Kubuntu 10.04 and Lubuntu 10.04 Gets New Plymouth Theme

When Canonical’s “Self-Appointed Benevolent  Dictator for Life”, Mark Shuttleworth, announced the new branding of Ubuntu, many asked him if there is going to be new  branding  for other Ubuntu-derivatives like Kubuntu. Shuttleworth replied that there will be new brandings and that the designers at Canonical are working on that.

Now, a part of the new branding for Kubuntu 10.04 and Lubuntu 10.04 has  emerged  with the release of the new plymouth themes for both of them. Sadly, the new theme has not come in  Xubuntu 10.04 yet.

The new plymouth themes in both Kubuntu and Lubuntu are identical in design to that of Ubuntu. The only difference is the logo and the color.

Here are the new plymouth themes for Kubuntu and Lubuntu:

Kubuntu 10.04 Plymouth Theme
Lubuntu 10.04 Plymouth Theme

The Kubuntu plymouth theme is not final. As part of the new branding, new logos are being designed for Kubuntu. When the new logos are available, the logo that is used in the plymouth theme right now will be replaced by the new logo.

The some decisions of the Canonical design team regarding the Ubuntu branding did not go down very well with certain sections of the Ubuntu community. When the news of the new Kubuntu branding emerged, certain  sections of the community has already started raising concerns if the design team will make those same decisions for Kubuntu as well.

Microsoft Releases New Windows 7 Theme to Celebrate the Onset of Spring

Robin Williams said that, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'”. Indeed, Spring is a season whose onset is marked by festivals in most parts of the world.

Spring has already arrived in most of the Northern Hemisphere. However, even if it hasn’t yet arrived at your place, you can get in the spirit of spring thanks to Microsoft.


To celebrate the onset of spring, the official Windows 7 Personalization Gallery has been updated with a brand new theme called Czech Spring (České jar). It includes eight gorgeous wallpapers featuring Mother Nature in her full glory. Each of the wallpapers is simple yet refreshing and enchanting. Download the theme pack from the Official Personalization Gallery if you wish to freshen up your desktop.


(via IntoWindows)

Windows 7 March 2010 Theme and Wallpaper Calendars

March 2010 is here, and like every month, Smashing Magazine has released a new set of wallpapers for March 2010. The wallpaper calendars for the month of March 2010 are really awesome and definitely worth download.

Mario Bros March 2010 Wallpaper Calendar

Spring March 2010 Wallpaper Calendar

Users can choose to download individual wallpapers, which are available in high resolution with the calendar and without the calendar. You can also download widescreen wallpapers individually.

You can also download the March 2010 theme and install it to get all the wallpapers with the theme. Check below for the Wallpaper and Windows 7 theme download links.

Download March 2010 Wallpapers

Download March 2010 Windows 7 Theme

No more Humanity theme by default in Ubuntu

Ubuntu has been using the Humanity theme right from the first version. The theme blended in as an integral part of the default OS. This time though, Mark Shuttleworth has some better plans for the default Ubuntu theme. In an interview on February 19 2010, Shuttleworth suggested that the Humanity theme will possibly be replaced by a new “light theme”, from Ubuntu 10.04 onwards. The exact quote as appeared on the blogspot of MadsRH, was given as:

…we’ll have some new styling which is going to be the starting point of another five year view. We’ve been Human for the last five years and now we’re gonna be light oriented.

From this quote, it might be inferred, that Mark Shuttleworth is referring to the Elementary theme for Ubuntu. The Elementary Theme is popular for its set of breadcrumbs, which are much better than in any other theme available for Ubuntu.

Clearly, nothing has been explicitly mentioned in this speech. Further, at the AskMark session at Ubuntu OpenWeek, Mark Shuttleworth talked about changes in the boot process and the login process but nothing about any new GTK theme.

If this change gets through, it will be a remarkable change in the UI and will mark the end of an era.

Valentine Theme for Windows 7 From Microsoft

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to get mushy than by adding a theme to your PC. Microsoft has released a new Valentine’s Day theme called Lacy Hearts for Windows 7.


The Valentine Day themepack consists of 4 wallpapers and custom sounds. So if you want to spread some love to your PC, go ahead and download the Lacy Hearts theme (direct download).

If you are looking for more Windows 7 themes, take a look at some of the best Windows 7 themes or take a look at a search for the Windows 7 themes. You may also want to download some stunning wallpapers for Windows 7.

Have any Valentine day theme or wallpaper to share with us? Feel free to tell us about them through your comments.

