Username and Password for Chrome OS

If you have downloaded Chrome OS and are wondering what the username and password are, here is a quick hint. Chrome OS allows users to login to the OS using a Google Account.


So in order to login to your account, just enter your username and password. The good thing about this is that you will be able to access Chrome OS using different IDs and no one else can access your applications or data.

Another thing to note is that Chrome OS stores everything in the cloud, which means that you no longer need to have huge hard drives. However, there is a very bad thing about Chrome OS, if you have no internet connection, you will be virtually locked out of your computer.

So it makes more sense to have Chrome OS on a dual boot or to run it on a virtual machine.

Please Note: For your own safety, create a new Google account, if you have downloaded a Chrome OS version using torrents.

Twitter Introduces Geotagging for Tweets

has announced the introduction of geographically locating your tweets or Geotagging them with the location where you have tweeted it from.


With the help of the new Geotagging feature, developers and advertisers will be able to use the geographical data and display local ads or information to you. Several services like Seesmic Web and Foursquare are already making use of the feature.

If you paranoid about your privacy, you have something to smile about. Geotagging will not be enabled by default and users will have to manually go to the settings page to enable this feature.

How to Enable/Disable Geotagging in Twitter?

To enable or disable Geotagging in Twitter, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login to Twitter and go to the Settings page.


Step 2: Scroll down in the account tab to enable or disable Geotagging.

Twitter also provides users with an option to delete all previous location data that has been geotagged on twitter, give users a complete opt-out of the service.

What do you think of the new Geotagging feature? Will you share you tweet location to get more personalized ads and content? Or are you too paranoid about your privacy to share this information with the world?

How To Disable Windows 7 Taskbar Tab Preview in Firefox 3.6

If you have used Firefox the Firefox 3.6 beta, you have probably noticed that Mozilla has introduced support for Windows 7 taskbar thumbnails. Firefox 3.6 allows you to directly select a tab from the taskbar. This is similar to how Internet Explorer 8 behaves in Windows 7. Some people love this behaviour while others find it annoying. I happen to belong to the latter group. I am a heavy multi-tasker and often have dozens of open tabs organised into multiple windows. Taskbar tab previews doesn’t make any distinction between tabs from different windows and is a major productivity bump.

If you find taskbar tab previews irritating, here is a quick way to get rid of them.

  • Type about:config in the awesome bar (address bar). Ignore the caution message and proceed.
  • Type browser.taskbar.previews.enable in the filter bar.
  • Disable-Taskbar-Tab-Preview-Thumbnail-in-Firefox-3.6

  • Now, you will be displayed a single entry whose current value is True. Double click on the entry to change its value to False.

That’s it. Firefox should instantly stop displaying tab previews in the taskbar.

via Tweaking With Vishal

Diagnose and Fix Common Monitor Problems with is a handy web-resource which helps computer users get the most out of their monitors. It not only allows you to diagnose common problems but also suggests optimal settings and provides quick fixes.

ScreenFix consists of four checkers (diagnostic tools) and two fixers (repair tools). They are as follows:

  • TN Monitor Check: Many of the present day monitors utilize TN (Twisted Nematic) panels as they are inexpensive. However, TN panels have a significant disadvantage. Their color reproduction isn’t consistent and depends on the viewing angle. TN Monitor Check is a quick test to determine whether your monitor uses TN Technology.
  • Gamma Checker: Gamma settings affect an object’s perceived brightness and contrast. Correctly configuring your monitor’s gamma settings is essential if you are playing a game with dark environments. Gamma Checker assists you in calibrating your monitor’s Gamma level.
  • Phasing Checker: Incorrect clock/phase settings can lead to blurry and shimmering images. Phasing Checker helps you in figuring out whether your phase settings are incorrect.
  • Brightness Checker: The importance of having correct brightness settings cannot be over emphasized. It affects color reproduction and hence the quality of the displayed image. Brightness Checker helps you in calibrating your monitor’s brightness settings.
  • Flicker Fixer: Just as the name suggests, the Flicker Fixer attempts to solve flickering problems.
  • Dead Pixel Fixer: Dead Pixels are something nobody wants. Yet, they are one of the most common and annoying problems with LCD Monitors. There is no guaranteed way to fix dead pixels, but ScreenFix claims that their solution works in more than 50% of the cases.

ScreenFix - Fix Common Monitor Problems

Techie Buzz Verdict

ScreenFix-Techie-Buzz-RecommendedScreenFix is an extremely nifty website. It brings together a set of particularly useful tools and presents them in a simple yet efficient manner. Although it can’t compete with professional display calibration utilities, it is exceedingly useful in its own way.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Generate In-Depth Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report in Windows 7

Windows 7 contains dozens of hidden diagnostic utilities. In the past, we have shown you how to quickly access some of those utilities. Today, we will take a look at another hidden gem in Windows 7.

