Temple Run 2 Released for iTunes

The addictive Temple Run 2 was #1 on Apple’s App Store charts just a few hours after its launch. This free game has been released for the iPhone and iPad only so far. The Android version is expected to release on January 24.

Its improved graphics have taken advantage of the retina display available. The new scenery, at some temple in the sky, appears more vivid and spectacular. There is no doubt that this game’s improved visual itself makes the upgrade to version 2 well worth it. Though the background music could do with an improvement.

There are a couple of new touches as well. Users can still pick an avatar, the same ones as in version 1, but now you have to buy most of them. You can move to the next level only on meeting your achievements in a particular order in the game (this is time consuming). The monkeys have disappeared and are replaced by one monster ape. Also, you can stretch your run after you make a slip. This is done by finding or purchasing gems through the game, which no doubt will make it more addictive than ever. Personally, I advise all you fellow Temple Run addicts to watch your app store credit. By encouraging you to buy a lifeline in the middle of a game, it is like the capitalists are catching your wallet at your most vulnerable moment.

The best thing about this version of temple run is that it still stays true to its original game. You don’t have to learn anything new. Just keep running and navigate the obstacle course. It is easy enough to learn, but once you get the hang of it, this game is very hard to give up. The popular social angle is that you can compare your score with your friends.

Twitter has been awash with angry Android fans over the delayed release. The developers at Imangi Studio is a small team though, and seem keen to keep it that way. Their focus seems to be on their blockbuster game and taking advantage of hardware upgrades by mobile device manufacturers. Overall, this game is more challenging than its previous version.

“How far can you run?!,”

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Angry Birds Seasons, Draw Something and Flipboard For Android Updated; Temple Run Brave and Zombies, Run Now Available On Google Play

Over the last few days, quite a  few Android apps and games received pretty major updates and a couple of popular apps landed on Google Play market as well.

Angry Birds Seasons

Rovio has released an update for Angry Birds Seasons that adds 15 brand-new Piglantis levels. Unlike your usual Angry Birds game, this new Piglantis level takes things below the water thus adding a new sense of physics, just like Angry Birds Space. The update is already live in the Google Play market and can be downloaded for free from here.

Draw Something

Draw Something has got its first major update, ever since it was acquired by Zynga. The game’s UI gets elements have been refreshed, along with adding support for “Special Words” and the ability to play the game with your friends from over 13 different languages.

Hopefully, this new update wil help Draw Something gain some of its popularity back, which it started losing after it was acquired by Zynga. If you still have not tried Draw Something, go ahead and try it now.

Flipboard For Android

While Flipboard is still in beta for Android, the developers behind the app have been updating it regularly to fix all the issues being reported by thousands of users. The new update is the first one since the app went into open beta, and fixes some memory leak issues as reported by users and brings some performance improvements along with it.

Below are some of the notable games that released in Google Play Market over the last few days -:

Temple Run: Brave

Bored of playing Temple Run? Well, Imagni and Disney have released a new version of the game, Temple Run Brave. While the basic premise of Temple Run Brave remains the same, the game has graphically stunning graphics now along with some new additions to its gameplay like the ability to shoot a bow or hitting targets to gain additional points.

Unlike the original Temple Run that was released for free, Temple Run: Brave will set you back by $0.99 on the Play Store.

Zombies, Run!

Looking to loose a couple of inches around your stomach but feeling too lazy to get up from your chair and start jogging? Zombie, Run might just be the perfect app for you then. The application was released on iOS nearly 4-5 months ago, and was an instant success. Plug in your earphones and start Zombies, Run! before you start you jogging session. The application will then take you on an audio adventure where you not only save yourself from the Zombies but also burn that fat around your stomach in the process.

The bad part? The app costs a whopping $8. Here is the link to the app if you are still interested in buying it.

Temple Run Finally Available On Android

Android owners, rejoice! One of the most addicting games available for the iOS platform, Temple Run, is now finally available for Android owners to enjoy. Over the last few months, more than a handful of fake Temple Run app had popped up on the Google Play Market.

The best part about the game is that it is available as a free download. There are no ads in the game as well, so users don’t need to worry much about the game draining too much battery on their handset. The game does have in-app purchases though, via which users can buy coins for $0.99 or more.

I gave the game a shot on my Galaxy Nexus, and while the game is insanely addictive, it does have a few issues. The game crashed multiple times for me, and other Nexus S owners running Ice Cream Sandwich on their handset are reporting the same thing. Also, the visuals of the game are not that impressive. I have not seen the iOS version of Temple Run in action, so I cannot say how it looks on an iPhone, but the graphics of the Android version is disappointing for such a popular game.

Interested Android users can download Temple Run from here.