How To Insert SIM Card in iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS

Quite recently, one of our readers emailed us about inserting a SIM card in . 4 does not have a slim slot like traditional phones, so you will have to do it a bit differently.

Install SIM iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS

According to Apple iPhone Manual, inserting a SIM card in iPhone is pretty easy, all you need is the SIM eject tool provided by Apple. If you do not have a SIM eject tool you could also use another blunt object like a paper clip.

To Insert/Install SIM Card in iPhone 4, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Insert the end of the paper clip or SIM eject tool into the hole on the SIM tray. Press firmly and push it straight in until the tray pops out.

Step 2: Pull out the SIM tray and place the SIM card in the tray. The angled corner of the SIM ensures that the card fits only the correct way in the tray.

Step 3: With the tray aligned, carefully replace the SIM tray containing the SIM card in iPhone.

Once you have inserted the SIM card into the device iPhone will recognize it and allow you to use the device.

How To Enable Direct Downloads For RapidShare Premium

RapidShare, one of the largest online file sharing service has recently made several changes, one of the most annoying one though was that they have now disable direct file downloads for RapidShare Premium accounts.

Rapidshare Logo

This means that, even if you are a Rapidshare premium account user, you will have to click at-least 3 buttons/links  before your actual download begins. If you are one of the users who is angry about this, here is a way in which you can enable direct downloads for Rapidshare premium accounts.

Step 1: Login to Rapidshare Premium

Step 2: Click the "+" symbol next to "Settings" on the landing page after your login.

Enable Rapidshare Direct Downloads

Step 3: Click on the checkbox next to "Direct downloads, requested files are saved without redirection via RapidShare"

Step 4: Save the settings. You should now be able to directly download files without having to go through multiple clicks. Enjoy.

How To Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 a few days ago. If you have installed the browser and find it buggy, you cannot directly go back and uninstall IE9 from the add/remove programs.

Internet Explorer 9

In order to uninstall Internet Explorer 9, you will have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel and click on the "Uninstall a Program" link

Step 2: You will not see an entry for IE9 in the main program list. Click on the View installed updates link in the sidebar to see the installed updates.

Step 3: Scroll down till you see a section for Microsoft Windows and find "Windows Internet Explorer 9" in it.

Uninstall IE9

Step 4: Right click on the entry and click on the Uninstall button to uninstall and remove Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) from your PC.

After the update is removed you will be reverted to the last installed version of Internet Explorer on your PC. The above steps will work as it is on both and .

How To Disable/Turn Off Gmail Priority Inbox

Google recently rolled out a new and interesting feature called "Priority Inbox" to all users. The new feature sorts important messages giving you different views so that you can scan all your important messages.

Priority Inbox does not take over your old Inbox and you can easily view the full Inbox by clicking on the Inbox link in the sidebar, however, if you want to disable the Priority Inbox feature in , you can also do it through the settings.

To disable or turn off in Gmail, visit your settings page (click link to directly go there) and click on the "Priority Inbox" link at the top. Scroll down to the bottom of the page till you see "Show Priority Inbox" and select the radio button next to "Do not show Priority Inbox" and click on the "Save Changes" button.

Disable Gmail Priority Inbox

That’s it, you will no longer be shown the Priority Inbox in Gmail. If you want to enable Priority Inbox, go back to the settings page and click on the radio button next to "Show Priority Inbox".

How To Downgrade iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch

Apple released  earlier today. If you haven’t upgraded yet, you can use these iOS 4.1 direct download links to download and upgrade to the latest OS from Apple.

iOS 4.1

However, there is no iOS 4.1 jailbreak available yet and if you have upgraded to iOS 4.1 you might lose your jailbreak and unlock on the or .

The steps to downgrade iOS 4.1 to or lower on your , iPhone 3GS,  iPhone 3G and possibly on your iPod Touch. For the entire article visit our earlier post on downgrading iOS 4.1 which has full instructions and help to downgrade iOS 4.1 to a lower version.

You may also refer to our secondary guide for downgrading iOS which has tons of helpful comments on solving various problems related to the downgrade or look at some common errors including 3194/1015 while restoring iPhone.

Please note that you will require the SHSH blobs from iOS 4.0.1 to downgrade iOS 4.1. If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 4.1 yet, you can first backup your iOS 4 SHSH Blobs so that you can recover later.

Use Google Instant on Android Phones

At the press conference today, Google promised that would be available on Mobile devices starting this fall, however, it looks like you can start using it right away at-least on based phones.