Powercfg.exe is a command line utility which allows users to control power settings. It has been present in Windows for a long time. However, in Windows 7 Powercfg.exe includes some additional features. One of them, is the ability to create neatly formatted Energy efficiency reports.

In order to generate this report, start the command prompt with Administrator privileges. The quickest way to do so, is to type cmd in the Start Menu and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

The command Prompt window should point to the \Windows\System32 directory. In order to build the Energy Efficiency report, you need to simply type the following command and press enter.

powercfg -energy -output C:\Power_Mg_Report.html

Here C:\Power_Mg_Report.html is the location, where the report will be saved. Feel free to use any other location.


Windows will inspect your system’s behaviour for about a minute and then generate the report. The report will indicate all potentially problematic settings and recommend steps to improve your system’s battery backup time.

Change Default OpenSSH Password on Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch

A recent report suggests that a worm affects jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch users. The worm specifically affects devices with OpenSSH installed using Cydia with the default password alpine.

Here are some steps which will allow you to change your default password for OpenSSH on iPhone or iPod Touch and avoid getting affected by this worm.

Step 1: Go to Cydia and Install Terminal.

Step 2: Open the terminal app, you will now be shown a command line terminal, type suin it and hit enter.

Step 3: Enter the default OpenSSH password alpineto login as root.

Step 4: Type in passwdinto the terminal window.

Step 5: Enter a new password and click enter.

Step 6: Re-enter the new password for confirmation.

That’s it, you are now safe from being affected by the rogue worm on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch devices.

Please note: We do not endorse users jailbreaking their iPhones or iPod touch. The above fix to avoid having the worm affect your iPod Touch or iPhone is just for informational purpose.

Create a Visual Attention Heatmap of Your Blog Using Feng-GUI

A heat map is a graphical representation of data where the values taken by a variable in a two-dimensional map are represented as colors. A heatmap can be used to analyze reader interaction in your blog or website. It can be used to find out which areas your readers are looking at and which areas they are ignoring.

There are several heatmap tools available, among which, Crazyegg is a really popular service. But if you want to just know how visitors would react in your blog for free, try Feng GUI. It is a free service that can create a visual heatmap of your website or blog.

How to use Feng-GUI

To create the heatmap using Feng-GUI, all you need is a full screen image of your website. The image should be less than 1 mb and can be either in jpg or png formats.

Browse to the homepage and upload your website’s image. After that, click heatmap and you will see the heatmap of your website. Following is the heatmap of Techie-Buzz blog


That’s looks cool but what do all those colors, circles and lines actually mean ? How can you get benefited from this heatmap ? Let’s find out.

How does it work?

According to the Fen-GUI website, the heatmap is a result of several algorithms from neuro-science studies of Natural Vision Processing, Computational Attention, eye-tracking sessions, perception and cognition of humans.

The number shows how the visitor’s eye moves while he is reading a page in your blog. The color is a measure of the person’s interest and focus. The interest intensity increases from Blue to Green and finally ends in Red. If the color is Blue then the visitor is not really looking at the particular area and if the color is Red then the visitor is attracted. The size of the circles show the area of the focus.

How is the Heatmap useful?

In short, the visual heatmap can be really useful in a number of ways. It let’s you:

  • instantly generate a heatmap of your site for free.
  • create a heatmap without any registrations or sign-ups.
  • quickly find which areas of your site reader’s are looking at.
  • save the heatmap in your computer.

You can watch for trends and how your reader’s are changing by comparing two heatmaps of your blog taken at different time periods. If you want more features, then you need to sign up for a premium account. You can read the faq here.

Techie-Buzz verdict

The tool is fair enough, since it’s free, but the reliability and accuracy may be a question. However, if you want a quick grasp of your website’s heatmap without needing any sign-ups, Feng-GUI is okay. The only downside is that you can upload only one image in a time span of 5 hours.

Techie Buzz Rating:
2/5 (Average)

How to Fix Rundll32 or Error in Loading DLL?

One of the most infamous and commonly encountered errors, which is faced by an average computer user, is the rundll32 error loadingerrors. This is one of the erroneous message windows, which gets displayed on your computer screens before start up. The message can be highly intimidating as well as patience testing, especially if you are in a dire and urgent need for the computer. The major cause of these error messages is the occurrence of spyware on your system, and can surely cause you much inconvenience in situations where not using your computer may have certain financial repercussions. Apart from spywares, a lot many other reasons have been cited for the occurrence of such an error message.

