Kik Comes Back To BlackBerry

It’s been 10 long months for Blackberry users who coerced their friends into using Kik, have been waiting for a new app. If you recall, Kik landed themselves in hot water with RIM when they first released their real-time chatting application. It was a direct competitor to BlackBerry Messenger and it was suspected they were using unsanctioned API and mimicking RIM’s own messaging service. They were ousted from the App World in November of last year.

Almost a year later, Kik has released a reworked and revamped client for their cross-platform service. It’s a universal Java app, built with no service calls or APIs that are specific to RIM. No RIM-owned NoC infrastructure notifications are being used. The app is lacking in a few features, like sending pictures and it’s missing support for the PlayBook — but it’s back and RIM can go fly a kite.

Kik is distributing the BlackBerry app exclusively on their site, as RIM is unlikely to allow it back into the App World for fear of users abandoning their proprietary service. Who can blame them, when RIM is having issues with their service, leaving users stranded for days due to outages.

Kudos to Kik for working around the blocks that some pinheads at RIM put in place, as an attempt to force existing users to stay with their inferior products and services.

Kik aims to be a completely free, cross-platform solution for instant messaging across mobile devices. It’s available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and now, again, BlackBerry platforms. Visit the Kik Blog  for full details and to download the app to your PaperWeight  BlackBerry.

Swype For Symbian Snags A Slight Update

If you’re a Nokia touch screen user, you should be thrilled to know that Swype for Symbian 5th Edition has received an update that brings along better language support and finally gives the ability to copy and paste in the Settings and Edit Layer menu.

Swype allow the user to input text by simply “tracing” over the letters on the keyboard, without lifting a finger. Swype uses large dictionaries for the auto-correct algorithm, so ensuring you have an up to date language pack is essential. The Ovi Store has over 20 different packs that can be downloaded. For a complete list of supported languages, visit the Nokia BetaLabs Blog. Is A Simple But Feature Rich Online Notepad/Pastebin

When it comes to putting text on the internet, you’d think a pastebin would be the best bet. Of course, it is. Pastebins have been around since 2002, when came out probably one of the first paste bins around. Now, a pastebin is a simple thing. You put text. You get a url. The page at that url shows the text you put into it. Simple. However, with time, pastebins have evolved too, both on the feature-side and appearance-side.

Recently, I found (you can call it written, I suppose) I think it’s the best pastebin ever built.

The thing about most other pastebins that I don’t like is usually the design of the output page or the dearth of text formatting options, code formatting (or lack of), prominence of ads on the output page and the inability to set font size. Basically, I want my text to look good and have it published in the least time.

Wrttn solves all those problems, and does a lot more.


  • Clean layout non distracting from the real text.
  • Custom CSS if you want to customize your content, this is the way to go.
  • No Ads no advertisements, branding, logo, no nothing except your content on the output page.
  • API available fetch your content from another app through an api. The content arrives in clean html.
  • Media ready Put a link to a YouTube video and Wrttn will automatically embed it. Neat. 

Demo of the output page:

The best part is that when you send the link to somebody, only your text is visible on the page. Nothing else. You have to check the url to see if you’re on a wrttn page. And there’s also formatting with Textile and Markdown markup systems. That’s basically the same formatting system used in Gmail Chat. *bold* _emphasized_ .

When you save a wrrtn document and get the public url, you also get an admin url. You can save this admin url if you wish to delete or edit your wrttn post later.

Wrrtn is developed by Joel Monegro from Florida, US.

Before, my favorite pastebin was

Organize Simple Text Notes with QeepIt

notepad-ico [Windows Only] If you have a great deal of text data that you need to organize, and you don’t care if it looks fancy, you could always use a simple application like Qeepit. It allows you to write and organize notes in plain text. There are no pictures, fonts or links. What you see below is what you get.


A few years back, a reader had asked me if there was a PIM (Personal Information Manager) available that kept its information in text files. Fortunately for them, I was able to recommend QeepIt, because I had used it before.

QeepIt’s notes can be organized into Groups, and those groups are simply folders inside the main FileStorefolder. Each note is a text file, as you can see in this image:


If needed, any application that can read text files can also use QeepIt notes. For programmers, and others who extensively work with text files, this could be a big plus.

There are a few other features that make QeepIt a good option for taking notes. Each group of notes can have its own index mask which appears beside the notes. It can be easily customized by simply clicking once into the index to modify it. The index mask is shown below, outlined in green.


Making changes to a note is just as easy. Double click inside any note and type away on it. Notes can also be Lockedand Hiddenif needed, to prevent accidental changes or lost privacy.

Qeepit includes manuals and supports the use of three languages, English, German and Italian.

Below are some snap-shots of the menus in QeepIt, so you get an idea about the various options available in this freebie.

queepit-menu1 qeepit-menu2 qeepit-menu3 qeepit-menu4 qeepit-menu5 qeepit-menu6 qeepit-menu7

The last thing I’ll mention is that QeepIt is completely portable. It stores all of its notes and settings inside the program folder. The program folder can be copied onto a USB flash drive or other portable storage, and it will run just as well from there.


Home page: (abandoned)

Note: Requires VB 5 Runtime libraries –

Techie Buzz Verdict:

If all you need are simple text notes, portability and compatibility with other software, QeepIt may be just what you need to keep yourself organized.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

Automatic Spelling Correction and Text Expansion with Texter

texter-icon [Windows Only] How often do you type the word “teh” instead of “the”? If it’s very often, you aren’t alone. “Teh” is so common that it’s become an accepted word on the internet.

Would you like to have most of your misspellings corrected automatically? You can have that, and much more, with a small portable freeware utility named ‘Texter’.