To use Google Instant on your Android based cellphone, type in the URL in your Android browser. You might have to refresh the page a few times before you can start using the Google Instant Search. For easier access, you can set this URL as your home page too.

I tried this out on an and it did not work, so guess other phone users will have to wait till fall.

h/t Android Guys

How To Disable/Enable Google Instant Search

Google Instant is a new real-time search experience which provides results even before you can type and also allows you to quickly view results for autocomplete suggestions.

Google Instant Weather Results

Google Instant not only provides you with Instant search results, it also provides you with instant autocomplete suggestions to enhance your search experience. Google Instant will be rolled out to users across the world in a phased manner.

If you want to disable or enable Google Instant Search you will need to visit your preference page, and you can turn off Google Instant by clicking the link next to the search box on any search results page, or by visiting your Preferences page.

You can enable the Instant Search by visiting the Preferences page and clicking the link next to the search box again.

Tip: As a temporary solution, if you cannot enable the search right now, you can visit and click on the "Try it Now" button to enable it. You might have to clear cookies in order to disable it later on.

How To Watch Apple September Event in Windows/Linux

Apple will be live broadcasting their September Event about music, iTV and iPod Touch for the first time. However, the conference can only be viewed by users who have a Mac, , or .

Apple September Music Event

Though Apple has suggested that the protocol they are using is an industry standard, only a few companies have implemented it, so you have a very small chance of being able to watch it on , , on or Linux.

If you have a Windows or Linux based PC you will not be able to watch the videos, however, there are a few workarounds for them.

If you are a Windows user, you can download Safari for Windows from here and load this streaming video sample in it to see if you are able to watch it. If you are, then you are all set and can watch the live streaming of the Apple September 1 event on your PC.

If you are not able to do it then Mac Rumors suggests using VLC Player. To use VLC to watch the Apple event you will have to insert the stream URL as a playlist into VLC. For that Go to "View -> Playlist" and click on the "+" button and select "Advanced Open" from the options.

Once you do that, select the Network tab and add the Apple Event stream URL into the available textbox and click on "Enqueue" button. This will enable you to view the Apple September Event live on Windows or Linux. We will try and find more solutions to watch this Apple September Event in Windows and Linux and post it here.

Update: Apple is explicitly blocking the live broadcasting on even if you have both Safari and QuickTime installed. You could use the Firefox user agent switcher, however, you will still require QuickTime. Alternatively you could also use the embedded video below to watch the event live.


How To Disable Firefox 4 Tab Previews In Windows 7

Mozilla has been doing some really good work with , however, some of the features might not be liked by users, specially the tab preview feature in .

Firefox Tab Previews in Windows 7

If you are using 4 on Windows 7, you can easily disable the tab previews by using a simple trick. The trick involves change some Firefox configuration using about:config.

To disable Tab Preview in Windows 7 for Firefox 4 or other Firefox versions, just type in about:config in your address bar and hit enter. On doing that, you might see some warning message saying that "You may void your warranty!", you need to press the button "I’ll be careful, I promise" to move to the configuration for Firefox.

Disable Firefox Tab Previews in Windows 7

In the Filter textbox, type "taskbar.preview" without the quotes and hit enter. You will see 3 configuration options in the search results. In that right click on the text which says "browser.taskbar.previews.enable" and select the "Toggle" option.

That’s it, once you toggle the value close the about:config page. The settings will be applied without having to restart the browser.

How To Search Twitter Direct Messages

provides users with an option to send direct messages which can only be read by the person you are sending the message to, however, if you receive a lot of DMs, it definitely becomes difficult to find old messages from users.

The problem is that Twitter does not provide users with an option to search direct messages. This might become painful when you want to look at a message which was sent to you a few weeks or months back. However, you can easily easily archive and search all your direct messages using a neat trick.

Get Twitter DM as Email

The trick involves  making sure that Twitter sends all your direct messages to you as an email to an email address by selecting the checkbox under "Settings -> Notices" and using your email service to search for the direct messages.

Search Twitter Direct Messages

For example, I use a Gmail email address for Twitter, whenever someone direct messages me, I receive and email. Now to search for the direct message, I simply use the wild card text "twitter-dm*" as the "From" email (this remains constant) and type in the words I am search for the "Has the words" text box.

You could use the same trick with any other email service which provides you with a search option and use the wildcard search as I did with Gmail above provided that your email service supports wildcard characters. It your email service does not provide you with wildcard search, you can open a direct message and copy the email address (which is similar for all DM emails) and use it to search your direct messages from Twitter.