Christmas Theme Pack for Windows 7

Just came across another Theme pack for which many users would love. This theme pack consists of 18 HD wallpapers, a Christmas icon pack, and a Christmas Fireplace Screensaver.


The Christmas icons definitely add some cuteness to this theme. In addition to that, you also get 3 sounds which are related to Christmas and a Fireplace Screensaver.


Download Christmas Theme Pack

Ultimate List of Firefox Christmas Themes

You have Christmas-ified your blog, so why should your browser be any different? In keeping with the red, green and gold colors of the season, here are some Firefox themes that will make browsing in the month of December charming and delightful!

Xmas 1.1 (For Firefox 3.0):


A cute and light Christmas theme, although it works best on Windows. However, it does not have support for Firefox 3.5, and users are clamoring for this support since this theme is really good. Check it out!

Gradient Xmas (for Firefox 3.0)

Gradient Xmas

Yet another Firefox 3.0 only theme. This one is subtle and elegant with its use of colors and gradients. Hopefully this too will have Firefox 3.5 support in the near future!

Tinseltown (For Firefox 3.5)


A colorful and cutesy Christmas theme that finds a place in many people’s hearts. This is one of the best Xmas themes out there!

Download Free Twitter Themes and Backgrounds From Twitpaper

Be it real life or social media, everybody wants to be different and stand out from the crowd today. When it comes down to Twitter, people understand that your Twitter theme/background tells a lot about who you are. This is specially important if you have a significant number of followers.

Twitpaper knows that creating a Twitter theme is not an easy task, hence, they are providing hundreds of free Twitter themes and backgrounds for you to download. Simply head over to Twitpaper.com and browse through the large collection to find a theme you like.

There are a number of categories including   Abstract, Anime, Music and Nature. When you click on a design you like, you can see more information like user comments, HTML codes of colors used in the design and the number of views. Alternatively, you can also search for backgrounds or browse the most viewed backgrounds on the website.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

TwitPaper is a great free resource to download free Twitter themes and backgrounds. The large collection and interactive features makes it a very useful resource for people trying to customize their Twitter profile.

Rating: 3/5 (Very Good)

Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu

Ubuntu users might not want to use yet, however, if you are a Ubuntu user and want to get the same look and feel of Windows 7, you are in a bit of luck.


The Windows 7 transformation pack for Ubuntu does exactly what it says. It will transform the looks of Ubuntu and make it look like Windows 7. The transformation pack edits the GDM Theme, Icons Theme and GTK Theme among other things.

Download Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu

Ultimate List of Windows 7 Themes

One of the best things about the new Windows 7 operating system, aside from the entire slew of new features, is the plethora of themes that users are making. From sullen and dark to cheerful and vibrant, these themes are spread over a variety of different artistic styles and usage of the abstract and the surreal to create an atmosphere for you to work on.

Like the other Ultimate Lists here are seven of the best Windows 7 themes mostly from the incredible deviantART.

Waterbomb and Windows 7


With a desktop like that, I’m sure everyone would want one instantly!

Theme for Winodws (sic) 7


Though we do not know if the typo in the title was intentional or not, we certainly know that this theme has one of the prettiest wallpapers around coupled with a minimal design!

Only Black (Windows 7 RC)


Yet another simple but effective theme for Windows 7 (The link takes you to the newer version).

Alternative for Windows 7


A mashup of the aero style from Vista and the original Windows 7 theme, this one shines with beautiful color usage!

Windows 7 DarkClear


For me, dark colors with morbidly fascinating blue make for a clear (forgive the preceding pun and the proceeding internet slang) WIN!

Thank you “K.” for pointing out that this is only for Windows XP. I overlooked that. (It stills looks very pretty!)

Aerosnap 7


After that darkening cloud full of dark themes, here’s a light transparent one that would definitely have many scurrying to download this!

AeroVG Se7en


Yet another simple but clearly efficient theme!

Soft 7 1.7

Soft7_1_7_for_Windows_7_UPDATE_by_AP_GRAPHIK (1)

A cool blue Windows 7 theme!

ThaImpact VS


Yet another shiny black theme. Seems to be loads of these nowadays!


Win7_Blend__For_Windows_7_v1_2_by_zainadeel (1)

A light and blended theme for the OS.

Neon Windows 7


This is one really glowing Windows 7 theme. I personally like the customized Firefox icon. Sleek!

Red Fusion


For all those who like red. Not exactly a mod of the Neon theme (though the maker is the same!)

Clearscreen Sharp


A clear blend theme again!



The DS in the name does not carry the same implication as that of the Nintendo system!