The registry of a computer is a home to many different dll files, which are appropriately loaded as well as reloaded during the execution of various programs on the computer. These dll files have fixed location in the registries and are loaded from that particular location. However, there might be situations in which, some of the shared dll files can get renamed or relocated by mistake. This may especially happen during installing and uninstalling programs. Thus now when a particular dll file is required to be loaded again, the computer would search for the location of the dll file in the registry. On not finding the dll file there due to its relocation or renaming, the computer would slow down it’s overall activity and would forage for the dll file everywhere else, throughout the directory. In case the dll file has been deleted, or it has been relocated to a position, which is obscure and cannot be reached by the computer system, the result is the occurrence of rundll32 error loading.

The most appropriate choice when it comes to fixing up rundll32 errors is suitable registry repair software. Such software have been specially designed to repair the registry as well as the various effected files in the registry, in a manner, which does not cause any further damage to the registry. Many computer users often try to repair such rundll32 error loading messages on their own. However; this can prove quite costly for your registry, especially in case you do not possess much experience into the job. This is because any damage caused to the registry can prove fatal for your system. This is the reason why it is advisable to choose plausible registry repair software, when it comes to fixing a rundll32 error loading.

There is an innate strategy through which registry repair software functions and helps in preventing the occurrence of a rundll32 error loading. The very first thing, which any registry repair software does, is to scan the registry properly. Once this has been done and the real reason behind the damage caused to the registry has been diagnosed, the registry repair software cleans the registry of all the various pieces of erroneous and incomplete information. This is how the rundll32 error is prevented from occurring again.

This is a guest post by Bob is a freelance writer and software developer for Interested in writing a guest post for us? Check out the rules and guidelines to guest post for us.

Google AdSense Tip: Disable Image Ads

It has been a long time since I did a huge list of useful tips and tricks to increase your AdSense income. Though it has been over a year since that post, I have posted more useful information under the category, so you might want to check that out too.


As always sharing tips with webmasters is something I like to do. Here is another tip to get more click through and better income in Google AdSense.

Disable Image Ads in Google AdSense

Yes, you heard it right. From my experience I have seen image ads perform poorly when compared to text ads. And I am speaking based on my experiments.

In my AdSense experiment, I rotated between two sets of ads. The first one was a image only ad and the second one was a text only ad. The ads were rotated on a 50-50% basis. I ran the entire test for a week on several sites and saw that Image ads had a 0.5% click through rate, whereas text ads had a 4% click through rate.

Earnings were slightly better on the image only ads, but the lack of clicks are a definite dampener.

Reasoning to do Away with Image Ads

There might be several reasons, but I will stick to few important ones. Most of your posts contain images in some form or another, when you run image ads, they look like a part of your actual post instead of information that a user would find useful, within the scope of your article.

In addition to that, when you use image ads, there is a 25% lesser chance that a user will click on it, when you compare it to the 4 links a usual premium Google AdSense unit displays on your blog.

Image Ads can be Misleading

Quite sometime back, I had posted about some misleading ads by Google AdSense. I have been having several personal email conversations with both Google AdSense and Google web spam team members since then, with regards to both the quality of image ads and misleading information provided by the ads.


Thanks to the quick responses from the Google team, most of the issues are resolved, however, there are times when some image ads can contradict what you write, so keep your eyes open and check for them.


You can always disable certain ads that you don’t approve of, make good use of that feature. To disable certain URLs from advertising on your website, go to AdSense Setupand click on Competitive Ad Filter. Scroll down and enter the URL of the site you want to block from advertising on your website.

How to Disable Image Ads In Google AdSense

While creating a new ad or editing a existing one, select Text ads onlyfrom the drop down list for Format.


If you are editing a old ad, it should take around 10 minutes for the changes to take effect. Don’t forget to play around with the fonts and font size of the ads.

Image Ads Alternatives

If you do plan to run image or banner ads on your website, try to use a CPM based network like Tribal Fusion or Burst Media, which pay you a CPM on 1000 impressions. If you have a blog which gets good traffic, these networks will be able to offer you with better CPMs than AdSense.

What works for Me, Might not work for You

Well, to state a fact, you will get millions of tips to optimize your income on the Internet. Don’t take them at face value. What works for someone, may not work out for you. The best way to actually optimize your income is to experiment and come up with the best strategy that works for you.

I have based this tip on a exclusive experiment I ran on several blogs, and have seen ads perform much better. So don’t hesitate to experiment, rather than just going by what someone says.

And don’t forget to read the earlier post on some really good tips to optimize Google AdSense income. We have tons of other to help you out with your website too.

Complete Guide to Google Wave

is overwhelming for most users. We have created an   of Google Wave tips and tricks to help users get started out with Google wave.

To add to that, Gina Trapani and Adam Pash from Lifehacker, have launched a book called The Complete Guide to Google Wave.


The book has 8 chapters which explain the basics of Google Wave and also dive into advanced topics. The book has the following chapters:

The book can be accessed online for free, however, paid print editions will be available in January 2010. A paid eBook will also be available for downloads in November 2009. If you have been overwhelmed by Google Wave, head to the Complete Wave Guide and get a hang of it.