Vista and Win7. In XP you won’t see step B, you’ll just select the Advanced tab.

A. Right click on My Computeror Computerand choose properties.


B. Click on Advanced System Properties


C. Click on the Performance Settings


D. Put your dot in the Adjust for best performance.


E. Click OKall the way home.


Now Compare Win7 and Win2k.

As you can see, the main similarities are the window borders and the Start button.

Windows 7 screenshot


Windows 2000 screenshot


win2k image from

That’s it. All of the features are still there, it’s just got that old Classic look to it. Do you love it or hate it? Do you have a better idea? Please comment below.

How To Access Bing Visual Search Outside US

Microsoft Bing recently launched a unique Visual Search feature which is currently available only to the users living in United States. If you are trying to access Visual Search outside US, then you will get the following error:

Bing Unavailable

Today I will show you how to access Bing Visual Search from any country of the world. Just follow some simple steps shown below:
1) Visit Bing Worldwide.
2) Change your country to United States.

Bing US

3) Save the settings.
4) Now visit Bing Visual Search.

Now you will be able to access Visual Search, even if you are miles away from United States. Browsing through 39 different categories inside Bing Visual Search is really a fun experience. I hope you will enjoy using this unique feature.

Bing Visual Search

Configure uTorrent for faster downloading

The uTorrent speed can be optimized. This will help you do faster downloads while using uTorrent. Follow the simple configurational tweaks below to get your job done.

NB : Prior to doing any configuration changes please note down the values of the entries that you are changing .

  1. Open your uTorrent.
  2. Now go to Options > Preferrences.
  3. Now the window that opens, select Connection in the left pane. Now do the settings as shown in the image below.
  4. Now similarly go to the Bandwidth tab in the left pane. Now put the values as shown below.
  5. Now in the left pane select the BitTorrent tab & follow the image below.
  6. Click the Queueing tab in the left pane & do the following changes in the right pane.
  7. Now in the Scheduler tab uncheck the Enable Scheduler option.scheduler
  8. Now click Apply and enjoy faster download.

If you have a router

  1. Press Windows key + R. Type   cmd & hit enter.
  2. Now type ipconfig in the resulting window and press enter.
  3. Note down your ip address and your default gateway that shows up there.
  4. Now open your default browser & type in the default gateway in the address bar & hit enter. A login panel will open both the fields are generally set to admin by default.
  5. Beneath Applications’ fill out one line for every p2p client that is used.
  6. You have to use ip address, the correct port range and set either tcp or udp.
  7. You can find ports in the actual p2p client’s settings. Those are editable, but be sure to make them same as in the router.
  8. Most p2p apps needs tcp & udp both checked, make sure of it from the FAQ..
  9. Save your settings.

For applying port forwarding for uTorrent consult Port Forward.

Some configurations that are shown here are applicable for my own personal bandwidth. Check your own bandwidth here.

On the ending note, I must mention that not all the settings will be applicable for you or may be the values will differ a bit. But those settings are the most common & works well with most of the lot, so lets hope it works with you too.

Disable Windows From Restarting After Automatic Updates

We always advised our readers to activate Automatic updates in Windows as it will allow you to keep your PC safe and secure with the latest patches Windows releases.


However one of the most annoying things about Windows Update is that it automatically restarts the PC after a certain time. It does provide you with an option to delay the reboot, but if you are not near the PC it will force restart and you may lose unsaved data and open applications.

In order to stop Windows Update from automatically restarting/rebooting your PC, follow the simple steps given below.

Note: You will have administrative privileges to perform the actions below. Also the steps below will only temporarily disable the automatic restart, it may still show you the restart dialog though.

How to Stop Windows Update from Automatically Restarting PC

Step 1: Press Windows + R key and type in cmd. Press enter and a new command prompt will open up.

Step 2: In the command window, just type in net stop windows updatewith the quotes. This should stop Windows from automatically restarting.

Additionally if you do not want to follow the steps above, you can also download a software called Leave me Alone which will allow you to disable automatic reboots without changing any additional settings.

Restore/Revert Back Old Google Search Box and Font Size

Google recently rolled out new changes to the homepage where they increased the the size of the search box and the size of the font to make it a lot more larger.

The bigger font is definitely not appealing and I guess many of you might agree with me, if you are looking to revert back to the old search box and font size in Google you can do so by using a script.


Once you have installed the script it will revert back the size of the search box and font size to the one we are all so used to.

The script works in both and , but you will have to enable userscript support in Google Chrome before you can use it.

Download Google Search – un-S-U-P-E-R-sized [via gOS]