Texter is a text replacement tool from Adam Pash at Lifehacker. It includes a small library of common spelling errors, and it will constantly watch every word you type. When it recognizes a misspelled word, it can automatically change the letters to correct the error. However, the real power it gives you is the ability to create your own letter combinations and replacements. For example, I can set up Texter to automatically replace “imo” with “In my opinion”.

Watch this video if you’d like to see Texter in action:

( link to video )

I use Texter for:
• phrases that I type often
• abbreviations that I like to expand
• addresses I type often
• passwords at websites
• long signatures at the end of letters
• famous quotes at the end of letters
• programming code snippets

Download from Texter Home Page:

If you liked this post, you should take a look at some free copy and paste enhancements and a clipboard manager named Ditto.


Techie Buzz Verdict:
If you aren’t using a text replacement tool already, Texter is good place to start. It’s free, it’s portable and it’s easy to use. Like me, you may find that it’s a ‘must-have’ on your PC and on your portable flash drive. The only thing it’s missing is a local help file describing all of the features.


Techie Buzz Rating: 4.5/5 (almost perfect)

Create Mind Maps From Text Easily

Mind maps are diagrams to represent ideas, thoughts or any other set of items linked together. It helps users in perceiving the items visually and intuitively. In other words, a mind map takes your raw thoughts and provides you with a structured set of ideas.

There are lots of software and online tools to create mind maps but one of the most convenient ones is Text2Mindmap. As the name suggests, Text2Mindmap takes your text and creates a mind map from it. Simply enter your text in a text box and indent the items that you want to place at a lower level.

Once done, click the Convert To Mind Map button and your mind map would be created.

You can also customize it by choosing the colors for different levels, changing the font style and font size and adjusting the line color and line width. You also have the option to freeze the map or view it on a full screen. Keyboard shortcuts like Tab and Tab + Shift makes it easy to indent or out-dent items. Once created, elements of the diagram can be easily dragged to move the mind map.

After you have created the mind map, it can be easily saved to your computer as a  Jpeg  image.

How to Create a Christmas Card from Scratch using Photoshop

Although the days of sending handmade Christmas cards to friends and family are gone, it is still possible to personally craft cards to give to loved ones using what technology has to offer! Creating a Christmas card from scratch is pretty easy actually. All you need is a little imagination and the knowledge of a few Photoshop tips and tricks which I will now share with you

Step 1: Let us begin with creating a new file. While opening a new file choose the A4 canvas size preset to get the right dimensions for the card. Once you’ve clicked on OK, unlock the Background layer by double clicking on it in the Layers tab. Also, create a new layer.


Step 2: Use the Line tool to draw two lines which will divide your page into 4 quarters. To make sure that the divisions are exact, make use of the rulers. To make the rulers visible just click on View -> Rulers.


Copy Text In Firefox Without Formatting, Spaces and Links

There is often a need to copy text from a web page and even though Ctrl + C works wonders, it often includes unnecessary formatting like links, spaces and font sizes. For example, during writing articles I often have to copy quotations from a web page, but to get rid of the formatting, I have to first copy it in notepad and then copy it back again to where I want.

This is a hassle. Thankfully there is an add-on that can save us from this drill. The Copy Plain Text extension for Firefox removes all the layout and formatting when you copy text from a webpage. Once installed, the add-on will give you an option of copy as plain text when you right-click on a piece of text.

You can also customize the options for the add-on and select whether to trim spaces around text, remove extra spaces and/or remove extra empty lines.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Copy Plain Text is a wonderful text tool that can save you a lot of time when copying from a webpage. It takes less than a minute to install and the fact that it is such a light-weight yet value-adding add-on, makes it even better.

[Via HowToGeek]

Send Email, Text and Phone Messages To Groups Using SendGM

You can always use an email client like Gmail or Yahoo! to send messages to a group of people, however, if you have many groups and do it quite often, it becomes hard to manage. For example, what if you want to send a message to a group in your Gmail Contacts list but Gmail is down?

All these issues have been addressed by a new web service SendGM. SendGM focuses on a simple goal of helping you manage your groups and send email, text and phone messages to your groups for free. Once you create a group using SendGM, the group will receive its own email address such as [email protected]. As a result, you can send an email to the whole group by sending an email to [email protected] using any email client. No need to be dependent on any particular email service to manage your groups and group messages.

You can create groups by adding the details of each member or send them an invite so they can fill their own details. Each group also gets a separate web page that can be used to manage the group. A couple of other value-adding features are acknowledgment   of messages from the recipients and ability to conduct polls and surveys for groups.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

SendGM seems like a very promising and useful service, however, they do need a bit more focus on their interface and navigation. Right now, its hard for a new user to fully grasp the features since they are scattered on different pages. Overall, if the service does not come up with any restrictions in terms of its usage, it would be a very useful service for people to use.

Hide Your Text From Search Engines With HideText

You post your email address on a discussion forum and next thing you know, your inbox is spammed with all sort of jargon. This potential problem always remains whenever you post any sensitive information online. One option is to restrict yourself from posting information online, but that is more of a compromise than a solution.

A proper solution is to convert all your sensitive information, such as email address, into an image and post it on the internet as an image. This way, humans will still be able to get the information but it would keep all the spamming bots away. A great tool for this purpose is HideText.

Simple enter the text you want to convert and choose the font details. HideText will convert your text into an image that you can use anywhere fearlessly. No need to post your email address in crazy formats like john AT gmail DOT com any more. Just convert it into an image using HideText and you are all set.

Once done, you can either link to the image directly or download it to your local drive.