Google Chrome Gets Themes Support

The latest development version of (version which was a bug fix over has added support for installing themes to the browser, unlike the earlier route of installing themes in Google Chrome.

The newer version also does not require you to enable extensions using the enable-extensions switch, the browser can now automatically handle it.


At present there are two sample themes available Camo and Snowflake which you can try out on the newer version. Downloading and installing themes are easy just download the file and it will change the theme without restarting the browser.

How do you manage themes in Google Chrome? This version includes a basic theme management in Options > Personal Stuff tab, right now you can switch back to default theme or get new themes.


The get new themes points to a non-existent Google Chrome Theme gallery page, however that should not be the case in the future.

The one feature that is missing however is the ability to find and see installed themes, but that too will be fixed in the future.

And in addition to that the new tab page will be available by default now, it also adds support for the well received HTML 5 video tags.


Firefox 3.7 Mockup Theme

Just a few days ago we wrote about the Firefox 3.7 Theme mockups, if you liked what you saw, you can now get the same look and feel for .

However installing the theme is not straight forward, and you will need to follow a series of steps before you can get the look and feel of the Firefox 3.7 mockups.


For complete instructions to install the theme and get the proper effects visit Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Mockup Theme page.

iGoogle Adds Comic Themes

Google IG or iGoogle, the popular home page from Google has added some new themes to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Comic-Con.

To celebrate the anniversary Google has unveiled new themes based on popular comic characters like Batman, Iron Man, Peanuts, Dilbert, Nancy, Mutts, Captain America and more.


You can find all the themes in the Comic theme Gallery, when you are browsing the theme, Google displays you with a preview and a little bit of history about the comic character/strip.

Once you decide on a theme you can then apply it to your iGoogle homepage.

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s iGoogle comics themes! [Official Google Blog]

Michael Jackson Themes For Nokia Symbian Smartphones

Michael Jackson is no more, but the legend will live forever, if you are a MJ fan and want to keep him in your memory forever, what better way than using a theme that represents him.

Here are three Michael Jack themes that you can install on your Nokia or Symbian Smartphone.


Download Michael Jackson Tribute Theme


Download Michael J theme

michael_jackson_symbian_theme_2 Download MJ Tribute Theme 

[via Symbian Guru]

Harry Potter And Half-Blood Prince Personas For Firefox

If you are using Personas, a lightweight skin changer for and are a Harry Potter fan, Warner Bros have released new Harry Potter and Half-Blood prince personas to coincide with the July 15th premier of the movie.

Currently there are 4 personas available in the series, you can see them in action below.

The good thing about using Personas over themes is that you can apply the changes without having to restart the browser.

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 1

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 2

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 3

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 4

You will need to install the Personas before you can make use of styles for your browser.

[via Mozilla Links]

Amazing Beautiful Theme For Nokia Smartphones

Quite recently we told you about a good looking Windows XP theme for Nokia, however we came across another amazing and beautiful theme for Nokia that many of you will like.

Solstice by PiZero is another beautiful theme which has a beautiful and some really cute icons.


This theme will work on Symbian OS 3rd edition and 5th edition phones, so you can install it on the Nokia N97, Nokia 5800, Nokia and other compatible phones.

Download Solstice by PiZero

Windows 7 Theme For Windows XP

has been released but not every user may want to use it, however if you are someone who gives looks some importance, Windows 7 definitely throws in a fresh look you may want to have on your system.

If you are a Windows XP user, here are some Windows 7 themes you can install on your system, to change the look and feel to emulate a Windows 7 desktop.

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How To Backup Your Current Theme In Windows XP and Vista

There are several times when you may have made modifications and customized a theme you are using on Windows XP or Windows Vista, in such cases if you apply a new theme, all your modifications will be lost, so it is better to always keep a backup of the theme you modified, so that you can apply them again without having to modify the settings once again.

Here are some simple steps that will help you backup your themes in Windows XP and Vista, except for the first step, all the other steps are similar in both Windows XP and Vista.

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Free Twitter Themes

recently did a redesign just like us and with that, they added new themes you could use for your profile. But the themes are not what one would die for and are pretty much plain Jane.

If you are looking to add something better as your twitter background, Twitter Gallery offers a collection of Free Twitter Themes which you can use as your twitter background.

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Chrome Look-alike: Firefox Theme ChromiFox & ChromiFox Adapted

If you are a user impressed by the simple look of Google Chrome, but do not want to switch to it yet, you can get the same look as for Firefox with two Firefox theme.

ChromiFox is a theme that brings the look and feel of Google Chrome to Firefox, the theme is styled in blue color.


Download ChromiFox Theme

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